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MSRV Ch 40 Part 3 – Enemies from Previous Life (III)

Fu Yunruo held the broom with one hand and wiped the sweat on her forehead with the other. At this moment, she felt extremely refreshed. The sky looked so blue, and the flowers were so beautiful. The air was also no longer polluted, how good!

Then she suddenly faced Si Yue’s black eyes, which were as deep as the sea.

Fu Yunruo: “…” She stared down at herself and instantly put aside the broom in her hand, quickly regaining her elegant and gentle posture. She then pursed her lips and smiled slightly, “Actually, I advocate peace. Beating people is very bad behavior, and I don’t suggest using violence to solve problems.”

Upon hearing this, Wenwen, who was maintaining the victory pose, quickly held up the ‘Golden Club’ in his hand and chimed happily: “Mom is a gentle and kind-hearted angel who loves world peace!”

Fu Yunruo laughed and praised Wenwen back: “Mommy’s Baobao is also a smart, witty, and cute little angel!”

Wenwen raised his chubby chin proudly, prompting: “I don’t like beating people.”

“Yes, yes. Baobao is also a little angel who loves world peace.”

“Of course!”

Si Yue who was listening to the mother and son blowing rainbow farts1 to each other: “…”

He slowly held his forehead. Who would believe them?

After driving the bad guys away, Wenwen, Fu Yunruo, and Si Yue entered the house.

Fu Yunruo poured Si Yue tea and said, “Thank you so much. I really don’t know what would have happened if not for your help. By the way, did he hurt you?”

Fu Yunruo looked Si Yue up and down in concern. Although Si Yue had already subdued Chang Zhuyou when she came out, what if he got a hit during the fight?

Si Yue felt a little awkward facing Fu Yunruo’s scanning gaze. He coughed slightly, “I’m fine. He can’t hurt me.”

Wenwen hugged Si Yue’s thigh and praised, “Uncle Yue is so amazing! Uncle Yue is the tallest, mightiest, the most handsome, and the most powerful God of War who has beaten countless villains all over the world!”

Wenwen’s rainbow farts immediately lifted up Si Yue’s mood. He said modestly: “Nothing. I’m just a little bit more powerful than average.” He also didn’t forget to praise Wenwen, “Wenwen is a brave, smart and cute little adult who can protect his mother.”

The little adult Wenwen puffed up his belly proudly and smiled happily.

“Mom, who are they?” Feeling really curious about the conversation he overheard just now, Wenwen turned to Fu Yunruo and asked concernedly.

Mom is actually Fang Xueruo’s sister! Wenwen was shocked. He always thought that his mother was from a well-off family at best, but he didn’t expect her and Fang Xueruo to have such a relationship.

“Wenwen, if you see these people again, just ignore them.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want to tell Wenwen these unpleasant thing. She hoped that he just enjoyed life happily and innocently.

Wenwen pouted unhappily, feeling that his mother was hiding something from him. That woman Fang Xueruo was not a good person, but she was not easy to provoke. Even though Fang Xueruo was still young now, Wenwen believed she must have been rotten enough inside. His mother was so innocent. Facing Fang Xueruo, he was afraid that she would end up being bullied miserably.

Wenwen thought of the possible outcome, and his mood immediately sank. He hated himself for not being reborn twenty years ago so that he could protect his weak and innocent mother.

“Mom, tell me!” Wenwen said coquettishly. At first, he thought that his mother came to this remote village because she was also reborn just like him and wanted to avoid her death in two years.

—Could it be that Mom was actually killed by Fang Xueruo?

Wenwen was stunned. He immediately suspected that the reason Fang Xueruo targeted him so hard in his previous life was that she recognized him as his mother’s son. After all, they looked so alike…

So the reason why Fang Xueruo kept pouring dirty water on him and suppressing his career was that she was afraid that he would gain power and came for revenge after knowing about the truth of the past?!

Wenwen carefully recalled the scene when he met that woman for the first time. He only remembered the disgust and contemptuous eyes she showed whenever she saw him afterward, but he couldn’t remember the detail of their first meeting.

Wenwen’s breath stagnated for a moment. He had never doubted his origin before, and thus had never suspected that he had a connection with that family of three. He truly believed the orphanage dean’s words and thought he was abandoned…

The enemy who murdered his mother was right before his eyes, yet he was ignorant…

Wenwen’s eyes reddened, full of hatred. Even if he had been fighting with them in his previous life, he regretted giving up his life so easily. Even if he died, he should drag them to hell together!

Si Yue was the first to notice Wenwen’s abnormality. He shouted: “Wenwen!”

Fu Yunruo also noticed it. Seeing her son suddenly look so strange, she was shocked and hurriedly picked up the boy: “Baobao, what’s the matter with you? Are you scared?”

Fu Yunruo walked around with Wenwen in her arms, patting his back soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright now. Mom’s Wenwen is the strongest…” She thought that Wenwen was frightened by what had happened just now. Although he acted bravely, he was still a child after all, and it was normal for him to be afraid after the tension loosened.

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo tightly and buried his face in her shoulders, “Mom…”

Si Yue looked at Wenwen and frowned unconsciously. His knuckles knocked on the table, thoughtfully.

Afraid that Wenwen would overthink, Fu Yunruo no longer dared to hide it and began to explain the complicated relationship between her and Fang Xueruo. She knew that her son was very intelligent and could understand her explanation. Sometimes, being too smart might bring pain. Fu Yunruo was afraid that her son might overthink, so she was busy comforting him again and again.

After Wenwen knew that the predecessor of Fang Group was actually Fu Group, he was even more sure that his mother had been killed in the previous life. That woman killed his mother in order to rob her inheritance!

Only when his mother was gone could they obtain Fu family’s wealth openly and decently.

Wenwen clenched his fists in hatred. This time, he would never let them succeed!


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  1. Rainbow fart: flamboyant and excessive compliments.

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