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MSRV Ch 42 Part 1 – Hiring a Bodyguard (I)

Fang Xueruo thought that it was already bad enough to have the image she had worked so hard to maintain collapse and her popularity among the general public ruined. Still, she didn’t expect that it was only a beginning. Her agent called again with another bad news. A brand endorsement they were negotiating suddenly had a second thought just before signing the contract. The representative expressed their concern that Fang Xueruo’s image didn’t meet the requirements of their brands, citing the incident currently brewing on the internet. This endorsement was originally guaranteed, and Fang Xueruo’s proud fans had long shown it off on the internet. Now the job was snatched away by Xia Wanning, who had been suppressed by Fang Xueruo. She could imagine what kind of mockery her anti and rivals’ fans would make after this news came out.

There was more to that. Several brands that Fang Xueruo was endorsing were coming to say that Fang Xueruo’s negative image had affected their brands, demanding compensation to be paid for their losses according to the contract.

After hearing this, Fang Xueruo’s eyes became cold, “What did the company say?”

“The company is doing its best to protect you. We are now appeasing the brands, promising that this matter will be dealt with as soon as possible and to clarify the rumors on the internet.”

Chang Group was the major shareholder of Fang Xueruo’s entertainment company. Since she was the future wife of the Chang family’s young master, the company’s only choice was to do their best to protect her. However, it was not easy to quell the commotion on the internet, and the company had failed to do it so far. It was not easy to suppress this matter. Except for the people who were taking the advantage to fish in troubled water, there were two apparent groups secretly contributing to the flames behind the scene.

One of the groups was frank and open in their actions, so the company soon found who they were: Fu Yunruo’s fan group. What made it tricky was that some of those fans were not regular people. Even the Chang family had to be polite to them somewhat. When so many of such people united, not to mention the company, even the combination of Chang Group and Fu Group couldn’t afford to offend them. The company could only initiate negotiation and tried to make peace with the group, but these people refused to give face. All they wanted was justice for Fu Yunruo.

As for another group, the company hadn’t found out who they were yet, so no negotiation could be conducted. Fang Xueruo was sure that this group was from Si Yue. The agent was a little unsure. Si Yue came from an ordinary well-off family, how could he have such a great ability? In the agent and company’s opinion, it was more possible for the second group to come from Apple Entertainment’s hands. After all, the two entertainment companies had similar development models and were competitors for years, so it was not strange for the other party to seize this opportunity to step on them. The commotion was getting bigger each second, and the company’s public relations department could not keep up with the situation.

Fang Xueruo was still about to speak when suddenly the door was banged. She opened the door and saw the house’s owner. A trace of impatience flashed in her heart, but she still put on a gentle face and asked softly, “Is there something wrong?”

However, the usually kind and enthusiastic owner had a fierce look on her face at this moment. She yelled at Fang Xueruo with her rough, duck-like voice: “Get out! You are not welcome in my house!”

Fang Xueruo was stunned: “What?”

However, the owner was very disdainful to even talk to her. She quickly proceeded to pack Fang Xueruo’s belongings haphazardly, shoved her luggage out of the house, spat, and slammed the door shut. “Black-hearted woman!”

Fang Xueruo stood in front of the closed door, her face ashen.

“Xue’er!” Suddenly there was a shout from behind. Shocked, Fang Xueruo turned around and widened her eyes in disbelief. She couldn’t help but dash over and throw herself into the person’s arms.

“Brother Chang…”

“Xue’er, you have been wronged.” Chang Zhuyou was very distressed. He had several examinations in the city hospital, but the hospital failed to find anything wrong with him despite the severe pain in his abdomen. Chang Zhuyou wanted to sue Si Yue for his injuries, but couldn’t get any evidence. Then, when his mood was already bad, he found that his Xue’er was being attacked so maliciously on the internet. Chang Zhuyou broke out in anger and immediately ordered his subordinates to speak in Fang Xueruo’s defense. He also angrily scolded Fu Yunruo, this vicious woman, before hastily making his return. His Xue’er was so weak — she must be unable to bear such huge malice and needed someone to support her.

Fang Xueruo buried her face in Chang Zhuyou’s arms and shook her head silently. Her eyes were cold. Damn that stupid bumpkin! How dare she do this to her? She had never been insulted like this since she was a child!

“Brother Chang, let’s go. I’m not welcome here…” Fang Xueruo raised her head. There were tears on her weak face, but she tried hard to stay strong.

“What? How dare they do this to you?” Chang Zhuyou was instantly furious and wanted to kick the door in anger.

“Brother Chang! I don’t want to stay here any longer…” Fang Xueruo pulled Chang Zhuyou; her face was very pale.

Chang Zhuyou turned around and hugged her distressedly, “Okay, I’ll take you away…”


Fu Yunruo was frightened by Wenwen’s abnormal state yesterday, so she focused all her attention on the boy today. It was not until Tiantian called that Fu Yunruo learned that the situation on the internet had a drastic reversal. The moment the call was connected, Tiantian’s voice came over, “Ruoruo, your identity has been exposed.” The girl said with a complicated mood, “Let me explain first. It’s not us who reveal your identity, really. A fan with keen eyes found it out!”

“???” It took a while for Fu Yunruo to react, “Oh.” She only cared about Wenwen yesterday and didn’t have time to pay attention to the internet. Naturally, she didn’t know that her fans had been jumping around to attack Fang Xueruo and defend her.

“Don’t worry, your fans are very powerful, and we have the upper hand! No one can throw dirty water on you without paying the consequences.” Tiantian felt that their studio was useless. It was only after Fu Yunruo’s fans came to the stage that the situation finally reversed. Each and every one of them was very powerful. If she was one of those slandering water army, she probably was crying to death now. Because this matter accounted for defamation, the fans who could afford lawyers or a lawyer themselves issued letters one after another…Oh, the studio was actually still useful. The fans contacted the studio and asked to be granted a power of attorney before sending the letters.

After listening to Tiantian’s explanation, Fu Yunruo was a little conflicted by the sudden exposure of her identity. She didn’t want to put on a disguise just to go out for a walk. But since the fans had found out, she couldn’t deceive them and say that they had found the wrong person. What’s more, she knew that her fans were very talented. Since they had admitted her, it meant they had solid evidence in their hands.

Fu Yunruo asked Tiantian to continue keeping an eye on the internet. Wenwen must never appear on the internet, especially now when so many dirty things are around. Tiantian reassured Fu Yunruo, saying that the fans were very measured, and all the videos about Wenwen on the internet were already gone. Although Wenwen accidentally showed his face on the variety show before, all the videos were gone, and there was no longer a trace of him on the internet.


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