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MSRV Ch 38 Part 3 – Harvest Season (III)

When Fu Yunruo looked up, Si Yue had already walked into the house with a bag of rice in each hand. Fu Yunruo blinked. It seemed that she was hugged by Si Yue just now? No, it shouldn’t be so. Si Yue simply gave her a helping hand. If it weren’t for his help, she would have fallen.

Wenwen, who saw the scene just now, ran out and asked worriedly: “Mom, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Fu Yunruo saw nothing more to bring in, and quickly took Wenwen into the house.

The rain was already pouring outside. The sound of rain beating against the rubble on the ground could be clearly heard inside the room. Fu Yunruo liked listening to the rain, which gave her a sense of peace and tranquility.

“Fortunately, you are here to help.” Fu Yunruo said. Seeing Si Yue was sweating, she gave him a tissue to wipe his face. If Si Yue hadn’t come to help, she and Wenwen alone would not be able to retrieve the rice in time. Once the rice got wet, the effort of these past two days would be in vain.

Si Yue responded, “Uncle Mei and Aunt Mei has Xin Xu, so I come here.”

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo was relieved. With three adults, there should be no problem over there.

Wenwen felt itchy on his neck and hands and couldn’t help but scratch. Fu Yunruo saw it and quickly stopped him, “You can’t scratch.”

Wenwen complained pitifully: “But Mom, it’s itchy!”

“It’s okay. Let’s wipe your skin with a wet towel.” Fu Yunruo took Wenwen to the bathroom. When it came to this, Fu Yunruo also felt that her hands and neck were a little itchy. Grain dust could cause itchiness when it gets on the skin, but it would be okay after wiping the skin with a wet towel or taking a bath.

The bathroom was next to the kitchen. Fu Yunruo took Wenwen there, preparing to wipe the boy with a wet towel. Wenwen saw his small bathtub, and said coquettishly: “Mom, I want to take a bath~”

Fu Yunruo said: “What bath? Just take a quick wipe.”

“No! Mom~”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t stand Wenwen’s coquettishness. She finally poured hot water into the tub and mixed it with cold water to prepare a bath. Si Yue, who suddenly entered, took the bucket in her hand and said: “I will do it.”

Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue. Seeing Wenwen had already circled him, she could only say: “Then I will trouble you.” After a pause, she added: “If you don’t mind, you can also wipe your body with Wenwen’s towel.” Fu Yunruo knew how uncomfortable it was when grain dust stained the skin.

Si Yue nodded.

Seeing that the two were getting along harmoniously, Fu Yunruo left them alone and went back to the kitchen to continue with the cakes. Not long after, Fu Yunruo heard loud noises from the bathroom, separated only by a wall from the kitchen. Wenwen’s laughter kept sounding, occasionally accompanied by Si Yue’s low laughter. Hearing their fun, Fu Yunruo’s lips curled up into a smile.

Wenwen and Si Yue played in the bathroom for a long time before they finally came out. Wenwen’s little cheeks were flushing. He was riding on Si Yue’s neck, with his two chubby hands holding on the older man’s head.

“I’m about to touch the ceiling!” The boy laughed. He was so tall!

If it weren’t for the tall structure of the house, he would be able to touch the ceiling!

But even though he couldn’t touch the ceiling, he could touch the top of the door!

Si Yue took Wenwen around the house, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Wenwen’s laughter filled the whole house, overcoming the loud patter of rain outside.

Si Yue was also full of smiles. There were several wet marks on his clothes, splashed when he was bathing Wenwen. Fu Yunruo’s house didn’t have suitable clothes for him to change, and it was still raining heavily outside. Seeing that Si Yue himself had a good time with Wenwen, she pretended to not see it.

Taking advantage of the free time due to the rain, Fu Yunruo invited Auntie Mei couple and Xin Xu to have dinner together at her house. When Yuan Xin heard this, he also rushed over from the town and picked up Uncle Guo on the way.

Yuan Xin brought fish and various meats from the town, and Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei also generously slaughtered a big rooster and a duck.

Fu Yunruo, Auntie Mei, and Uncle Mei were in charge of cooking in the kitchen. Uncle Guo, Si Yue, and the others were waiting in the dining room with Wenwen. As the only child, the boy was the most popular. All the adults kept him amused, and his laughter hardly ever stopped.

The house was lively until nine o’clock. All the adults drank alcohol except for Xiao Wu, who had to drive. After everyone went home, Fu Yunruo felt a little dizzy. Today she had so much fun and couldn’t help but drank two glasses of wine. As a result, now she was drunk. Fortunately, Wenwen had been long asleep. His cheeks flushed, and his face was full of a grin. The boy seemingly was having a good dream and occasionally laughed in his sleep.

Holding back her sleepiness, Fu Yunruo hurriedly took a quick bath and then fell asleep as soon as she lay on the bed.

Everyone slept very nicely tonight, not knowing that something was brewing on the internet.

After midnight, a post suddenly appeared and immediately exploded among the night owls.

[Do you think that this mulberry girl looks familiar, like a certain vicious step sister?]

Many netizens still had some impression of this Mulberry Girl. Not long ago, everyone was still praising her beauty to heaven, and it took two days for the topics related to her to fade from the trending list.

Everyone quickly clicked on the post and saw that the original poster wrote their guesses in a questioning tone.

Many people had a question mark on their faces. Who were you talking about? What did you mean? What vicious step-sister? What was the relationship with Miss Mulberry?

Subsequently, many related posts sprung up, quickly occupying major social platforms. It took no time for people to realize that something was wrong. As if orchestrated, a lot of gossips appeared simultaneously on the internet.

Many ‘insiders’ suddenly came out and stated that this person was a joke in their circle. She was a vicious and grumpy rich young lady with nothing to boast of except her face. The madams in the wealthy circle looked down on her stupidity, and her peers refused to hang out with her.

Netizens immediately raised questions. The person described here was very different from the one they knew! Was there any misunderstanding?

The little fairy in a remote rural area was actually the daughter of a certain wealthy family in the capital? It was so late at night; what were you kidding about?

Although some people raised doubts, the rhythm in the comment area was quickly led by a strong voice which slowly changed the direction of the opinion.

Not long after, a photo of a woman with heavy makeup appeared on the hot search list. The eyes full of hostility and resentment were captured very clearly in the photo.

All of a sudden, the internet was full of negative news about Fu Yunruo.


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  1. Let them talk, because from previous chapters it sounds like the white lotus still hasn’t gotten her hands firmly on the inheritance yet and father Fu is looking for his daughter. I only see this as a face slap brewing.

  2. Lmao lmao this smell of bullshit so hard they’re really trying.

    I really thought they’d do it in a smarter way but no, let’s call a random girl who appeared on the internet a young mistress from a rich family that everyone hates because they look similar, it’s not like people can look similar without being blood related huh.

    Just that, no basis, no anything.
    for a supposed ‘Female Lead’ this girl is absolutely stupid.

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