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MSRV Ch 45 Part 1 – Providing for His Family (I)

Beauty crit!

At close range, the audience could see the fair and flawless face under the camera more clearly. Their idol was very beautiful. Despite the close proximity to the camera, there were no flaws on her face, only a perfect beauty that took one’s breath away.

These fine facial features, this soft and white skin… it’s so beautiful! How did she maintain her beauty? Didn’t Yunyun say that she is living in the remote countryside?

How could she stay this beautiful? She already gave birth to a child, ah!

[Where does this peerless beauty come from?]

[My heart freeze when she smiles!]

[It’s so sweet, too sweet. The sweetness comes to attack my heart!]

[The most beautiful scenery in the world is the moment Yunyun raises her eyes.]

[So cute!]


The girls who admired Fu Yunruo’s beauty then turned to the mirror to look at their own faces with envy. They also wanted to be so beautiful, ah!

But they also didn’t mind staying as they were now. Everyone had their own good points, alright!

When Fu Yunruo looked up again, the audience was already filling the entire screen with a barrage of fancy compliments. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo was a little embarrassed, feeling that the fans were looking at her with a 100-meter-thick filter.

The barrage of comments came endlessly, and the livestream’s popularity value increased exponentially.

Fu Yunruo thought to herself: how curious were her fans about her appearance?

At the same time, prompts notifying incoming gifts kept popping out. In a blink of an eye, Fu Yunruo had received several seas of flowers.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly stopped her fans, “You don’t need to spend any money. Just send me little bamboos if you want to gift.” The little bamboo was a free gift the app gave to users every day, which they could use to give to their favorite streamers. Of course, neither the streamer nor the app would benefit financially from this free gift.

Despite Fu Yunruo’s plea, the audience’s enthusiasm was not diminished. Seeing gifts kept pouring in like a waterfall, she simply turned off the gift feature on her channel.

[Ah, ah, aah!! Yunyun, we are wrong. Please turn on the gift once again!]

[We promise not to flood you with gifts! Only one flower at a time!]

When Fu Yunruo saw these comments, she pretended not to see them. Knowing her fans, there was no way they would be so obedient!

The fans were unable to express their love with gifts, so the comments exploded again, covering the entire screen with a dense barrage.

Fu Yunruo was dazzled by the sight, so she stopped watching and instead started talking to the audience. She looked into the camera and said sincerely, “I have seen all the things that happened on the internet these past two days. I am really grateful for all the things you have done for me. Thank you.” Fu Yunruo bowed.

The fans quickly filled the screen with ‘You’re welcome’ or ‘This is nothing.’

[Bullying my youngest child’s mom is equal to bullying me. How can I bear this anger!]

[If somebody wants to bully my cub, they have to step over my corpse first!]

[Right, right. Yunyun is my child’s mother. How can I not protect you?]

[Wait a moment, Yunyun is my child’s mother, not yours!]

[You want to fight? Come!]


[I’m waiting leisurely for the fight to end so I can deliver the final blow to the winner, haha.]

The fans were fighting hard to claim the position of ‘main spouse’ when several malicious comments suddenly appeared on the barrage.

Before Fu Yunruo had time to react, the fans who were still busy fighting each other had a temporary truce and immediately banded together to crush their common enemies.

[Whose rabid dog runs here to annoy people? Leash your dog, please!]

[Cannot they see whose territory is this? What gives them the courage to come here and make a fool of themselves?]

[The exit is right behind you. Have a safe journey~]

Even on Weibo, Fu Yunruo’s fans were able to beat their enemies into pulp. Now those people dared to come to their territory and make a fuss? What made this situation different from little lambs running into a pack of wolves? Not to mention anything, the fans could easily drown these haters relying on the sheer difference in numbers alone.

When the haters came to Fu Yunruo’s channel, they were very aggressive. But in just a moment, every single of them had been driven away disheartenedly.

The comments section quickly regained its harmony.

The fans also comforted Fu Yunruo and assured her not to take these haters to heart.

Fu Yunruo was their idol; no one could bully her in their watch!

Fu Yunruo thanked her fans again and gained a more intuitive understanding of their fighting prowess.

[So, when can we finally see our cub?]

The audience was not satisfied after seeing Fu Yunruo’s real face. They also wanted to see their cub, ah~

This one comment triggered a wave of echoes. In an instant, the screen flashed with countless comments asking to see the cub.

Fu Yunruo was troubled, as she didn’t want Wenwen to be exposed to the public too soon. Now that Wenwen’s video on the internet had finally disappeared, she didn’t want his face to circulate in the public space again.

The fans understood Fu Yunruo’s feelings as a mother, so they didn’t force this request. However, many of them expressed their regret of not seeing the video before it was taken down.

In the end, the fans took a step back and said that it was okay for the cub to not show his face, but can you let him come and say a few words to them, please?

Fu Yunruo thought about it for a moment and finally agreed. She turned the camera to the beautiful pots of orchids, told the audience that she was going to fetch the child, then walked out of the flower room.


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