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MSRV Ch 45 Part 2 – Providing for His Family (II)

As soon they arrived at the flower garden this morning, Fu Yunruo handed Wenwen over to Si Yue before hurriedly running to prepare the livestream.

After seeing Fu Yunruo leave in such a hurry, the two men looked at each other for a moment.

“Mom is in a hurry to work.” Wenwen calmly waved his hand. His mother had to work hard to support the family on her own!

The boy then turned to Si Yue once again and proposed enthusiastically: “Uncle Yue, let’s plant orchids!”

Wenwen still remembered that he had promised Uncle Yue to try growing orchids in the different environments together. Now that they finally were here, it’s time to fulfill the promise!

Si Yue’s eyes brightened. Right! He hadn’t tried growing orchids for quite some time now; maybe he would finally succeed this time!

The two immediately hit it off. Wenwen took Si Yue to a room in the bungalow to find suitable equipment, took out his own child-sized equipment, and then went excitedly to plant orchids with Si Yue.

When Fu Yunruo found them, the two men were already busy planting orchids on the rooftop of the bungalow. Next to them were two orchid seedlings, already planted exactly the same way on a flat piece of soil. The flower bed they made was quite wide but totally empty, saved for the two pitiful, lonely-looking seedlings.

Wenwen pointed to the less robust orchid and said to Si Yue: “This is yours.” Then he pointed to the remaining orchid that looked obviously taller and sturdier than the one next to it, claiming: “This one is mine.”

Wenwen shrewdly made insurance for himself. By claiming the stronger-looking one as his own, even if… even if both orchids died again this time, Uncle Yue’s would surely die first. Like this, he wouldn’t be the one who loses face.


Si Yue saw through the boy’s shrewd thinking, but instead of indulging him, he said: “But I also want that orchid.”

Wenwen’s eyes widened in surprise, “Uncle Yue, you want to fight me over an orchid?” Full of disbelief, he argued, “You are an adult. Don’t you feel ashamed arguing with a child?” What about the principle of respecting the old and loving the young? What about modesty and politeness?

Si Yue said, “I’m your elder. Shouldn’t you honor me?”

Wenwen was stunned.

Si Yue folded his arms, “You refuse to give in for me, so why should I do the same for you? Now you are young and think it’s a given for adults to give in for you, but have you ever thought about the future? When you grow up, no one will indulge you again.”

“…” Wenwen looked at Si Yue and said quietly, “Politeness is a virtue.”

Si Yue casually said, “Politeness is indeed a virtue, but one cannot be polite without a bottom line.”

Wenwen: “…” He was still a child, why was this person reason so seriously with him?

“What are you going to do then?” Wenwen decided to no longer regard Si Yue as his idol. This person even bullied a child!

“A-anyway, I want this orchid. If you don’t let me, I will cry!” Wenwen put his hands on the hip and threatened fiercely.

Si Yue: “…” Think he would be threatened by this?

……he would, though.

Moments later, Wenwen stared lovingly at the orchid he had planted and belonged to him, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. He and Si Yue had exchanged their orchid-growing experiences. By learning from each other’s strengths and making up for the other’s weaknesses, he believed that they would definitely succeed this time!

Meanwhile, Si Yue was still very happy despite his failure to claim the strong-looking orchid as his own. Now that he had changed places, he might be able to succeed this time!

When Fu Yunruo arrived at the rooftop, what she saw was the two men, one big and one small, looking happily at the patch of soil they had turned upside down. Fu Yunruo suddenly had an inexplicable feeling… Somehow, she thought their expressions were very similar to each other. People said that those who got close to ink would get black, and those who got close to cinnabar would get red, which was extremely true.

After Wenwen spent so much time with Si Yue, he subconsciously began to imitate Si Yue everywhere.

“Wenwen.” Fu Yunruo called.

Wenwen turned his head and was happy to see his mother. “Mom!” He ran over. “What about your work? Is it finished?” The boy blinked puzzledly. Had time passed so fast?

Seeing that Si Yue was here, Fu Yunruo was too embarrassed to mention her job, so she took Wenwen downstairs and explained with a low voice: “Wenwen, the fans want to talk with you. Are you willing?”

Wenwen tilted his head. He didn’t even think about it and immediately nodded: “Okay!”

Wenwen was actually very curious about his mother’s livestream channel, but Fu Yunruo didn’t want him to be exposed to the public so early. As a good, sensible boy, Wenwen had always been obedient to his mother. He also always wanted to be a real child, and thus never took the initiative to touch things that shouldn’t be touched at his age. Therefore, despite his curiosity, Wenwen had never seen what Fu Yunruo was like in front of the audience.

Wenwen knew that when his mother was attacked maliciously on the internet, it was her fans who helped fight back for her, so he also wished to thank them for helping his mother.

When Fu Yunruo saw her son’s eagerness, she suddenly hesitated, but she still decided to respect the child’s opinion.

Seeing that Wenwen’s hands and feet were covered in mud, Fu Yunruo first took him to the faucet to wash his hands, feet, and face.

It was at this time that Si Yue came down from the rooftop. Wenwen saw him and called loudly, “Uncle Yue, I have something to do, so the rest of the work will be left to you.” Wenwen puffed his chest and said proudly, “I’m going to work!”

Starting today, he would also be open for business!

Taking Fu Yunruo’s hand, Wenwen ran to the flower shed excitedly.

Oops, after many years without doing livestreams, he suddenly missed it a little!


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