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MSRV Ch 4 Part 1 – Remarriage (I)

Chi Wen shut himself up. He obviously decided to ignore the woman, but in the end, he always got tricked into playing with her.

Was he so naive and ridiculous in his childhood?

Obviously when he was a child, he always sneered and looked down on the children he saw running and playing with their parents…

Ever since he could remember, Chi Wen already fought with older children to grab a bit more food. Later, in order to get ahead in the entertainment circle, he had to crawl and tread on thin ice. Even after he became famous, he still had to calculate his every step.

…So, before he could remember, did he also have such a carefree life?

He didn’t remember…

Fu Yunruo didn’t know the twist and turn that happened in her son’s mind right now. Seeing that her son could turn over, she couldn’t wait to share the news with the whole world.

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo took her son to Auntie Mei’s house. Even before entering the door, she already announced excitedly: “Auntie Mei, Baobao can turn over!”

Auntie Mei was drying clothes in the yard. Hearing this, she said with a smile: “Ah, Baobao can turn over? How awesome!”

Uncle Mei also came out of the house with a palm-leaf fan in his hand: “Wenwen can turn over?”

“Yes, Uncle Mei.” Fu Yunruo smiled, “Last night, Wenwen turned back and forth three times!”

Fu Yunruo pondered. Now that her son’s name has been determined, there was no need to keep calling him a generic nickname like Baobao. So, she decided to call him Wenwen from now on.

“So amazing!” Uncle Mei smiled heartily.

Auntie Mei took out a bamboo mat, spread it on the living room floor, and put a thin blanket on it.

Fu Yunruo gently put her son on it and began to encourage: “Wenwen, show your turn over to grandpa and grandma.”

Uncle and Auntie Mei sat around and looked expectantly.

Chi Wen lay on the mat. He glanced at the adults silently and subconsciously stuffed his chubby fingers into his mouth.

He doesn’t want to perform.

Fu Yunruo skillfully pulled out the fingers from his mouth, then wiped the saliva from both the fingers and the mouth. “Wenwen, you shouldn’t eat your hands!”

Fu Yunruo coaxed for a while, but her son still refused to respond and just lay there silently.

Auntie Mei was disappointed that she couldn’t see the baby turning over. But she still smiled and said: “This child is still young and cannot understand what we say. When he wants, he will turn over by himself.”

“Yes, children grow fast. Soon, he will be able to crawl, walk, and run. We can watch him anytime!”

Fu Yunruo proudly said: “Wenwen is so good. He never troubles me.”

Chi Wen looked at the woman, then looked at Grandpa and Grandma Mei. He moved his limbs vigorously and quickly turned over. This kind of thing was just a matter of getting used. After turning over a few times last night, he mastered the skill beautifully and knew how to turn over faster with less effort.

As soon as he turned over and lay on his stomach, Chi Wen’s ears were filled with multiple exclamations and praises, as if he just accomplished an amazing feat,

He really couldn’t understand these adults. It was just turning over. Why did they have to make it such a big matter?

So noisy.

Chi Wen turned over his back once again and was met with three proud smiling faces.

Well, Grandpa and Grandma Mei had taken care of him a lot, and he should give them some face. He comforted himself. Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal to perform a bit for them.

After showing off, Fu Yunruo took her son home contentedly. Since then, she has fallen in love with this game and coaxed Wenwen to show his turn over skill every day. She wanted to record every single bit of his growth stage. However, the child was too cold. She had to demonstrate it in person every time before he was willing to do it.

Fu Yunruo sometimes wondered if her son was making fun of her.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter. The old house Fu Yunruo rented had a yard with trees and a good draught system. The house was not particularly hot. Using an electric fan was enough.

A little baby was so tender and weak, and couldn’t bear the harsh sun, so Fu Yunruo basically kept her son indoors every day.

Other people also didn’t like to go out in the summer daytime. But in the evening, the village became lively. Adults sat on small stools around the neighborhood, shaking palm-leaf fans and chatting with their neighbors, while the older children took the younger ones around to play.

Fu Yunruo also walked out for a stroll during this time, taking her son in his stroller. Staying all day indoors was too boring.

Most of the people who stayed in the village were elderly and children. Many of the adults and young people went out to the city to work or study. Fu Yunruo and her baby, a pair of beautiful mother and son, were very conspicuous. She had been living here for more than a year. Many people knew her, and she had a good relationship with her neighbors.

Of course, her relationship with the children was even better. When village children of all ages saw such a beautiful and gentle elder sister, they naturally liked to flock around her.

Now, as soon as Fu Yunruo appeared pushing a stroller, a group of children immediately crowded around.

The four-year-old little Shitou1 occupied the front position with his stocky body. He stuck on Fu Yunruo’s side, calling her ‘big sister’ several times and clamoring to see the little baby.

Fu Yunruo opened the cover, and a few small heads immediately came over. Little Shitou leaned on the side of the stroller and poked his head in, asking: “Big sister Ruoruo, when can younger brother play with me?”

Unlike adults, children didn’t care much about generations and said whatever they saw. Pretty big sister was pretty big sister, younger brother was younger brother.

“Very soon.” Fu Yunruo answered gently.

“Big sister Ruoruo, this is my new toy. It’s for younger brother.”

“Thank you Junjun, but younger brother is still young and cannot play with the toy yet. Junjun plays first, after younger brother grows up, you can take him to play together…”

“I will keep it well, and will play with younger brother in the future!”

“I will take younger brother to play hide-and-seek…”


“I want to take younger brother to play house…”

“Take younger brother to pick fruits…”

“Yes, yes. Younger brother remembers all.” Fu Yunruo generously promised in her son’s place.

Chi Wen: “…” He doesn’t want to play these childish games!


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  1. Shitou: literally means ‘stone.’ This is also a very generic boy’s nickname.

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  1. The “baby” is so adorably grumpy! 🙂 I hope as he grows up, he’ll rediscover the pleasure of being a child.
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