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MSRV Ch 38 Part 1 – Harvest Season (I)

After a night of good sleep, Si Yue woke up early in the morning. He immediately logged into the Panda Live app and entered the orchid channel. He was especially focused when the streamer gave the update about his little eleventh. He also took a look at the mutated first child and enjoyed listening to the streamer’s beautiful voice. Si Yue was suddenly startled. He always felt that Fu Yunruo’s voice was somewhat familiar, but before his brain made the connection, the door was suddenly knocked.

Thinking it was Auntie Mei, Si Yue got up to open the door, but was greeted by a huge camera lens.


“Morning, Brother Yue!” Wang Huaibei, who came with the cameraman, stood by Si Yue’s door, speaking exaggeratingly: “We want to see Brother Yue’s face when he just gets up! Hey! Brother Yue, why are you so handsome this early in the morning?”

Si Yue’s hair was yet to be combed and looked a bit messy. Still, wearing just a short-sleeved shirt and loose pants, his appearance wasn’t affected in the slightest.

Si Yue didn’t expect the production team to carry out a surprise attack. He frowned very faintly. What were they doing? Generally, in order to ensure that the stars wouldn’t say anything wrong or show unsightly sights when caught off guard, even live variety shows still had a prepared script. Therefore, the crew would notify the casts and guests in advance prior to any surprise attack. Yet, no one notified Si Yue this time.

Si Yue immediately thought of Chang Zhuyou, the young master of Chang Group. Since that guy couldn’t put pressure on Apple Entertainment, did he decide to pressure the production team instead? How much self-confidence did he have to believe that he could do whatever he wanted?

“Brother Yue, can we go in and take a look at your room?” Weng Huaibei pointed inside and said with a smile, “The audiences are looking forward to it.”

Si Yue stepped aside indifferently. Since they wanted to get in, just let them in. Anyway, he always paid attention to his privacy outside. If Wang Huaibei could find anything, he would even admire him.

Xin Xu heard the movement from the next room. He opened the door and strung in: “How unfair. I want to protest! Why are you only surprising Brother Yue and not me?”

Weng Huaibei replied: “A surprise has to come one by one.”

“What’s my surprise?” Xin Xu looked at Weng Huaibei with joy.

The latter pretended to be mysterious, “You will know later.”

Under Xin Xu’s interruption, the intruders quickly exited Si Yue’s room. Before leaving, Wang Huaibei gave a card with the show logo to Xin Xu and Si Yue: “I am delivering today’s task card.”

Xin Xu looked over curiously, “What is today’s task?”

The word ‘Harvest’ was written on the card.

Weng Huaibei didn’t stay long and soon left with the cameraman.

Xin Xu was worried about the task card. What did the word mean?

Si Yue pointed out: “The harvest season has come.”


Xin Xu didn’t understand the meaning of Si Yue’s words, until Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei returned. The rice crops in the village had matured and needed to be harvested. Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei had also gone to another family in the village to help today. That family didn’t plant much rice, so four households formed a group and finished the harvest in one day.

The harvest season was also the liveliest time in the village. Basically, the villagers would help each other. Each household had negotiated beforehand. Today, they would harvest this family’s rice, then move to harvest that family’s rice tomorrow. This way, the number of workers increased, and the harvest could be done faster.

The content of the task assigned by the production team today was ‘Harvest.’ In other words, it was to help the villagers harvest rice. The six casts and two guests were divided into four groups, each with a different task. One group raised chickens in the mountains, one group raised ducks, and one group raised fish.

Originally, Si Yue and Xin Xu were the most leisurely group, but they could no longer be so leisurely starting today. The rice paddies in the villages were mostly hilly, and each paddy was very narrow. Modern harvesting machines couldn’t be used here, so the grains must be harvested manually.

Mei family’s harvesting turn began on the fourth day. Fu Yunruo took Wenwen back one day earlier to help the harvest. Although Fu Yunruo couldn’t harvest rice — and the Mei couple was also unwilling to let her do this hard work — she could help prepare the meals for everyone.

The summer was too hot, but the days were long, and the nights were short. Because of this reason, the villagers did the harvest during the early morning and late afternoon. They woke up early before dawn and immediately set off to the paddies. When the sun became scorching at ten o’clock, they stopped working and went home. At three or four in the afternoon, the work started again, and everyone worked hard until it was dark before returning home.

Fu Yunruo made two bamboo pots full of steamed buns early in the morning. At eight o’clock, along with a young pregnant woman in the village, she put everyone’s breakfast and tea in a cart and pushed them to the paddy fields.

It was Wenwen’s first time participating in such a big event. He put on his little straw hat and carried a cute small basket on his back, following Fu Yunruo to the paddy fields with high enthusiasm.

When Fu Yunruo arrived, more than half of the rice had been harvested during these two hours, which was very quick and efficient. She turned at the group of working people and shouted: “It’s mealtime!”

Not long after, the people stopped and walked over to Fu Yunruo. At first glance, Fu Yunruo noticed two particularly conspicuous people in the crowd. Even if Si Yue and Xin Xu wore straw hats and ordinary clothes, they were still the most dazzling presence here. As the only two young and strong lads among the middle-aged people, they were assigned to do the physical work of beating and stacking the rice.

Fu Yunruo looked around, but didn’t see any camera, which puzzled her.

Wenwen stood next to Fu Yunruo and said like a little adult: “Uncle, thank you for your hard work. Grandpa, thank you for your hard work…”

The child’s boyish voice was lovely and pleasant, making the group of adults laugh in amusement.

“Thank you for your hard work too, Wenwen.”

Wenwen shook his head, “It’s Mom who has worked hard.”

“Right, right……”

The villagers were not so particular when eating, so they simply washed their hands and went straight to devour the buns.

“Ruoruo’s cooking is good. This steamed bun is delicious!”

“Yeah, it’s better than the ones sold in town!”

Fu Yunruo replied with a smile: “There are also two big pots of tea. Come here to drink.” Tea was best consumed when working out on such a hot day.


Xin Xu stood next to Fu Yunruo, eating without caring about his appearance. After a few days of farm work under the summer sun, his originally white and tender image had long since collapsed, and the young man was now turned into a handsome, wheat-skinned lad.


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