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MSRV Ch 39 Part 1 – Defamation (I)

Fu Yunruo was awakened by a steady stream of call ringtones. Before she opened her eyes, she reached out and fumbled for the mobile phone, “Hello?” Fu Yunruo sat up. After looking at her son, who was still sleeping soundly, she turned around and walked out of bed, yawning silently.

“Ruoruo, you have been defamed!” Tiantian’s angry voice came from the receiver.

“Oh.” Fu Yunruo went to the table and poured himself a glass of water. With warm water moistening her throat, Fu Yunruo felt a bit more comfortable.

Tiantian quickly told Fu Yunruo about the situation on the internet. This incident caused her not to sleep all night, and her hair was now totally messy with stress. Tiantian was a pure night owl and was usually active late until midnight. When the topics related to Fu Yunruo first came out into the trending list, she immediately noticed it. At first, she thought that Fu Yunruo’s identity as a livestreamer had been exposed, but when she clicked, all were negative comments. Tiantian realized something was wrong and immediately contacted the studio to suppress the negative comments. However, no matter how much they tried, negative comments still popped up in all directions.

It was Tiantian’s first time dealing with such a large-scale organized social media attack. She panicked for a while, but soon calmed down and began to counterattack in an orderly manner.

But she clearly felt that the situation was not optimistic.

Tiantian wanted to contact Fu Yunruo, but thinking that Fu Yunruo was sleeping right now, waking her up would only make her lose sleep, not to mention that this was the studio’s public relations responsibility and they could solve it on their own. Tiantian and other studio staff struggled online all night but failed to control the situation. Their voices were submerged in the vast ocean of the overwhelming mass opinion.

In the end, Tiantian couldn’t help calling Fu Yunruo after dawn. Because the other party involved was a popular female star with more than 50 million fans, Fu Yunruo instantly became everyone’s target after her fans stopped defending her. Fu Yunruo suffered because there were not many fans speaking for her. Those from two days ago were at best passerby fans who didn’t understand Fu Yunruo and thus were easily misled. If Fu Yunruo’s identity as a livestreamer was announced, the public opinion would no longer be this one-sided. After all, Fu Yunruo was also a popular streamer with millions of loyal fans.

Tiantian said a lot. Feeling Fu Yunruo’s calmness, her excitement also calmed down somehow, “Ruoruo, why do you seem to be not worried?”

“What to worry about? It won’t affect me.” Fu Yunruo was already wide awake at this time, but her head was still a little groggy. Probably because it had been a long time since she last drank. After drinking only two glasses, she got a hangover the next day.

There was a moment of silence. Tiantian sensed that Fu Yunruo didn’t seem to really take the defamation on the internet to heart. Feeling relieved, she cautiously asked: “Ruoruo, is your background stated on the internet true?”

“You are really the eldest young miss of the Fu family?”

After Tiantian extracted the information on the internet, she was stunned for a while. She didn’t expect her boss to have such a bumpy and hard past. Suddenly, her impression of Fang Xueruo fell to the negative bottom.

In the beginning, Tiantian was the assistant assigned to Fu Yunruo’s channel by Panda Live platform. After the two got acquainted, Tiantian thought that Ruoruo was a dust-covered pearl dug out by Panda Live from the corner of a remote mountain. Later, when they finally met, Tiantian always felt that Fu Yunruo’s mannerism didn’t feel like a woman raised in the remote countryside, but didn’t try to pry any further.

As a result, it was revealed that Ruoruo was actually a young miss from a high-ranking wealthy family in Beijing.

Thinking about how Ruoruo lived quietly in a remote mountain village with her young child, coupled with the pieces of information revealed on the internet, Tiantian’s brain already made up a big melodramatic scenario. Because of this, Tiantian became even more sympathetic to Ruoruo. How terrible was her life before so she had to run away and live in obscurity?

