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MSRV Ch 43 Part 3 – Moving In (III)

Si Yue calmly changed the subject, “How are things going?”

“I’m in control. Don’t worry, everything has been resolved.” Yuan Xin laughed. They were good citizens who obeyed the law and morals. Since they found someone doing bad things, of course they had to report it to the police. Oh, do not misunderstand, since they had promised, they had to keep the words. After obtaining the video, they gave the other party the money, but because they ‘accidentally’ found out that the person who took the video actually had done a hit-and-run incident, they called the police by the way.

The edited video on the internet was posted by them, and they naturally cut parts of the beating and the parts that showed the child. Otherwise, wouldn’t they provide the other party with evidence of intentional injury for nothing?

The situation now was excellent. Chang Zhuyu had been taught a lesson, but couldn’t find evidence to sue.

“But you don’t seem to be of any use.” Yuan Xin gloated. It was only after seeing the news on the internet that he knew that Fu Yunruo was actually a famous livestreamer. Moreover, it was a livestreamer Si Yue had been following for several years. To a certain extent, Si Yue was Fu Yunruo’s fan, even if this dog man did not admit it himself.

As his agent, Yuan Xin was familiar with Si Yue’s daily life. As long as he was free, Si Yue would always watch Fu Yunruo’s livestream and send her gifts from time to time. That sub-account of his was used only to watch the livestream.

Yuan Xin couldn’t help but think: could it be that after Si Yue knew that Fu Yunruo was the lifestreamer he was a fan of, various different favorability was superimposed and finally awakened his feeling?

However, Fu Yunruo wasn’t interested in him at all! This dog man actually met his karma! Yuan Xin gloated.

“This time, there is absolutely no chance for you to be the hero who saves the beauty.” Yuan Xin laughed. Fu Yunruo’s fans were much tougher than Si Yue’s fans, and except to help fan the flames, their side was completely redundant this time.

If these two actually got together one day in the future and had quarrels, Yuan Xin believed that Si Yue’s hundreds of millions of fans would definitely be unable to beat Fu Yunruo’s millions of fans. Each of her fans was a fierce superhuman who could defeat a hundred enemies, alright!

Si Yue didn’t mind at all. His sub-account, after all, was a member of Fu Yunruo’s fan group. Although he rarely spoke, with his identity as a super spender and one of the oldest fans, he had the right to manage other fans. This time, he actually provided a lot of help behind the fans’ actions. Of course, he had no intention to tell his agent about this. Otherwise, the other party might be so shocked that he began to doubt life.

“This time, her image has plummeted and she won’t be able to make any splash for a while. But with the Chang family and the Orange Entertainment behind, it is impossible to completely push her out of circulation.”

Orange Entertainment was very determined to protect Fang Xueruo. In order to divert the public’s attention, they took the initiative to expose the scandals of a lot of stars and even broke the news about the hidden marriage of one of their famous actor.

This incident caused a lot of tremors and greatly shifted the public attention.

But even so, Fu Yunruo’s label as a black-hearted and vicious woman had been cleaned up, and Fang Xueruo’s image had plummeted. In the future, she could no longer be as popular as before.

Si Yue was not surprised. Despite Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou’s mysterious extreme luck, their side was able to successfully destroy the couple’s reputation without suffering backlash. Compared with the fate of those who had opposed the two in the past, they were already very lucky.

Si Yue pondered. Did it mean that the couple’s luck had been exhausted?

Si Yue thought for a moment and finally decided to take it slow.

“Just keep a good eye on them, and let the video circulate for another day.” Everything must be done in moderation. Those who should watch the video had watched it, and keeping the video online for too long might arouse a reversal in public opinion. What’s more, the matter on the internet was only the first step, and the more fatal consequences were yet to come. In no time, Fang Xueruo’s side would begin to be busy again.

“Alright.” Yuan Xin responded.

“Is there anything else?” Si Yue started to drive out Yuan Xin. “If you are free, go back and find something to do.”

Yuan Xin refused to leave, “I haven’t greeted Yunruo and Wenwen yet.” Then, without waiting for Si Yue to speak again, he quickly ran into the yard, leaving a gust of wind behind.

Wenwen was sitting on the small stool by the door, propping his chubby cheeks with both hands and sighing like a little adult.

Is he still Mom’s favorite baby?

He wanted to help Mom taste-testing the meat, but she didn’t give it to him!

Wenwen decided to be angry and ignore his mother for ten minutes! …or five minutes! Anyway, he was really angry!

When Yuan Xin dashed into the yard, he saw the little dumpling at a glance and hurriedly called with a smile, “Wenwen, do you still remember Uncle Yuan?”

Wenwen looked up and said happily, “Uncle Yuan!”


Yuan Xin squatted in front of Wenwen. Like a magic trick, he suddenly took out a Transformer toy, “For you.”

Wenwen glanced curiously.

“Wenwen doesn’t like this gift? Uncle is sad.” Yuan Xin said sadly.

Wenwen immediately took the toy, “I like it!”

Yuan Xin was happy. After picking up Wenwen, he didn’t want to let the boy go.

Oh my god, why is this child so cute?

Si Yue came in and saw Yuan Xin playing with his son. He snorted. This guy only knew to be jealous of other people’s child. If he liked children, why not have one on his own?

Fu Yunruo came out when she heard voices and saw her son was having fun with Yuan Xin, “Brother Yuan, you are here too?”

Hearing his mother’s voice, Wenwen turned his head and happily ran over, “Mom, this is the Transformer Uncle Yuan gave me!” He completely forgot that he had sworn to ignore his mother for five minutes.

Fu Yunruo patted her son’s head and smiled at Yuan Xin: “Wenwen has many toys, so you don’t have to buy any next time.” Then she added, “I’ve just finished making lunch. How about you stay to have a meal with us?”

Fu Yunruo secretly sighed in relief. It was fortunate that she actually made more food than usual because she guessed that Si Yue’s appetite was large. Otherwise, she would be embarrassed if her guests couldn’t eat enough.

“Of course.” Yuan Xin replied immediately. He then secretly cast a proud glance at Si Yue. Look! In the end, the one who called shots in this family was still Fu Yunruo.


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