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MSRV Ch 43 Part 1 – Moving In (I)

Fu Yunruo looked puzzled, “Mr. Yue, why are you here?”

Si Yue walked in with his suitcase and said lightly, “To be your bodyguard.”

“…” Fu Yunruo almost choked on her own saliva and said with difficulty, “Mr. Yue, Wenwen’s words can’t be taken seriously, you really don’t have to do this…”

Si Yue raised his eyebrows.

What was this ‘living under the same roof’ plot?! Fu Yunruo was extremely embarrassed, so she could only say: “Only a woman and a child live here, so it’s really not suitable for a man to stay.”

In this small village, gossip spread faster than fire. Fu Yunruo really didn’t want the villagers to misunderstand that she was getting married…

Si Yue spread his hands, “But if I live in Mei family house, it will be too far away to properly protect you, which makes me incompetent as a bodyguard.” He said solemnly: “Since there is nothing between us, one or two words of gossips won’t affect much.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” She was very conflicted. Of course she wasn’t unwelcome of Si Yue, but she truly didn’t want Si Yue to live in her house and felt this was inappropriate. But he kept using Wenwen’s childish words as an excuse… Thinking of the naughty boy who was still facing the wall in reflection inside the house, Fu Yunruo’s head ached.

When Wenwen heard Si Yue’s voice, he immediately pricked his ears. He wanted to go out and see Si Yue so badly, but he was still ‘punished’! His pair of short legs fidgeted restlessly, but he finally calmed down and stood still.

Alas, he sacrificed a lot for his mother, but still had to stand in front of the wall as a penalty!

Si Yue walked in and saw the little guy standing against the wall with his little head drooping. Si Yue raised his eyebrows slightly, “What is Wenwen doing?”

Wenwen looked up with an aggrieved expression, “Uncle Yue, I was told to reflect my wrong…”

Fu Yunruo saw Wenwen’s pitiful act. When she thought that this big trouble was brought out by this little guy, her headache suddenly worsened: “Don’t pay attention to him. Since he did something wrong, he should be punished.”

Si Yue nodded and comforted Wenwen: “Then you should reflect well and try to appease your mother’s anger as soon as possible.”

Wenwen burst into tears and suddenly billowed with self-pity. Why didn’t Uncle Yue speak good words for him?!

Si Yue put his hand on the handle of the suitcase, turned to Fu Yunruo, and asked, “Which room can I stay in?”

Fu Yunruo’s head throbbed. What should she say so Si Yue would back off?

Stay? Wenwen instantly raised his head and looked at Si Yue in surprise. Why did Uncle Yue want to stay in their home?

For a split second, Wenwen had a sense of danger, as if his territory was being breached.

Si Yue noticed Wenwen’s gaze and was amused. This little guy looked soft and tender, but he was actually a wolf cub?

Si Yue said calmly, “How can I perform my duties as a bodyguard if I don’t stay? If your mother met danger at night, wouldn’t it be too late for me to rush here?”

Wenwen tilted his head suspiciously and pondered hard. It seems…reasonable? After all, there were 24 hours a day, and no one knew when danger might befall his mother. Having a bodyguard for just the day was indeed too unreliable.

However, a child’s possessive nature made Wenwen instinctively dislike having another person break into his family life. It was enough to have only him and Mom at home, but… Mom’s safety was also very important.

Wenwen was very entangled. If it was a hired bodyguard, they could let someone build a small room next to the house for the bodyguard to live in. But they couldn’t do the same to Uncle Yue…

Fu Yunruo suddenly thought of something and quickly said: “Mr. Yue, if the matter of you staying here breaks out on the internet, there will be a huge scandal!”

Fu Yunruo remembered that Si Yue had never had a scandal since he made his debut. His life as an actor was as clean as a white sheet. If this matter spread out, the whole internet would definitely explode.

Si Yue said: “It’s okay. We are innocent and do nothing wrong.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Fu Yunruo bit her lips and said: “B-but, if you stay here, it will be inconvenient for you to shoot the show, right?” A livestream was a big no-no. She didn’t want to be on the trending topics again.

