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MSRV Ch 44 Part 4 – Living Together (IV)

Si Yue also picked up a chair and sat in the yard to enjoy the cool breeze. He was holding a mobile phone in his hand and looking at the screen leisurely.

Wenwen was very curious. What was Uncle Yue watching? Overcame with curiosity, the boy slipped down from his mother’s lap, ran to Si Yue, and climbed up to his knees. After seating himself, Wenwen raised his head and asked: “Uncle Yue, can I watch it too?”

Wenwen wanted to know: Is Uncle Yue watching a movie to enrich his acting knowledge? Or is he reading a script?

Si Yue looked down and saw the boy’s bright eyes. He tapped the screen a few times, then showed it to Wenwen.

Si Yue’s mobile phone was playing a cartoon popular among children.

Wenwen snorted disdainfully, “Uncle Yue, you are so childish! Even I don’t watch this cartoon.”

“Why don’t you watch it?”

“The cat is so stupid! It can’t even catch the mouse! Zhuangzhuang’s cat Dahua can catch any mouse at once.”

“Really? So great?”

“Yeah, look, this cat is too stupid. It has caught the mouse, but still let it go!”


Wenwen’s eyes were glued to the screen as he and Si Yue discussed the cartoon with great interest.

After a while, a voice came from outside, “Ruoruo?”

“Auntie Mei, you’re here.” Fu Yunruo responded and quickly got up to open the gate.

Auntie Mei walked in with a smile. Seeing saw Si Yue and Wenwen sitting together affectionately, her smile deepened.

After Fu Yunruo bolted the gate again, she turned around and walked over.

“Grandma Mei,” Wenwen called happily.

“Auntie Mei, are you looking for Yunruo?” Si Yue asked. It was already nine o’clock. Farmers were generally early risers, especially people of Auntie Mei’s age, and she and her husband usually went to bed before nine-thirty.

“No, that’s not it.” Auntie Mei laughed.

Fu Yunruo explained, “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. Auntie Mei will also stay here temporarily, so we can take care of each other.”

Si Yue: “…”

Auntie Mei sat in the yard for a while, chatting with Fu Yunruo. When it was half past nine, Fu Yunruo said to Wenwen, “It’s time for bed.”

Wenwen was still in high spirits and said dissatisfiedly: “Wait, Mom, this episode hasn’t been finished yet…”

Fu Yunruo said again, “You won’t grow taller if you sleep late.”

Si Yue said: “I’ll put him to bed.”

Wenwen’s eyes lit up. He turned to Fu Yunruo and said, “Mom, I want to sleep with Uncle Yue!”

“No, you will both-…” Before Fu Yunruo finished speaking, Si Yue interrupted, “It’s okay.”

Fu Yunruo stared at the two guys, one big and one small, who looked very eager. She wanted to say no, but in the end, she didn’t want to be a bully and finally relented, “Then you must promise that you won’t wake up Uncle Yue in the middle of the night because you cannot sleep.”

“I won’t, I won’t.” Wenwen shook his head like a rattle.

Si Yue carried Wenwen back to his guest room.

Fu Yunruo warned them, “Go to sleep before ten o’clock!”

Auntie Mei watched their interaction with a smile. After Si Yue and Wenwen left, she happily said to Fu Yunruo, “They get along so well.”

“Yes.” Fu Yunruo nodded in agreement. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Fu Yunruo would not believe that her son could get along so closely with someone he had just known. That little guy probably would cry when Si Yue had to leave.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo didn’t have another thought, Auntie Mei stopped talking, but she smiled meaningfully.

Not long after, Fu Yunruo and Auntie Mei also went to bed. Fu Yunruo wasn’t used to the lack of a mini human heater on her bed, but after turning around for half an hour, she finally fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo got up and cooked breakfast, then she prepared to go to the flower garden.

Si Yue heard the movement and came out. Seeing that Fu Yunruo was about to go out, he asked, “Are you going to the flower garden?”

“Yes, the work there is quite busy, so I can’t leave Uncle Guo alone for too long.” She was also worried about the old man’s health, so it was indeed time to go back. “Is Wenwen awake?” She asked Si Yue.

“No.” Si Yue replied, “Wait a sec, I’ll go with you.”

“Uh…” Fu Yunruo hesitated, “It’s very safe there.” The flower garden was surrounded by a metal wire fence and equipped with surveillance cameras, so unknown people couldn’t get in. She basically never took a step out of the garden, so it was very safe.

Fu Yunruo went to wake Wenwen up and came out carrying the still sleepy little boy. She didn’t know when they went to sleep last night, but she didn’t hear any noises from the bedroom, so she didn’t check, believing that Si Yue wouldn’t break the promise.

Si Yue went for a quick wash, then packed a set of clothes and came out again, as if he was afraid of being left behind.

After some hesitations, Fu Yunruo said again, “Mr. Yue, why don’t you stay here? There is no vacant room in the garden…”

Si Yue didn’t care, “It’s okay, I can sleep with Wenwen.”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

Wenwen rubbed his still sleepy eyes and said to Si Yue: “Uncle Yue, I sleep with Mom!”

Si Yue: “…” He thought Wenwen had a separate room long ago.

Si Yue looked at Wenwen, who was snuggling in his mother’s arms. At almost four years old, this little guy was no longer very young, and it was time to practice independence. Changed to himself, he had had a separate bedroom since he was born and never slept with his parents.

In the end, Si Yue went to the flower garden with Fu Yunruo and Wenwen.

After handing Wenwen over to Si Yue, Fu Yunruo hurried to the flower shed. Because of the morning delay, she was almost late. Fortunately, Fu Yunruo managed to log into her channel and turned on the livestream equipment one minute before the scheduled time.

People were already waiting on Fu Yunruo’s channel. As soon as she started the livestream, she was showered with gifts and barrages of comments.

[Yunyun, Yunyun! You are finally here!]

[I miss you, Yunyun!]

[Will Yunyun show your face today?]

“Good morning, everyone.” Fu Yunruo greeted her fans. Looking at the comment barrages, many people wanted to see her face.

Fu Yunruo thought for a moment. Since her identity had been exposed, it no longer mattered whether she showed her face or not.

Moreover, the fans had helped her so much, so it was time to meet their demands.

So Fu Yunruo adjusted the camera’s angle and, for the first time, showed her face to her fans.


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