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MSRV Ch 40 Part 1 – Enemies from Previous Life (I)

From the depth of this body’s original owner’s memory, Fu Yunruo learned that Fang Xueruo’s original name was Fang Xuelian. After Mother Fang married into the Fu family, even though her daughter couldn’t enter the Fu family’s household registration, she at least wanted her to change to Fu’s surname. However, the original Fu Yunruo adamantly refused, so this matter couldn’t be done.

Fang Xueruo herself also expressed her unwillingness to change her surname and finally took a compromise to change her name into one similar to Fu Yunruo’s, so that others would know that they were two sisters.

When Fu Yunruo found this memory, she felt repulsive. On the surface, Fang Xueruo was so generous and understanding. Since Fu Yunruo refused to call Mother Fang ‘mom,’ Fang Xueruo was also unwilling to call Father Fu ‘dad.’ Even the matter of changing name was accepted by her with an aggrieved expression, looking totally helpless in front of the request from her elders.

No wonder this body’s original owner’s temperament became more and more irritating. After all, a dull knife was the most excruciating in the long term.

Fang Xuelian…

Fang Xueruo’s face suddenly changed when she heard the name she had deliberately forgotten. She looked at Fu Yunruo’s indifferent and alienated face. Pinching her palm fiercely with her fingers, she said bitterly, “Sister, do you have to do this?”

Fang Xueruo’s face was pale and weak, and her lips trembled, “No matter what, you are my elder sister…”

Fu Yunruo gave her a scrutinizing look before raising her eyebrow again: “My mother only gave birth to me. I don’t remember having a younger sister.”

“There is no third person here, so you don’t have to pretend. Oh, how could I forget? You seem to put acting into your bones and blood. Over the past twelve years, you have been acting every single day, and you have perfected your acting skills. You indeed deserve the title of Movie Empress. Congratulations.”

Fang Xueruo lowered her eyes. Her lips trembled lightly.

“Fu Yunruo, you vicious woman, what are you doing to Xue’er?!” A furious Chang Zhuyou suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He roared at Fu Yunruo before quickly taking Fang Xueruo into his arms with pity and concern.

Chang Zhuyou glared at Fu Yunruo furiously, but when he saw Fu Yunruo’s bare face, surprise and shock flashed in his eyes. This is Fu Yunruo? This thought flashed in his heart. The Fu Yunruo in his memory was obviously a hysterical madwoman.

Thinking of this woman’s vicious nature, Chang Zhuyou’s gaze turned into disgust.

“Brother Chang?” Fang Xueruo was both shocked and delighted upon seeing Chang Zhuyou. But the next moment, she suddenly looked startled. She glanced awkwardly at Fu Yunruo before moving her body slightly and trying to withdraw from Chang Zhuyou’s embrace, as if she was afraid of irritating Fu Yunruo.

Yet, Chang Zhuyou continued embracing Fang Xueruo domineeringly, refusing to let her go in the slightest.

“Don’t hurt Xue’er anymore. Give up, I will never like you.” He said with a look of disgust, “I only have Xue’er in my heart.”

Oh, it turned out that this scumbag was also here. Truly a good show, ah! Fu Yunruo said lightly, “What gives you such confidence? Do you think you are money that everyone likes?”

Looking at their intimate appearance, Fu Yunruo only felt that her eyes were being polluted: “Which one of your eyes saw me hurting her? If you maliciously slander my reputation, I will hold you liable for legal responsibility.”

“No need to see. Since childhood, how many times have you bullied Xue’er?” Chang Zhuyou said in disgust.

“Oh.” Fu Yunruo lifted her eyelids and said sympathetically, “Hallucinating is a symptom of mental illness. You better seek medical advice as soon as possible. I know a psychiatrist and can ask him to look at your brain. Of course, with a fee.”

“What are you talking about?” Chang Zhuyou instantly became furious. His nostrils flared with anger as he stepped forward menacingly. Fu Yunruo, this vicious woman, actually called him crazy?

Fu Yunruo took a step back subconsciously. This scumbag wasn’t going to beat her, right? She lowered her head, looking for a weapon nearby. Seeing a wooden stick on the ground two steps away, she quickly moved over and picked it up. Just after Fu Yunruo rose up again, a man’s tall back figure was covering her view.

Fu Yunruo saw the broad back, then moved her gaze upward. Recognizing that it was Si Yue, she was instantly relieved. She glanced down at the wooden stick in her hand. Then, as if nothing had happened, she nonchalantly threw it away. Yup, she was actually a weak woman with no strength to strangle a chicken, so how could she fight?

Si Yue stared coldly at Chang Zhuyou. His face was indifferent, but his eyes full of pressure, “What are you doing?”

Wenwen also ran out with Si Yue. The boy stood in front of Fu Yunruo and opened his hands to protect his mother. He glared at Chang Zhuyou and Fang Xueruo angrily: “You are not allowed to bully my mom!”

Wenwen was small, but his figure was fierce enough, truly his mother’s excellent little guard.

Chang Zhuyou heard the child’s voice and immediately looked down. Startled, he looked at Fu Yunruo: “You have a son?!” He was shocked and couldn’t believe it, “Who is the man?!”

“It turns out that Sister has been hiding here because…” Fang Xueruo exclaimed softly. But realizing that she had misspoken, she instantly covered her mouth.

“In what capacity does Young Master Chang question me? Ex-fiance?” Fu Yunruo deliberately put an emphasis on the last word. Hugging Wenwen, she poked her head out from behind Si Yue and pointed: “Want to know who that man is? You better ask your gentle and kind-hearted Xue’er.”

“Also, I don’t want to be harassed by you. Please be self-conscious and don’t run to me to blast your existence. I don’t like it.”

After speaking, Fu Yunruo carried Wenwen back into their yard and closed the gate, but left it unlocked. She then leaned on the gate to listen to the situation outside the fence. With Si Yue here, she felt safe. Since she couldn’t drive them off, she could only rely on Si Yue to try.

“What do you mean?” Chang Zhuyou was about to chase Fu Yunruo, but was directly blocked by Si Yue. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said coldly, “Si Yue, stop being shameless!”


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  1. How is that just “being shameless” ?
    What Yunruo said was right, he has no right to question her at all. They have no existing current relationship and so he’s just a random guy trying to break into a single mother’s house.

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