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MSRV Ch 37 Part 3 – Yuan Xin Meets Wenwen (III)

Time passed quickly, and the guests had to leave. Si Yue and Yuan Xin said goodbye to the three.

Fu Yunruo suddenly remembered something: “Please drink a bowl of mung bean soup before leaving.”

The mung bean soup in the kitchen was ready. Fortunately, they made double the amount to drink tomorrow, so there were six bowls of portion in the pot. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be enough for the guests. Fu Yunruo took out six bowls and scooped a full ladle per bowl. Yuan Xin and Uncle Guo each carried two bowls and went out. Fu Yunruo was about to pick up the last two bowls, but Si Yue was quicker. In the end, Fu Yunruo didn’t carry anything and walked empty-handed. She then went out and called in Xiao Wu, the driver who had been standing outside after helping carry the gifts in.

Six people sat on the square table, each with a bowl of mung bean soup. It was rare for the flower garden to be this lively. Wenwen, who sat on his exclusive high stool, looked around excitedly. He was so happy that his toes curled up. But when he saw the tiny amount of mung bean soup in his half-full small bowel compared to the adults’ full big bowls, he pouted and said sweetly: “Mom, I also want a full big bowl.”

Fu Yunruo replied, “Your watermelon belly can’t fit more.”

“Can!” Wenwen opened his clothes, “Touch it, Mom. It’s smaller!”

Fu Yunruo reached out and patted the boy’s small belly, “Well, it’s indeed has been smaller. Just enough to fit the soup in your bowl.”

Wenwen: “…” He wanted to cry.

Si Yue watched on the side. Taking advantage of Fu Yunruo’s inattention, he scooped a small spoonful from his bowl and transferred it to Wenwen’s bowl.

Wenwen’s eyes sparkled. He smiled silently at Si Yue.

Yuan Xin saw it and inwardly scolded: scheming dog!

Si Yue scooped another spoonful.

Fu Yunruo caught him on the third time.

Fu Yunruo: “…”

There was no visible increase in Wenwen’s bowl, so Fu Yunruo didn’t get angry. But she still said: “Wenwen has eaten enough today and cannot eat more. Otherwise, he will get a stomachache.”

Si Yue lowered his head, pretending to be innocent.

Wenwen hurriedly grabbed the spoon, for fear that his mother would confiscate his precious mung bean soup. Using the small spoon, the boy dug out the mung beans at the bottom of the bowl. The beans were well boiled and already bloomed. It was soft and waxy, sweet, and super delicious!

Fu Yunruo casually glanced. She saw that Si Yue also ate the mung beans first before drinking the soup in one go. Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen, then looked at Si Yue again. No wonder this little guy liked Si Yue so much. Their small habits were very similar!

After drinking the mung bean soup, Si Yue and the others left. On the way out, Si Yue saw so many orchids and felt a little greedy. But after second thought, the impulse cooled down. He was now a person with an orchid! Soon, he would also start growing orchids with Wenwen!

Si Yue instantly felt these orchids no longer attractive.

Hmm…Wenwen’s affairs totally occupied his attention these two days. Watching the livestream and seeing his orchid son didn’t even come to his mind.

Si Yue silently decided to watch tomorrow’s livestream.

The car slowly drove away from the flower garden. On the backseat, Yuan Xin said to Si Yue, “I finally know why you didn’t doubt it at all.”

Si Yue raised an eyebrow.

“Wenwen, this kid. Although his appearance doesn’t resemble you, his behavior is an exact copy of yours.”

When Si Yue heard this, he was very proud. Of course, how could his son do not resemble him?

“I am now 100% convinced that he is really your son.” Yuan Xin sighed, “How come he only inherits your bad parts?”

Si Yue snorted, “Which part of me is bad? Obviously, all the bad parts are inherited from that woman.”

“Haha.” Who believed this? However, even though the father and son had many similarities, this child was a hundred times more pleasing than his father.

“By the way, there is another thing I need to remind you.” Yuan Xin said, “That young master of Chang family is also here.”

Si Yue looked over, “That guy?”

“Yes. He is also Fu Yunruo’s former fiance.”

Si Yue snorted. Fu Yunruo, this woman, truly had bad eyesight for actually fell in love with a retarded like Chang Zhuyou. Already an adult, yet he still imitated the domineering male lead behavior from idol dramas. It was so ridiculously domineering that it made people speechless.

Or, did that woman actually like this style? Si Yue was stunned. What kind of strange aesthetic was this?

“It’s good that he is here. We can finish it once and for all.” Si Yue asked, “Fang Xueruo isn’t doing anything stupid, right?”

“No, you can rest assured. She is being watched closely.”

This woman could sit still for so long? Was she scheming another stupid move? But with Yuan Xin personally in charge, Si Yue was relieved and no longer mentioned this subject. Even if it was only for Wenwen’s sake, Yuan Xin wouldn’t let Fu Yunruo get harmed.

The car first sent Si Yue back to the Mei family’s house, then drove back to the town. Yuan Xin and the driver booked two rooms in the local hotel and stayed there temporarily.

But Yuan Xin was not at ease. The town was too far from the village, and it was not convenient to go back and forth. He needed to keep an eye on the show’s progress and also needed to build a relationship with little baby Wenwen. Yuan Xin decided to rent a room in a villager’s house. Tomorrow, he will discuss this matter with Big Sister Mei.


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