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MSRV Ch 4 Part 2 – Remarriage (II)

The children have seen the baby brother and also got the promise. Satisfied, they immediately ran to have fun.

Then a group of aunts gathered around in their place, showering Chi Wen with praises: “Baobao is really good looking. Even more beautiful than a little girl.”

“Oh, look at his eyes! They are so black and lively!”

“Baobao is not only so cute, but also well-behaved and not troublesome at all. If only my stinky boy is half as behaved as Baobao, I can wake up with a smile every day…”


Baby Wenwen’s popularity in the village was very high. Men and women alike, regardless of age, adored him so much. The baby was white and chubby, so cute. He also had a pair of big, shiny eyes with double eyelids inherited from Fu Yunruo. Very lovely and beautiful. Moreover, this child was very well-behaved and didn’t make any noise at all. Just watching him lay well-behaved melt any person’s heart.

Fu Yunruo sometimes really felt that her life in the village was getting better and better was thanks to her son’s charm.

Fu Yunruo was so proud.

Chi Wen, who was regarded as a panda mascot and was showered with praises after praises, lay inside the stroller quietly. He was as calm as the wind and as still as the mountain.

Don’t panic. This is just a small scene. He has a lot of experience.

Chi Wen listened to various people talking, but the woman’s young and soft voice was particularly prominent.

Suddenly, a sharp voice said: “Ruoruo, isn’t it too hard for a single woman to raise a child alone! Raising a child is not a simple task. You have to give your son a complete family. You listen to me. There is a son of my distant cousin, their family has a shop and a house in the town. Although he is seven or eight years older than you, he has never been married. They don’t mind you bringing a child there. What do you think?”

Fu Yunruo’s face stiffened, and she was about to refuse. But before she could say a word, Auntie Mei snorted and began to scold loudly: “Wang Cuiju, what are you old scumbag planning now? Who doesn’t know that crooked relative of yours? Already 30 years old but very lazy, dares to be nitpicky but with no ability. Do you dare to accept such a useless man as your son-in-law?!”

“Yeah. Ruoruo is beautiful and excellent. She can even marry into a big city. Why should she marry a lazy man who does nothing all day?” Others also began condemning Wang Cuiju.

Wang Cuiju raised her chin: “You mean I don’t have good intention? Although the man is a bit lazy, it’s not a problem. His family has a shop and won’t go hungry. If Ruoruo marries into his family, she doesn’t have to live so hard!”

“Even if Ruoruo is so good, but she still has a child!”

“Then why don’t you let your daughter marry him!”

Being attacked by all sides, Wang Cujiu was so embarrassed that she hurriedly ran home, muttering how others didn’t understand her good intentions.

“Ruoruo, you shouldn’t mind her words. Wang Cuiju’s mouth has no filter, and she speaks without using her brain.”

Fu Yunruo smiled and shook her head, saying that she didn’t care.

In the end, some aunts persuaded her to consider remarrying once she found someone reliable. It’s hard for a young woman to raise a child alone. In case something happened, she needed a reliable spouse.

Fu Yunruo knew that these people had a good intention. They stayed in a remote rural area all their lives. Without being baptized by big cities, their way of thinking was more traditional and conservative.

Fu Yunruo was afraid that someone would begin to matchmake her again if she stayed longer. After saying that she wanted to concentrate on raising her son for a few years without considering marital affairs, she fleed with Wenwen.

After reaching the home, Fu Yunruo finally sighed in relief. She decided to not going out for a stroll until the wind passed in a few days. It would be terrible if someone really pushed her into remarriage.

Fu Yunruo looked into the stroller and saw her son lay there quietly, as if in a daze. It was almost the baby’s usual bedtime, so she picked him up and coaxed: “Baobao, let’s go to sleep, okay?”

Chi Wen was lying on the bed. He listened to the woman’s hum and felt her familiar presence, but actually didn’t feel sleepy.

Chi Wen clenched his small fists unconsciously. Many thoughts were swirling in his mind. From his birth to the present, he had never seen another relative besides this woman, let alone the man who supplied another half of his gene. He could also see that this woman was incompatible with other people in this countryside. She definitely came from a totally different environment.

Thinking a bit, the truth was actually very easy to figure out.

This woman was so stupid. She must have been deceived by a scum man. Her family was very disappointed with her and then abandoned her. With nowhere to go, she left for the countryside.

This woman was running out of money and soon wouldn’t be able to raise him. Maybe in the near future, she couldn’t hold it any longer and find a man to marry. Maybe the man she found later didn’t want a dragging oil bottle1 like himself, so she cruelly threw him to the orphanage.

Upon arriving at this conclusion, Chi Wen’s heart suddenly became cold, and he sneered at this cruel woman. A turbulent of negative emotions surged from the bottom of his heart and gushed out, prompting him to scream uncontrollably.

Fu Yunruo, who had coaxed her son to sleep and almost fell asleep herself, suddenly was startled by the high-decibel scream and woke up in surprise. She quickly checked her son. The baby, who should have been sleeping, didn’t show any signs of sleepiness and looked very energetic, babbled and screamed incoherent words while waving his limbs vigorously.

“Wenwen be good. Go to sleep now, okay? You need to sleep more to grow up.”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“Wenwen is a good baby……”

“Whaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”


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  1. Dragging oil bottle: A derogatory term of a child of a previous marriage, but more commonly used when a woman brings her children into her next marriage.

10 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 4 Part 2 – Remarriage (II)”

    1. Wen is a bit dumb. He assumes abandonment never considers foul play. Original mom died when he was two. Since book quote indicated wicked sister knew his parentage, it’s even possible wicked sister was involved in the mom’s death and his placement in orphanage.

      1. Considering the meaning of his name, it shows that original mom truly cares about him :””” It’s so unforfunate.

        1. The fact that the original mom might have switched places with her and is living happily with the mc’s grandparents shows that she is truly a kind person and she most likely did care very much about Wen. For a Film emperor and reincarnated person, he can be very petty @-@

  1. Now that I think about it, Chi Wen never doubted if he return in time or reincarnated as someone else. He was so sure that he is still himself. I mean, there is the date but didn’t he doubt if he was reborn into someone else? So far, it seems his memory as a child started being in the orphanage. Well he was two when his mother died so he wouldn’t know. I’m just kinda… weird out?.. that he didn’t think of the possibilities he might be a different baby this time. I mean sure he isn’t. We know that. But I don’t think he supposed to be so sure as he doesn’t even know his mother in his past life and then he was named differently as well.

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