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MSRV Ch 38 Part 2 – Harvest Season (II)

Fu Yunruo poured Xin Xu tea in a clean cup, asking: “Are you still shooting the show?” Harvesting wasn’t easy. Fu Yunruo sympathized with the two. Growing up until this big, they should have never done this kind of laborous farm work before.

Xin Xu waved his hand and said, “No, it has been finished.” The shot only took one or two days, and their work today was outside the scope of the show’s task.

“Then what are you doing here?”

“We are helping.” Xin Xu grinned. His neatly-lined white teeth stood out against his tanned skin. Brother Yue felt that they had been bothering Mei family for a long time. Now that the family was busy, it was impolite if they just stood by idly, so he took the initiative to help. Anyway, after two or three days of farm work, they had gotten used more or less, and doing it for two more days wouldn’t make any difference. So when Brother Yue mentioned it, Xin Xu immediately agreed.

Fu Yunruo liked their sincerity.

Not long after, Si Yue also walked over. He looked at Fu Yunruo for a moment, and then patted Wenwen’s little straw hat.

“Uncle Yue!” Wenwen shouted happily. His eyes were shining, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard.” Si Yue smiled.

Fu Yunruo quickly poured tea for Si Yue and told him to take the remaining steamed buns. Si Yue’s skin wasn’t darkened too much. Probably because his original skin was not too pale, so the change was not particularly noticeable. The moment Si Yue approached her for the buns, the intense heat emitted from his skin instantly raised the temperature around.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a closer look at Si Yue. The man was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and long trousers. Sweat kept running on his face, which he wiped with the towel hanging around his neck. Si Yue in such a simple attire appeared much more approachable, and Fu Yunruo never thought that the dignified big actor could actually look very casual.

Si Yue drank a full cup of tea before chewing on the steamed buns.

“Good lads, young and strong!” The villagers were very cordial to Si Yue and Xin Xu and spoke a lot more casually.

Xin Xu stared enviously at the strong muscles in Si Yue’s arms. He actually had some muscles, but compared with Si Yue, he instantly felt like a weak chicken.

Seeing the two eat deliciously, everyone was happy.

A dark-skinned villager smiled from ear to ear, “The harvest is excellent.”

Smiles never faded on Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei’s faces, “Yes. After we plant the next crop, this year’s harvest will be even better.”

Even though they chatted while eating, farmers never ate slowly. Soon after they were full, everyone continued harvesting the rice.

Si Yue stayed till the end. He ate slowly and was talking to Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo took a look at the breakfast she had brought. She cooked quite a plenty, but everything was almost gone now, with only three steamed buns left. She then glanced at Si Yue, who was still eating with gusto. If she was right, this seemed to be his fifth bun.

Si Yue took the last bite and picked up another bun. Wenwen watched from the side. Although he was already full, seeing Uncle Yue eat so much made him want to eat again.

Si Yue saw Wenwen’s hidden thought at a glance. He tore a small piece of bun and stuffed it into the boy’s mouth.

Wenwen’s eyes squinted as he ate with relish. How sweet~

Like this, Si Yue easily finished all the remaining buns. Fu Yunruo watched until he finished eating, marveling at his big appetite. She worriedly asked: “Mr. Yue, are you full?”

“I’m full.” Si Yue stood up, drank half a cup of tea, patted Wenwen’s head, and then said to Fu Yunruo: “I will go back to work.”

Fu Yunruo was not in a hurry to leave. After packing up her things, she went to help Si Yue and Xin Xu.

Wenwen also went to play…cough, went to help the adults. He followed older children to gather the ears of rice scattered on the ground. Rice sometimes fell on the harvested paddies, so the children were having fun by gathering those scattered ears of rice. Of course, adults didn’t put any demands on the children and just let them play around happily.

Wenwen was very excited about his little job and happily ran to Fu Yunruo and Si Yue to show off after filling the small basket on his back. After receiving the compliment, he proudly gave them the harvest and ran back to gather more.

At ten o’clock, everybody stopped working. Mei family had many rice paddies, so it took three days to harvest all the rice. Every day, Fu Yunruo cooked a large pot of mung bean soup to be drunk at noon and night, and in the morning, she went to deliver breakfast before going to help.

After the rice was harvested, it was not over yet because they still had to be dried. Drying rice needed a wide space. Because of the large amount of rice, several large sacks of rice were transported to Fu Yunruo’s rental house and spread on the yard to dry. During the drying process, the children also had an important task: watching the drying rice from time to time and paying attention to the weather changes. The weather in summer was fickle. The sun might be shining a minute ago, only to be replaced by dark clouds. If they were careless, the rice might be soaked by the rain.

The rice in Fu Yunruo’s yard had been exposed to the sun for two days and was to be about to dry soon. At this moment, Fu Yunruo was making cakes in the kitchen. Everyone had been busy recently, so she wanted to make something delicious to treat everyone. She had learned a lot about cooking from the internet and now could make small animal-shaped cakes popular with children.

Wenwen was playing in the shade of a tree. Suddenly, someone was shouting outside. Wenwen pricked his ears. The boy immediately looked up and saw that the blue sky and white clouds had been replaced by dark clouds. He quickly ran into the house, shouting: “Mom, it’s going to rain!”

When Fu Yunruo heard it, she hurriedly walked out and looked at the sky. As expected, it seemed to be about to rain. The villagers quickly reminded each other of the incoming rain, so everyone was now busy taking in the drying rice.

Wenwen also took his little broomstick and helped his mother. Not long after, the gate of their yard was suddenly pushed open, and Si Yue walked in. He looked around the yard, stepped in, and quickly took over Fu Yunruo’s work.

Fu Yunruo wiped her sweat. Before she had time to say anything, she rushed to get some sacks to put the rice in. The heavy rain fell quickly. They had just packed all the rice, and three and a half sacks of rice were still yet to be taken inside when big raindrops started to fall. Panicked, Fu Yunruo hurriedly picked up the half-sack of rice and ran into the house.

Fu Yunruo ran too fast and didn’t pay attention to her steps. Tripped by a raised ridge, she suddenly lost her balance and was about to fall. Fortunately, someone caught her at the critical moment, and Fu Yunruo did not fall in embarrassment. Before she had time to react, the heavy sack on her hand had been taken away.

When Fu Yunruo looked up, Si Yue had already walked into the house with a bag of rice in each hand. Fu Yunruo blinked. It seemed that she was hugged by Si Yue just now? No, it shouldn’t be so. Si Yue simply gave her a helping hand. If it weren’t for his help, she would have fallen.

Wenwen, who saw the scene just now, ran out and asked worriedly: “Mom, are you okay?”


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