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MSRV Ch 40 Part 4 – Enemies from Previous Life (IV)

After Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou left Shanghe Village, they did not go back to the accommodation prepared by the production team. Instead, under Fang Xueruo’s worried concern, they went with Chang Zhuyou’s driver and bodyguards to the town hospital to treat their injuries.

Fang Xueruo’s ankle twisted, but she was fine soon although it was painful for a while. The bruises Chang Zhuyou received from Fu Yunruo mother and son were superficial and would be healed in less than two weeks. On the contrary, the abdomen punched by Si Yue was still very painful that Chang Zhuyou couldn’t even sit straight. The doctor did a thorough examination, but found no sign of injury whatsoever, not even a bruise.

Under Fang Xueruo’s persuasion, the driver drove Chang Zhuyou out of town and went to the city hospital for an examination. Fang Xueruo wanted to accompany him and would rather skip the shooting, even at the risk of being gossiped as an arrogant actress. Chang Zhuyou didn’t want her Xue’er to bear infamy, so he refused her request to accompany him. In the end, Fang Xueruo had no choice but to return to the village dejectedly.

After sending off Chang Zhuyou’s car with a smile, Fang Xueruo’s expression instantly turned gloomy. Why did Fu Yunruo’s temper change so much in the past four years? Previously, just a little bit of provocation was enough to make her lose her mind and do stupid things under the rage. But now, not only did Fu Yunruo didn’t get stimulated at all, but her tongue had also become so glib.

Fang Xueruo also recalled Fu Yunruo’s attitude towards Chang Zhuyou. There was no trace of nostalgia. Did she no longer love Chang Zhuyou?

Moreover, when did Fu Yunruo know Si Yue? They seemed pretty close…

When Fang Xueruo was distracted, a call suddenly came in. A young adult’s voice, whose gender was hard to distinguish, came from the receiver, “What should I do with the video?”

“Destroy all. The price will be doubled.” Fang Xueruo said coldly before hanging up the call. Her original plan was to secretly record the video when she was being bullied by Fu Yunruo. Unexpectedly, despite all the slanders on the internet, Fu Yunruo didn’t take the bait and even retaliated by satirizing her a lot. Now, that video was completely useless.

Fang Xueruo squinted her eyes, revealing a vicious glare. Fu Yunruo! She would never give her a chance to stand up!

The young man whose call was hung up one-sidedly put his phone away. He sat in a hidden corner at the foot of the mountain, looking at the camera in his hand with slight reluctance and pity. He unexpectedly obtained a golden material today. If it was sold, he could make a fortune!

But he had worked with that woman for so long and was familiar with her methods. After all, she was his gold patron, not to mention that she still had his blackmailing materials in her hands.

The young man was about to destroy the video when a hand suddenly touched his shoulder. He was taken aback, jumped suddenly, and looked over warily. Seeing the two people who appeared before him, he tried to calm himself: “You guys are?”

“Don’t be nervous, young man.” The slightly fat middle-aged man smiled, “Shall we have a good chat?”

“I don’t think we have anything to talk about. I have something to do. Goodbye.” The young man pressed the brim of his cap further, turned around, and was about to escape hurriedly. But he was instantly blocked…

The messy scandal was still circulating on the internet. Originally, people closest to Fu Yunruo, such as Uncle Guo, Uncle Mei, Auntie Mei, and other villagers, didn’t know about it. Those elderly didn’t surf the internet, and Fu Yunruo also didn’t say a word, for fear making them worry. Therefore, Fu Yunruo’s life was not directly affected.

But it didn’t take long for them to know, because many of their children working outside called home to ask about the situation. Only then did the villagers know about the things happening on the internet. It was said that Fu Yunruo was a mean-hearted vicious woman, but the villagers didn’t believe a word. They had been with Ruoruo for so long; how could they fail to see her true temperament? It must be like what the children said. Because Ruoruo looked more beautiful than many celebrities and was praised so much on the internet, some people became jealous and splashed dirty water on her!

The villagers were furious. Why were those people so vicious!

On the day when the villagers were ready to learn the internet with young people so they could go online and speak for Fu Yunruo, another video was circulated late at night and quickly appeared on the trending topics list.

Fu Yunruo’s video with Fang Xueruo was circulated on major social networks, and the passersby who saw it marveled at the sudden reversal. The amount of information was too large, and they needed time to digest it all.

However, Fang Xueruo’s fans were quick to counterattack and once again attacked Fu Yunruo’s defendants.

[She doesn’t have the ability to keep the man but blame others for snatching him?]

[In love, the one who is not loved is the third party.]

[When Xuexue and Young Master Chang got together, Young Master Chang was already unengaged. Xuexue is not a third party!]

[Xuexue is not a third party! Some people are really disgusting. Why don’t you look in the mirror?]

However, public opinion was not one-sided. This time, more people expressed their sympathy for Fu Yunruo. Regarding the fierce attack from Fang Xueruo’s fans, passersby felt that their three views1 were extremely broken.

The passersby expressed their amazement one after another. No wonder this fandom was so broken. With that kind of idol, one could imagine what kind of fans she had. The idol could do such an amazing feat like robbing her own sister’s fiance, so it was not hard to understand why her fans had such thinking. Those people must be congratulated for having such a ‘good’ idol like Fang Xueruo.

[Their three views really shocked me.]

[I sympathize with this young lady.]

[A third party is a third party. No matter how you beautify her, she is still a third party!]

[Gosh! Is the dog food2 I ate before expired? I suddenly feel nauseous.]

[Truly a pair of scumbags!]

[Our beautiful lady is right, scumbag man with a bitch, they match so well!]

[Congratulations. Please be together forever and do not harm others.]

Because of this video, public opinion was no longer one-sided, and many passersby began to speak for Fu Yunruo. But Fang Xueruo’s fans desperately tried to whitewash their idol, and so the two sides were fighting furiously.

At this time, a message suddenly appeared on a certain livestream platform—

‘Have our group stolen the cub today?’: [There are so many gossips today, and I ate them with gusto. But I never expected that the main character is actually our idol!]


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  1. Three views refer to view on the world, life, and values. Basically, someone’s moral compass and fundamental views.
  2. Feeding dog food: slang for public display of affection (PDA).

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