Fu Yunruo didn’t know Tiantian’s inner thoughts, but she readily admitted: “Are you asking me whether I am Mr. Fu’s daughter, whether I am fang Xueruo’s stepsister, whether I have ever fought for a man with Fang Xueruo, or whether I often went into conflicts with her? All are correct…”

Hearing this, Tiantian felt even more distressed. “Ruoruo, don’t feel sad. We all believe in you. Those sad things will pass, and only the future is worth looking forward to.” Tiantian comforted Fu Yunruo for a moment before declaring heroically: “Don’t worry, we will never let them hurt you again!”

“???” Fu Yunruo was stunned. What happened to Tiantian? Why was she so excited all of a sudden?

After hanging up the call, Fu Yunruo hesitated for a moment, but finally decided to check the commotion on the internet. She opened a social media platform. The tags related to her still sat firmly on the trending topics. Fu Yunruo clicked on it and saw a barrage of attacks targeting her, especially after Fang Xueruo’s fans joined the scene. There was no need to guess — Fu Yunruo was sure that Fang Xueruo was behind it.

[Snowballs,1 come here and take a look. I heard that this is the woman who bullied our Xuexue since she was a child?]

[I heard that this woman shamelessly wants to grab a man from Xuexue?]

[This kind of woman actually got praised so much before? How ridiculous! I suddenly want to laugh.]

Those first comments were the better ones, as many of them were downright insults and personal attacks. Fu Yunruo took a quick look. It was practically unsightly. She couldn’t believe some people could say something like this to others.

Fu Yunruo quickly stopped browsing. Although she didn’t care, seeing the extent of the personal attacks on the internet still affected her mood a little. But that was all. After all, none of her acquaintances here used the internet daily, so she simply ignored it.

Fu Yunruo had once thought about the worst situation she might eventually face. But at this level, it was basically nothing, and she was mentally prepared.

The time was no longer early, so Fu Yunruo went to the kitchen to make breakfast. She had just washed the rice and put it into the cooker when the phone rang again. Fu Yunruo took the phone and saw it was a call from Chi Weicheng. As soon as the call was connected, Chi Weicheng’s worried voice sounded, “Yunruo, are you okay?”

Hearing Chi Weicheng’s obvious care and worry, Fu Yunruo smiled slightly: “I’m okay.”

“I have seen the situation on the internet. Yunruo, please be assured. We all trust you.”

“Thank you……”

After Fu Yunruo hung up, she received several comforting calls from her business acquaintances. In these last four years, Fu Yunruo had slowly expanded her connections. Some of these people she knew via her livestream channel, but many of them were introduced by Uncle Guo. Uncle Guo’s acquaintances mainly were his old friends in the orchid fields, and they were all friendly and caring elders. After meeting Fu Yunruo, they kept in touch over the years. Even if some of these elders were no longer young, they were also advancing with the times and were active users of the internet. Now that the internet was full of negative news about Fu Yunruo, there was no way they didn’t see it, not to mention that some of Fu Yunruo’s acquaintances were people from the entertainment circle like Chi Weicheng, who were more sensitive to this kind of news.

Fu Yunruo’s heart was warm, and all the depression brought about by the malicious comments he saw in the morning was instantly melted away.


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  1. Snowball: the name of Fang Xueruo’s fans. Taken from the character ‘Xue’ that means ‘snow.’

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    1. Yunruo may not care as much now but if those comments started to attack Wenwen?! She will attack back, somehow >:0

  1. I hope novel netizens are not anything close to reality. Do people even care if two step siblings had a rocky and contentious relationship when they were teens/young adults? Even fighting over a guy, so what?

    1. Lol i agree with backgroundreader.

      That being said, I think it matters less in America/the west, where individuality is key and the person’s actions speak more for themselves. Like Angelina and brad are still working, despite their conflicts. But for a country like China with such ingrained class structures and where filial piety is important, your family background and relations hold much greater weight in your reputation.

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