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MSRV Ch 46 Part 1 – Father and Son Bonding (I)

When Si Yue turned around, Uncle Guo was standing behind him with a stern face. Si Yue blinked innocently. Where did he look like a thief? Didn’t he wait for the timing to get in naturally?

But facing Uncle Guo, who obviously looked very grumpy, Si Yue didn’t try to retort. Instead, he pointed inside and asked, “Can I go in?”

Uncle Guo frowned. Before he opened his mouth again, Si Yue hurriedly took the lead and said, “I won’t do anything to your flowers.”

Uncle Guo stared at Si Yue for a long time before reluctantly nodding and emphasizing: “Don’t touch my flowers.”

Si Yue promised again and again, almost making an oath. Finally, he stepped into the flower shed under Uncle Guo’s permission.

When Si Yue entered the flower shed, he immediately saw Wenwen playing quietly alone in a small playpen surrounded by flower pots. Si Yue recognized this place, as he remembered Wenwen’s first video that must have been shot in this playpen.

Si Yue walked over and saw Wenwen was playing with wooden blocks. This time, the child was building a house.

Wenwen looked up and was very happy to see Si Yue: “Uncle Yue.”

Seeing Si Yue was here, the boy stopped playing with blocks and ran over.

“Are you building a house? Can I play with you?” Playing blocks was way too childish for someone Si Yue’s age. But for the sake of father-son bonding, he was willing to do it.

Wenwen tilted his head. In fact, he had long outgrown these toys. Having played with them since childhood, he no longer found them interesting.

Why did Uncle Yue so childish? He not only liked to watch cartoons, but was also fond of playing with children’s toys?

Could it be that Uncle Yue had a hard time growing up and had no toys to play with or cartoons to watch when he was a child? Now that he was an adult, did he want to make it up for his childhood?

Wenwen’s gaze turned into sympathy. Right, not everyone was as lucky as him and had a chance to start all over again.

Si Yue: “???” Why did this kid look at him like that?

Wenwen patted Si Yue’s long legs and comforted him, “Okay, I’ll play with you.”

The boy then pulled Si Yue’s pants and brought him to the playpen.

Si Yue walked into Wenwen’s playpen, then sat cross-legged and began to play with the wooden blocks.

Uncle Guo, who was originally looking after his precious orchids, noticed the interaction between Si Yue and Wenwen. Upon seeing this, the old man’s brows wrinkled subconsciously. Wenwen was a lovable child and popular with everyone. For example, which one of his students didn’t love Wenwen like their own relative? However, their interaction never gave Uncle Guo the weird feeling like Si Yue did.

It was as if… this person was making up for something.

Uncle Guo’s gaze turned into a scrutinizing one.

Si Yue seemed to be aware of Uncle Guo’s gaze. He raised his eyes and gave the old man a friendly smile, then lowered his eyes again and continued helping Wenwen build a house.

Uncle Guo snorted coldly, took away his gaze, and continued to take care of his orchid.

When Fu Yunruo came out of the flower room after finishing her livestream, she was met with this warm and harmonious scene. Seeing Si Yue and Wenwen playing so happily, Fu Yunruo didn’t bother them, but went to Uncle Guo to help with the orchids.

Wenwen and Si Yue worked together and finally finished building a blockhouse. Upon completion, the boy clapped his hands, full of joy and a sense of accomplishment. He then turned at Si Yue with a grin, “Uncle Yue!”

Si Yue nodded and praised: “Wenwen is awesome!”

Wenwen squinted his eyes with joy, but he didn’t forget to praise back: “Uncle Yue is also awesome!”

Wenwen wanted to share his accomplishment with his mother, but when he looked around, he saw Fu Yunruo standing beside Uncle Guo, carefully tending to a blooming orchid under the old man’s guidance.

Wenwen immediately stopped his intention to call. He hurriedly covered his little mouth with both hands and turned away, trying to not disturb his mother’s work.

Si Yue also noticed it when Fu Yunruo went out. Knowing that she had finished her livestream, he couldn’t help turning his head to the separated room in flower shed. Fu Yunruo did her livestream inside, which meant that all the flowers she raised were right there.

Si Yue almost couldn’t hold back his longing, and he couldn’t wait to go in and take a look himself. Not only his little eleventh, but he also wanted to see the rest of the orchid siblings!

However, without the owner’s consent, he could only temporarily hold the idea in his heart.

When Wenwen saw that Fu Yunruo was done with her work, he ran over and jumped at his mother: “Mom!”

Fu Yunruo turned around in response, “Have you done playing?”

Wenwen nodded, then he grabbed Fu Yunruo’s hand and took her over, “Look!”

“The house is ready!”

Fu Yunruo saw the house and praised: “Wenwen is really amazing. The house you built is excellent!”

“Uncle Yue too!” Wenwen chirped happily.

“Yes, yes, Uncle Yue is amazing too!” Fu Yunruo smoothly added with a smile. When her gaze moved, she inadvertently met a pair of deep eyes.

Si Yue stood casually, yet his posture was straight, and his bearing was extraordinary. On top of that, there was a hint of a smile on his handsome face, making him even more charming.

Fu Yunruo was stunned for a while, and her cheeks suddenly became hot. She smiled slightly at Si Yue before turning her gaze away.

Si Yue came over and asked casually, “Can I enter that room?”

Fu Yunruo nodded without thinking. The flower room was used for her livestream job, but there was nothing that couldn’t be shown to outsiders inside. Wenwen was usually forbidden to enter, but that was because Fu Yunruo was worried that the child might suddenly break into the room when she was livestreaming. Now that the livestream was over, there was naturally no need to refuse Si Yue from entering.


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