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MSRV Ch 42 Part 4 – Hiring a Bodyguard (IV)

After Fu Yunruo closed the gate, she smiled upon seeing her son regain his liveliness. She then went into the house and poured tea for Si Yue and Xin Xu. “Why are you free to come here?” She asked. These two were supposed to be shooting the show now, right?

“Ah, the shooting is currently suspended.” Xin Xu said indifferently.

Fu Yunruo thought about it for a while. Knowing that the situation on the internet should have affected the show’s production, she said apologetically: “Sorry, I’m implicating you guys…”

“How can it be?” Xin Xu waved his hands repeatedly, “You are also a victim. Big Sister Ruoruo, don’t worry. We are on your side.” As he said that, Xin Xu rubbed his head embarrassedly: “Sorry, I can’t support you in public for the time being.” He was tied by contract with his agency, and each of his words and deeds in public must be approved by his agent beforehand.

“It’s fine. I’m happy that you can trust me.” Fu Yunruo expressed her understanding. Of course she understood that being a public figure also came out with many restrictions. Fu Yunruo then looked at Si Yue, “Mr. Yue, thank you for speaking for me.”

“You’re welcome. It’s something I ought to do.”

Fu Yunruo actually wanted to ask Si Yue whether his action would affect him. But seeing how he seemed to not care, she restrained from asking, not wanting to sound deliberate.

Wenwen looked up at Si Yue. He suddenly remembered Uncle Yue’s handsome figure when he easily stepped the big bad guy under his feet. Wenwen’s black eyes suddenly brightened again: “Uncle Yue, can you be Mom’s bodyguard for a few days?”

Fu Yunruo stared at her son for a moment and raised her voice in disapproval: “Wenwen…” Such a dignified actor Mr. Yue, how could he become a bodyguard? She couldn’t allow the child to be so ignorant just because Mr. Yue liked him.

Wenwen said solemnly: “This is a conversation between men. Mom, don’t interrupt.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Si Yue said with a smile, “Well, this is a conversation between men.”

Xin Xu laughed on the side. This kid was too funny.

Wenwen looked over and glared at Xin Xu. What’s so funny? He was very serious here, alright!

“Cough, cough, cough!” Xin Xu suddenly choked. He turned his back and stopped laughing, but his shoulders quivered, clearly holding back his laughter.

Fu Yunruo held her forehead helplessly. Why did Mr. Yue indulge Wenwen so much?

Si Yue asked Wenwen seriously: “Then how do you want to hire me?”

Wenwen was about to reply when he noticed that he was still sitting in Si Yue’s arms, which damaged his manly image and was not conducive to negotiation. The boy promptly asked the older man to put him on the table first. Wenwen stood on the table, but his small body was still not as high as Si Yue, so Si Yue moved to sit on the stool, and the two barely met eye to eye at last.

“We want to hire you…for five days,” Wenwen said seriously. His chubby face was slightly flushed. He did a calculation and thought that five days would be enough time to find a suitable bodyguard. “When we find a bodyguard, this deal will end.”

“Hmm…” Si Yue pondered for a moment, “Then what can you give me in return?”

Wenwen looked at Fu Yunruo and calculated the assets in her hand, “We can hire you at double your current rate, and the money will be paid after five days.”

Si Yue shook his head, “I’m not short of money. Your reward doesn’t impress me.”

Wenwen frowned. The only thing they could afford was money, “Then what do you want?”

Si Yue looked at Wenwen, and the corners of his lips twitched, “How about you allow me to pinch your face three times a day? No less than three minutes each time. If you agree, I will accept your employment.”

Hearing this, Wenwen quickly covered his face with both hands. His white and tender chubby face trembled, as well as his sensitive little heart. Wenwen’s eyes widened: He knows it! Si Yue has been eyeing his face for a long time!

“How?” Si Yue threw out the conditions and waited for Wenwen to make a decision.

“Three minutes is too long…” Wenwen hesitated.

Si Yue shook his index finger, “No bargaining.”

“…O-okay, I agree.” Wenwen thought deeply before finally nodding. Alas, he sacrificed a lot for his mother.

Si Yue hooked his lips and smiled, “Deal.”

“I want to go down.” Wenwen looked at the floor and said. Si Yue held him and put him down.

Wenwen immediately ran into the room to take a pen and paper: “We have to sign a contract.” A contract was a must, lest Uncle Yue suddenly backed out of their agreement!

So smart! Xin Xu quickly ran after Wenwen: “I’ll help you write the contract!”

Only Fu Yunruo and Si Yue were left in the living room. Fu Yunruo said embarrassedly, “Don’t take Wenwen’s words to heart. Children know nothing.”

Fu Yunruo really didn’t know what kind of thought process happened in Wenwen’s small head. How could he be so whimsical and think to hire Si Yue as a bodyguard?

Si Yue took it seriously, “I have already promised Wenwen, so naturally I must keep my word.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” She suddenly felt that Wenwen became like this had something to do with Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo laughed dryly: “Wenwen is still young…”

Si Yue said: “Even if he is a child, since I have promised him, I cannot break the promise. Otherwise, how can I set a good example as an elder?”

Fu Yunruo: “…” It seemed that she must put the matter of finding a bodyguard on the agenda.

Not long after, Wenwen ran out of the room with blushing cheeks, holding a pen and paper in his hand. On the paper was the contract written down by Xin Xu. Fu Yunruo glanced at the contract. If the content of Party A’s remuneration was not pinching face several times a day for three minutes, it would be a very serious and formal contract.

“Sign!” Si Yue took the pen and paper. At one glance, he could see Wenwen’s deliberate manipulation. Despite the agreed employment period being five days, the one written in the contract was until Party A found a suitable bodyguard. But Si Yue didn’t say anything and still signed his name without hesitation.

Wenwen grinned when he saw Si Yue sign the contract. Hehehe…

Si Yue teased: “Little Wenwen, can you write your own name?”

Wenwen puffed his chest and said proudly: “I can!” Then he picked up the pen and signed his name, Fu Wen, as Party A. Although the font was very large and a bit crooked, it was written properly.

“Okay, I’ll keep this contract.” Si Yue folded the paper and put it away.

Wenwen was a little guilty about the contract, so he agreed.

Fu Yunruo: “…” It was not easy for Mr. Yue to play along.

After sending Si Yue and Xin Xu away, Fu Yunruo had a heart-to-heart conversation with Wenwen.

“Fu Wen, please reflect on your behavior. What did you do wrong?”

Wenwen turned his head and said loudly, “I didn’t!”

Was it wrong for him to want someone to protect his mother? He was right!

He had pondered over the matter seriously. Most of the people in the village were either elderly or children, or had their own family. None of them was suitable to protect his mother, except for the strong Uncle Yue!

Well, he could also mobilize his playmates to keep an eye if strangers were coming in or out of the village.

“Is your Uncle Yue a bodyguard? How dare you let someone else be our bodyguard?”

“But he agreed!”

“How can this make sense…” Fu Yunruo was about to continue her lecture when the yard gate was knocked again. She stood up, and just when she was about to go out, she saw Wenwen moving, so she quickly turned her head and said sternly: “Stand still, do not move.”

Wenwen was standing next to the wall, pouting: Alas, Mom really doesn’t understand his painstaking efforts, ah!

Fu Yunruo went out and opened the gate after asking who it was. Then she saw Si Yue, standing alone with a suitcase in his hand.

Fu Yunruo: “???”


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