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MSRV Ch 42 Part 3 – Hiring a Bodyguard (III)

Fu Yunruo noticed Wenwen was next to her, sticking himself closely. She couldn’t help but say in a soft tone: “Wenwen, other children have asked you to play together. Don’t you want to play with your friends?”

From the morning till now, the children had come and called twice, but Wenwen refused to go out. Fu Yunruo found that Wenwen seemed to have returned to his clingy childhood state. Like a little tail, he followed wherever she went. Previously, Fu Yunruo felt at a loss when her son stopped clinging to her, but now felt very distressed seeing the boy start clinging to her again.

Even though Wenwen was smarter, braver, and more alert than ordinary children…he was still a child after all. Of course he would be frightened when seeing adults with such disgusting faces. Look how scared he was? Fu Yunruo was heartache. She hugged the boy and rubbed his head, comforting him again and again.

Wenwen shook his head and said seriously, “I want to accompany you, Mom.” He had to keep an eye on his mother and protect her. That woman Fang Xueruo was still here. What if she wanted to do something bad to his mother during his absence? He didn’t want to take such a risk.

In the past, Wenwen had seen too much darkness. Sometimes, humans were the scariest creatures. Just one word, one glance, or a seemingly inadvertent action could destroy a person.

Wenwen didn’t have a mobile phone, so he didn’t know the situation on the internet. But even Grandpa Mei and Grandma Mei, as well as other people in the village, knew about it, which showed that the situation was already very serious. Fang Xueruo had the ability to become a Movie Empress, which showed that she had a lot of skills. And some brainless fans were truly irrational. As long as their idol showed a bit of expression of being bullied or wronged, some of the most extreme of fans would even do criminal things such as disfigurement or murder for their idol.

The past him had seen such things a lot. One of his friends in the circle, because of Fu Wen’s hatred for Chang Xue’ai, expressed dislike of her in public and received malicious attacks in revenge. In the end, she was forced to quit the entertainment circle and go abroad. Although she said that she didn’t blame him before leaving, Fu Wen couldn’t get over this hurdle in his heart, even after he later learned that she was doing well abroad…

A daughter resembled her mother. His Mom was so innocent. If she was targeted by Fang Xueruo’s brainless fan…

Regarding this mother and daughter pair, Wenwen always speculated with the greatest malice, which currently put him in a deep worry. “Mom, shall we find a bodyguard?” No matter how many precautions were taken, there was a limit to what he could do. Especially that he was now still too young. He couldn’t protect his mother well with such small arms and legs.

Seeing her son’s expression like a mini grieving adult, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help pinching his bulging and tender cheeks: “This is adults’ business, and children shouldn’t think too much. Baobao doesn’t need to worry. Mom will be fine.”

Fu Yunruo fell into contemplation. Wenwen was so frightened that he actually said to hire a bodyguard, but how could a bodyguard be so easy to hire? She was now living in such a remote place, and their range of activities basically centered in either the village or the flower garden. In case someone with a bad intention came, she only needed to shout, and people would immediately come to help, so there was no need to be so anxious. However, Wenwen was different. He was such a small child; what if Fang Xueruo decided to attack him? Maybe she really needed to seriously consider the matter of hiring a bodyguard.

Thinking of this, Fu Yunruo suddenly became very anxious: “Baobao, you should never take or eat anything from strangers, okay? If someone you didn’t know tried to talk to you, do not pay attention, and immediately go to a place with people or run to a house to find an adult. And do not go to dangerous places, like the water’s edge or high roof, understand?” Sigh, it seemed that she had just opened a pandora’s box. Once she began to think about it, she suddenly felt that her son was surrounded by dangers everywhere, even though she could let the child run around freely without worry before.

The more Fu Yunruo thought about it, the more uneasy she felt, and she suddenly didn’t want the let Wenwen out to play. Well, it’s also good to have him by her side.

Affected by Fang Xueruo’s scandal, the variety show suspended shooting. Now that Si Yue had a bunch of free time, he spent most of his attention watching the situation on the internet. Seeing the reveal of Fu Yunruo’s identity as the famous orchid livestreamer Yunjuan Yunshu, he suddenly realized. No wonder he always had a vague sense of familiarity with Fu Yunruo. He never thought about it too much, thinking that this familiarity was due to that past event.

Si Yue quickly opened the forum and then played the video of the little guy Yunjuan Yunshu uploaded years ago. Although he couldn’t see the boy’s face, this chubby little figure was so cute! Si Yue couldn’t help but watch the video over and over again. He regretted not participating in Wenwen’s growth from a small embryo to a boy who could run and jump. If only he had paid more attention, he might have discovered that he had a son earlier…

Wait — Si Yue suddenly remembered something. Wasn’t his little eleventh also in Fu Yunruo’s hands?

Thinking that he once was so close to little eleventh, Si Yue felt a little heartache.

Si Yue continued browsing. Anytime he saw a post or comment sent by Fu Yunruo, he immediately liked, reposted, and commented, totally ignoring how much his behavior perplexed other fans.

Si Yue sat for a while, contemplating whether he should go to the rental house to see the mother and son.

Seeing this, Xin Xu also wanted to follow, “I wonder how Big Sister Ruoruo is. I hope she isn’t affected too much.”

In Xin Xu’s opinion, the production team’s biggest failure was to invite Fang Xueruo for the show. It was her fault that the show was broken up and currently on halt. The impact this time was too bad. People’s hatred for third parties and homewreckers was tantamount to that for the stars who used drugs or derailed in marriages. Once the news was confirmed to be true, their only end was usually hidden away by their company, never accepting any job again. However, Fang Xueruo’s situation was different. She was the daughter of…cough, the future daughter-in-law of the Chang family. Her company would protect her at all costs, so she probably would be whitewashed in the end. Therefore, Xin Xu was very worried about Fu Yunruo.

Seeing that Xin Xu was sincerely worried about Fu Yunruo, Si Yue allowed him to tag along, so the two went to Fu Yunruo’s rental house together. When they arrived, the yard gate was closed. Si Yue knocked, and a voice sounded after a while: “Who?”

“It’s me.” Si Yue replied.

Xin Xu also replied loudly: “And me!”

The door opened, and Fu Yunruo welcomed them with a smile: “Why are you two here?” Then she turned to let them in.

“Uncle Yue!” Wenwen was also in the yard. Seeing Si Yue and Xin Xu walking in, he quickly threw away the stick in his hand. The boy ran over happily, hugged Si Yue’s leg, and looked up at the older man with his bright eyes.

Si Yue leaned over, picked Wenwen up, put one hand in his arms, and walked into the house.

Xin Xu exclaimed with envy: “Wenwen, what about me?!” Even if he was not as handsome as Brother Yue, but such a big guy stood right on the side. How could Wenwen ignore him just like that?!

Wenwen looked over, showed a cute smile, and called loudly, “Uncle Xu!”

“Yeah!” Xin Xu narrowed his eyes with a smile.


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