“The shooting is suspended.” Si Yue replied. The internet was now basically a warfield, and the ones fighting were bigshots. Like it or not, the production team could only suspend the shooting for now.

Moreover, he also heard the news that Fang Xueruo was kicked out by the local she was lodging at and could only temporarily move to the house rented for the crew.

The villages were small and close in proximity, and many of the residents were connected to one another via blood ties or marriages. The relationship of local residents was intricate, and they paid heavy attention to this relationship. Fu Yunruo, despite being an outsider, was already recognized by Shanghe Village as one of their own. Now that she was bullied, of course people of Shanghe Village wouldn’t sit still. They told all their relatives, who then spread the news to the relatives of their sides. In no time, all the residents of surrounding villages knew how the TV people who came to shoot the show actually bullied one of their people.

Apparently, the rest of the casts were also not doing well in other villages. Although they were not driven away, the villagers stopped cooperating with the show.

Only Si Yue and Xin Xu were not treated coldly because they had a good relationship with Shanghe people, who also saw how Si Yue defended Fu Yunruo and Wenwen.

Whether this show could resume the shooting or not was still unknown.

Si Yue looked at the mother and son and seemed to sense that he was not welcomed. He took a step back and said: “If you really mind, I can stay somewhere close. I remember there was a woodshed here? I could stay there.”

Fu Yunruo knew that the show was forced to stop shooting because of her and Fang Xueruo’s scandals. Thinking that she was also one of the culprits, Fu Yunruo felt guilty. She thought of the woodshed. It was an old house made from yellow mud bricks abandoned long ago. After the owners built a beautiful red brick house, they moved out and turned the house into firewood storage.

A house that had been deserted a long time ago and fell into disrepair over the years was obviously not fit for human habitat. Moreover, Si Yue was also well-intentioned. He accepted Wenwen’s childish and unreasonable request and also respected her wish. There was no way Fu Yunruo could see him staying in a dilapidated house that might turn into a literal waterfall anytime it rained.

Fu Yunruo’s temple twitched, and she suddenly said: “How can I let you stay in a woodshed? Just stay here. We have plenty of vacant rooms.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Yunruo could not wait to bite her own tongue. She clearly refused him, so why did she still say it?

Si Yue’s lips hooked up in a smile: “I see. Thank you.” Then he turned his head and looked at the only male in the family who was still receiving his punishment, “Does Wenwen welcome me?”

Wenwen hesitated. Thinking that he couldn’t let his idol sleep in the woodshed, the boy finally nodded.

Si Yue said solemnly, “Then I will be in your care.”

Being treated equally by Si Yue made Wenwen feel like an adult. He subconsciously puffed out his small chest and mimicked Si Yue’s tone: “We, too, will be in your care.”

“Yes.” Si Yue promised seriously, “Don’t worry, you can leave everything to me.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”


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6 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 43 Part 1 – Moving In (I)”

  1. Si Yue you bastard, I can’t stand characters like him. Wtf is with that kind of attuitude, no respect for the woman’s reputation or feelings at all.
    Mc or not, that’s too much, no it’s FAR WORSE because it’s portrayed as cool and swept under the carpet. Just sickening. I enjoyed up till now but I will probably skip through to see spoilers and drop.
    To the translators, thanks for all your work, and I’m sorry.

    1. I agree; that scene left me frustrated. Frustrated with the ML for forcing his way into living with them despite MC’s obvious discomfort. Frustrated with MC for not putting her foot down and stating that she wasn’t part of the contract and they cannot dictate her actions or who she allows within her home because of a contract (with a 3 year old!) that she didn’t agree to. I’d be frustrated with the son also, but I can give him some leeway for still being impacted by child-brain.

      I don’t really like the ML or the romance so far.

    2. Agree x2
      I already decided several chapters back that this is a “only read with your brain turned off” kind of story so I’ll probably keep reading, but I know now that I don’t like this author’s style so I won’t read if they have any other work.
      Grateful to translator for their work though.

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