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MSRV Ch 47 Part 1 – Playing Swing (I)

Yuan Xin watched as the water overflew from the soil and flowed into the gully. Finally, he couldn’t bear it any longer and interrupted the father and son, “Isn’t the water already enough?”

Wenwen raised his head. Under the cute little straw hat, his bright eyes blinked as he said solemnly, “The sun is so hot, and the vegetables are wilted. They need more water so that they won’t be dried so quickly!”

“…A moderate amount is fine. It’s already enough.” Yuan Xin wiped his sweat. In just a short moment, he was already sweating profusely from the scorching sun.

“But the vegetables have been wilting. They clearly haven’t had enough water!” Wenwen’s eyes widened. He looked at Si Yue, asking for support: “Right, Uncle Yue?”

Yuan Xin: “…” Why don’t you think the vegetables are wilting because of overwatering?

Unexpectedly, Si Yue nodded with approval: “Yeah.”

…Confirmed. These two were father and son.

“Are you guys also taking care of orchids like this?” Yuan Xin asked. He had a feeling that he had finally figured out why all flowers died under their care.

“How can it be?” Wenwen widened his eyes again, “Orchids are so delicate. They need exact quantities of humidity and soil nutrients and are not easy to raise!”

Si Yue also said: “When I suggested you start taking flower gardening as a hobby, you always said that you don’t have time. To ask such a small question is very much not in line with your elite man persona.”

Yuan Xin: “…” Hehe, should he buy a few books about gardening and let this guy learn how to grow vegetables correctly?

After a while, Wenwen saw that the vegetables had gotten enough water, so he called Si Yue to stop watering. The two walked out of the patch, rinsed the bucket and scoop, and then washed their feet. Wenwen liked the sensation of the cool water on his feet, so he couldn’t help but step on the puddle of water and was later imitated by Si Yue.

Seeing Si Yue’s childish action, Yuan Xin’s eyes almost popped out of their socket. He was shocked beyond belief: Do all people become so childish after having kids?

Having played enough, Si Yue and Wenwen returned to the bungalow. Seeing that Yuan Xin was looking at him strangely, Si Yue asked with a frown, “What are you doing?”

Yuan Xin replied: “I’m observing if you have been possessed by something strange.” Could a person change so much in just a few days? Yuan Xin found that he could no longer remember Si Yue’s lofty and overbearing posture.

Si Yue: “…” What kind of strange idea popped out in this guy’s brain?

Yuan Xin prattled for a while before he got to the point and briefly recounted the show’s production team’s plan to Si Yue.

Next to them, Wenwen propped his chubby cheeks and listened carefully. The two adults thought that such a young boy, no matter how smart he was, wouldn’t be able to understand adults’ conversation, so they didn’t avoid him when talking.

Yuan Xin took out a palm leaf fan out of nowhere and began to fan himself, “If I have to say, you should quit this show.”

Si Yue was a famous actor. With his look and acting skills, he didn’t need to rely on variety shows to attract popularity. When suggesting this show to Si Yue, Yuan Xin’s original intention was to let him relax for a while, but now that the situation had gotten to this point, it was better for him to quit.

Si Yue didn’t care either way. The only reason he never said to quit was just that he needed an excuse to stay here for longer.

Not long after, Fu Yunruo came out. Seeing Yuan Xin, she came to say hello and then asked about the show’s situation.

Yuan Xin had nothing to hide, so he briefly recounted what he had just told Si Yue.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo’s worry was confirmed, “So, it’s very likely that this show won’t continue?”

Fu Yunruo felt very guilty, thinking that her personal matter had caused the show to end prematurely and implicated the rest of the cast. She was not familiar with the show’s cast except for Xin Xu. She ruined the show, yet Xin Xu never blamed her…

Si Yue seemed to see Fu Yunruo’s guilt and said in a low voice: “This matter has nothing to do with you. Looking at the whole picture, you are simply implicated by me. Apple Entertainment will provide other resources to other casts as compensation.”

Si Yue then glanced at Yuan Xin.

The agent quickly responded: “Of course. Since this matter is originally related to Si Yue, our company will naturally make appropriate compensation.”

When Fu Yunruo heard this, she felt a little better. She had no connection in the entertainment industry and couldn’t make compensation to the cast. Now that Si Yue’s company had stood up, she was extremely grateful. However… “It’s not Mr. Yue’s fault!”

Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo and said, “It’s even less your fault. You don’t have to blame yourself. Even without you, this show is doomed to stop.”

Fu Yunruo nodded, yet she was still not fully convinced. “The production team seemed to have promised a donation to the local area…” Was it still counted? In case the donation did not come through, should she secretly make it up anonymously?

“No, the donation will be made.” Si Yue assured. Even if the production team retracted their promise, he would fulfill it. He liked the simple and honest local folks here, and they also took care of Fu Yunruo and Wenwen a lot. The best way he could repay them was by stimulating the economic development of the area.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo was relieved. Still, she silently calculated the assets in her hands and was determined to make some donations on her own.

A while later, Si Yue went out on some business, but Yuan Xin stayed behind to play with Wenwen.

As for Fu Yunruo, she reasoned that Si Yue might be leaving soon now that the show had stopped production, so she sent a message to Tiantian, urging the latter to find a female bodyguard as soon as possible. When the new bodyguard arrived, Si Yue could leave, and Wenwen wouldn’t protest then.

Yuan Xin looked at the vegetable patch outside the bungalow. Even though it had been exposed to the scorching sun for a long time, the soil was still wet, clear evidence of the absurd amount of water Si Yue and Wenwen had poured on it.

Fu Yunruo noticed his gaze, “Brother Yuan, what are you looking at?”

Yuan Xin pointed to the vegetable patch: “They did so much damage here. Why do you let them off?”

Fu Yunruo snorted softly, “It’s okay.” As long as they didn’t harm the orchids, they could do as they liked.


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