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MSRV Ch 46 Part 2 – Father and Son Bonding (II)

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen’s hand and entered the flower room with Si Yue. The small space hosted not only orchids, but also various livestreaming equipment that Si Yue instantly recognized. Fu Yunruo noticed his glance and explained a little, “I usually livestream myself taking care of orchids in this room.”

Si Yue nodded, but didn’t ask further questions, which made Fu Yunruo relieved. Her identity had been exposed so thoroughly that it was strange if Si Yue hadn’t heard about it. Even so, she was too embarrassed to talk about her job with a big star like Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo smoothly skipped over the topic, unaware that this big star was actually one of her livestreaming fans. Seeing Si Yue taking a serious look at the row of orchid pots, she quickly explained, “These are the orchids I grow.” She also helped grow and take care of many orchids in the flower shed, but the ones she used for her livestream were those in this room.

The first thing that entered Si Yue’s eyes was his little eleventh, the golden emperor orchid. Although this species was not rare or expensive, this little guy was the one he personally chose to raise and naturally held the highest position in his heart.

Little eleventh already grew buds, and it would take a few days to fully bloom. Si Yue was very touched. He was probably the first fan to see these orchids in person, right? He did not expect that he was catching up with such good timing, and felt extremely fortunate to be able to see his orchid bloom for the first time.

Thinking like this, Si Yue was ecstatic. No one had this honor before!

The joy made Si Yue feel so special that he forgot himself for a while. Seeing the watering can next to the pots, he went to pick it up, “Do you need to water these guys? I can help.”

“Don’t…” Fu Yunruo remembered Si Yue’s ‘flower-killing physique’ that was similar to Wenwen and went pale in an instant, “No need!”

Si Yue looked back at her with confused eyes.

Fu Yunruo walked over and hurriedly confisti-… no, politely take the watering can back and place it in a faraway corner before turning to Si Yue and begin to explain with a smile, “I’ve given them enough water, so please don’t mind.”

Inside, Fu Yunruo’s heart was thumping. Mr. Yue’s physique was too special — what if the plants he watered once also died? She didn’t dare to gamble. These orchids were all her hard work. If they died because of such a ridiculous reason, she wouldn’t even have a place to cry!

So it’s so… Si Yue looked at the orchids with regret, then stroked his chin thoughtfully. Since they had been watered today, would he have a chance to do it tomorrow? In any case, he really wanted to personally give his ‘son’ water, at least once.

Meanwhile, Wenwen was staring at the eldest child, full of amazement and love. When would he be able to grow such a beautiful flower like his mother?

Si Yue and Wenwen stayed in the flower room for a long time, looking very harmonious as they watched the flowers together. Fu Yunruo didn’t know what they were talking about, but they could squat for a long time in front of a single pot, whispering to each other.

Fu Yunruo wanted to do other tasks but couldn’t feel at ease about leaving these two plant-killers alone in the flower room, for fear that they would harm her precious orchids when she was not looking. Fortunately, it was noon soon, and so Fu Yunruo took Wenwen out on the pretext of going to lunch and also asked Si Yue to come along with them.

When Fu Yunruo successfully took the two back to the bungalow, she wiped her nonexistent sweat in relief.

After lunch, Wenwen was drowsy and needed to take a nap. Fu Yunruo took him back to their room and soon fell asleep next to her son. As for Si Yue, he left the flower garden after lunch. Fu Yunruo thought he had figured it out and went back to the village, but she didn’t expect to see Si Yue return at 4 pm, carrying a large bag with him.

Fu Yunruo: “???”

Even when Si Yue was carrying a huge load, it didn’t affect his handsome bearing. He said to the stunned Fu Yunruo: “This is my tent.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Was he so determined to stay here tonight?

Si Yue walked around the bungalow, surveying the site. There was not enough room for the big tent in the living room, so he could only find a place outside. In the end, because of the enormous size of the tent, the only place available was right in front of the bungalow.

Helpless, Fu Yunruo had to help him clear the area and set up the tent together.

Perhaps because of Si Yue’s height and long legs, the tent he brought back resembled a small yurt. It was tall enough that Si Yue could get in without lowering his back too much, and he could stand up straight inside. The space was also very spacious, about the size of Fu Yunruo and Wenwen’s bedroom.

Seeing the tent, Wenwen was naturally curious. He took off his shoes and ran inside, exploring every nook and cranny with great interest.

Fu Yunruo also couldn’t help but take a few more glances around. It was her first time seeing a yurt tent in person, and she couldn’t help but wonder where Si Yue got this thing from. She didn’t remember seeing such a tent sold in the nearby town.

Si Yue asked Wenwen: “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?”

Wenwen hesitated, but soon nodded enthusiastically. He had never slept in such a ‘house’ before. He could sleep here for one night and return to accompany his mother tomorrow!

Fu Yunruo: “…” Forget it, the little guy has grown up, and it was indeed time to give him his own room.

When Uncle Guo returned from the flower shed and saw the big tent in front of the bungalow, he instantly knew that Si Yue was planning to stay long-term. With a dark face, Uncle Guo snorted coldly and said in disgust, “Why are you still here?”

As if he didn’t notice the old man’s displeasure, Si Yue acted like usual. He greeted Uncle Guo with a smile before explaining seriously, “Wenwen was worried about his mother’s safety and hired me to protect her, so I had to come here.”

Uncle Guo’s flower garden was mostly isolated from the rest of the world. He himself did not use the internet and only focused on his flowers all day long. Without anyone telling him what happened to Fu Yunruo during this time period, he was totally left in the dark.


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