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MSRV Ch 46 Part 3 – Father and Son Bonding (III)

Uncle Guo’s flower garden was mostly isolated from the rest of the world. He himself did not use the internet and only focused on his flowers all day long. Without anyone telling him what happened to Fu Yunruo during this time period, he was totally left in the dark.

Hearing that Si Yue was here as a bodyguard, Uncle Guo’s first reaction was to ask: “What happened to Ruoruo?” If nothing happened, why did she need a bodyguard?

Si Yue gave Uncle Guo a short explanation of the matter.

Uncle Guo frowned. What kind of mess were these? The student he treated as a daughter was being bullied so much? Others might not want this girl, but he wanted her! It would be even better if she could enter his household registration!

Because Uncle Guo was in a bad mood, Si Yue became even more unpleasant to his eyes, “There is no place for you to stay here.”

Si Yue replied politely, “It’s okay, I’m all ready.” He pointed to the luxurious tent not far away.

Uncle Guo: “…”

Uncle Guo scolded: “I’ve never seen a brazen bastard like you!”

Si Yue raised his eyebrows and said nothing. He didn’t care. Sometimes, being brazen was necessary.

In the end, Si Yue successfully settled down in the flower garden.

Uncle Guo’s flower garden was peaceful for two days, but it was very lively outside. The variety show had been forced to suspend production for three days, and they were pressed with the choice of whether to continue shooting or not.

Although the casts were contracted to shoot the variety show during this period, they also had other activities. If the shooting kept being suspended, they eventually would have to leave to do other jobs. However, without a clear answer from the production team, the casts didn’t dare to leave. What if they were called back to continue shooting just after they left? After all, this place was too remote. It took long hours and multiple modes of transportation to reach, which was too inconvenient.

At this time, all the casts had temporarily left the villager’s home and gathered to live in a house rented by the show. As for the staff and production team who originally lived here, they had to resettle in the town hotel.

Because of the conflict between the show and the locals, the casts’ treatment in the villagers’ homes was not as good as before. Although they were not kicked out like Fang Xueruo, being treated coldly was very uncomfortable, so everyone decided to move to the rented house for the time being.

Xin Xu was the only exception, as he lived well with the Mei couple and didn’t want to crowd with the rest of the casts. But the decision had passed, and Xin Xu couldn’t possibly be the only one who stayed behind, so he had to pack up and leave reluctantly.

As for Fang Xueruo, she was taken away by Chang Zhuyou after being driven out, but they did not go too far and temporarily stayed in the highest-star hotel in the county seat.

Director Peng and his production team tried to contact Fang Xueruo several times, but always met with Chang Zhuyou’s overbearing words before being hung up one-sidedly. Director Peng wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Whether to continue the shooting or not, why couldn’t she make it clear so that their team could make the follow-up decisions, ah?!

He now regretted it so much. If only he stood firm in the first place and refused Fang Xueruo when she wanted to join the show…

He shouldn’t be greedy, hoping to draw topics around Si Yue and Fang Xueruo’s discord in order to attract traffic. The traffic was indeed on flame, but the show itself was also burned badly as a result…

Don’t ask how he felt now. He was very much in regret!

The assistant director came to ask Director Peng, “What about Si Yue?”

“Si Yue’s agent said that he can continue shooting, but Fang Xueruo cannot be present.”

Director Peng’s almost bald with worry. Looking at Apple Entertainment’s stance, Si Yue must have thoroughly offended Fang Xueruo, Orange Entertainment, and the Chang and Fu family behind her. The legendary agent, Yuan Xin, even came all the way to help take care of the field. Such a busy man like Yuan Xin actually came to stay in this remote place and keep a good eye on the production team, for fear that they would bully Si Yue.

Si Yue was such a big star; how could their small production team dare to bully him? They couldn’t afford to offend him.

The assistant director slapped his thigh: “Isn’t that easy? After Fang Xueruo quits, cannot we find a substitute guest?”

Anyway, Fang Xueruo’s image had been damaged. Although this disturbance had gradually subsided, there were still some negative effects. The assistant director didn’t want a star who was riddled with negative news to participate in their show.

Director Peng said weakly: “The problem now is that Fang Xueruo doesn’t make a statement…”

They tried to call her manager, but no one answered the phone. They tried to call Fang Xueruo, but were hung up by Chang Zhuyou. If they directly announced Fang Xueruo’s withdrawal from the show, wouldn’t they end up thoroughly offending Fang Xueruo and the Chang family?

Assistant director: “…” They couldn’t offend either side, which was too difficult.

Si Yue didn’t care about the crisis faced by the show and stayed in the flower garden with peace of mind. Therefore, when Yuan Xin suddenly appeared, he didn’t give the agent a good face, feeling that his peaceful world was being disturbed.

Si Yue met Yuan Xin and asked lightly, “Why are you here?”

At this moment, Si Yue’s pants were half-rolled up, and he was holding a scoop in his hand. Yuan Xin watched him walk to the wet vegetable patch and watered the plants with Wenwen.

Wenwen saw Yuan Xin was coming and shouted happily, “Uncle Yuan!”

Yuan Xin responded to the call. He looked at the clearly overwatered vegetables that had already begun to wilt. He then looked at the father and son, who were still excitedly pouring water. Inwardly, the agent was screaming: please leave those poor cabbages alone!


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  1. ‘He now regretted it so much. If only he stood firm in the first place and refused Fang Xueruo when she wanted to join the show…’

    So it’s all her fault for this entire ruckus. She tried to use the show to get close to ML, tried to use our baby Wenwen to get close to ML, then caused a commotion with the villagers and then exposing our Yunrou to negative views after she’s happily peaceful.

    So yeah I say all her damn fault

  2. Tem algo que não entendo, Wenwen não era pra ter mente de adulto? Sei que ele decidiu ter uma infância normal dessa vez, mas isso fez a mente dele regredir? Se não, porque ele não nota as vezes que está sendo enganado pelo pai e tanto tempo que ele convive com as plantas tendo mente de adulto, ele ainda não percebeu quando rega demais ?

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