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MSRV Ch 48 – Uninvited Guests

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The children’s shrill voices quickly reverberated throughout the village, attracting the attention of the adult who was just walking home from the field. Still with hoes in hands, they quickly ran to the children and asked, “Where are the bad guys?!”

“Is it a human trafficker?”

“Where are they? Where are they?” The adults who heard the screams locked their children inside the house, picked the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon, and then rushed to the source of the commotion.

Under the questioning of the adults, Dashan and his friends said loudly: “Bad guys are coming to arrest Big Sister Ruoruo!”

“What!” An old woman suddenly slapped her thigh, “I just saw two cars entering the village. I thought it was the TV people, so I didn’t pay attention.” She saw that the cars were black and looked similar to the cars that had entered the village before, so she simply thought that they were looking for the village chief.

Because the children insisted that the bad guys were in the cars, the villagers, unwilling to see one of their people be bullied by outsiders, hurriedly went to Fu Yunruo’s house.

The two cars stopped on the side of the road. The passenger door of the car in the front opened first. A tall man with long legs came out, closed the door, went around the rear of the car, and opened the door on the other side.

A young woman in a white dress got out of the car, stood beside the man, and exchanged an affectionate gaze with him.

“Brother Chang, let’s go.” The woman was the first to break the sweet atmosphere.

“Okay.” The man held the woman’s hand and promised, “Xue-er, don’t worry. I won’t let you be wronged.”

This couple was Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou. After staying in the county seat’s hotel for several days, they welcomed Fang Xueruo’s mother Fang Wanping and stepfather Fu Zonghong. Then, at the request of the two elders, they returned to the village together.

Fang Xueruo leaned over slightly and said to the rear car’s passenger window: “Mom, Uncle, we are here.”

The car window rolled down, revealing a well-maintained and gentle face similar to Fang Xueruo. Fang Wanping turned her head to the side and said softly to Fu Zonghong, whose brows were furrowed, “We should get out too.”

Fu Zonghong was silent.

“Old Fu, now that we have come this far, why are you still stubborn? There is no overnight feud between father and daughter. As long you talk with her properly, Yunruo will surely understand.”

Fu Zonghong was irritated. He originally didn’t want to make this trip, but because of Fang Xueruo mother and daughter’s persuasion, he finally came in person. However, thinking about how it made him seem to be bowing his head in front of his daughter, Fu Zonghong was in a bad mood. Since he was here, shouldn’t Fu Yunruo be the one who came out to greet him?

Fang Wanping persuaded Fu Zonghong for a while before he finally got out of the car with a stern face.

Fang Xueruo pointed to a farmhouse in front, “That’s the house sister has been living at.”

Fu Zonghong frowned when he saw the house. Over the years, his daughter was rather live in such a dilapidated house than go home?

When Fang Wanping saw it, her eyes filled with distress, “This child…why is she so stubborn?”

“Old Fu, we must take her home.”

“Have I ever forbidden her to go home!” Fu Zonghong said angrily, but under Fang Wanping’s persuasion, he reluctantly walked forward.

Fang Xueruo paused her steps. Seeing her hesitation, Chang Zhuyou immediately asked, “Xue-er, what’s wrong?”

This sentence caused the two elders walking in front to stop and look back.

Fang Xueruo smiled reluctantly, “Uncle, sister may not be very happy to see me. I think it’s better if I wait here?”

Fang Xueruo didn’t want to take this trip, but she kindly hoped that Uncle Fu and her sister would solve their misunderstanding as soon as possible, so she personally led the way.

Chang Zhuyou was distressed: “You did nothing wrong. Why should you avoid her? You are already giving her honor by coming here.”

Fang Wanping hesitated. She looked at Fu Zonghong and said softly, “Old Fu, there has been a bit of trouble between these two children lately. Why don’t we first clear up the misunderstanding before letting them meet?”

Hearing this, Fu Zonghong raised his eyebrows furiously, “As an elder sister, she is narrow-minded and has no tolerance at all. She even dares to bully her own younger sister. What else can I expect from her? Xueruo, don’t worry. With me here, she won’t dare to bully you!”

Fu Zonghong walked angrily.

“Uncle…” Fang Xueruo stepped forward anxiously, and Chang Zhuyou quickly supported her, “Xue-er, be careful.”

Before Fu Zonghong could open the courtyard gate, he was stopped by a shout, “Who are you?!”

Si Yue was helping Fu Yunruo in the kitchen, with Wenwen busily circled around them. Whenever she had extra time, Fu Yunruo liked to make more sumptuous meals, and she was even more motivated now that there were more people to feed.

Wenwen was a pure meat lover, and Si Yue was no different. Today, the little carnivorous guy suddenly had a craving and pestered his mother to make braised pork. But the child asked too late, and the meat had not even been bought yet, so how could Fu Yunruo make it on time today? So she went to Auntie Mei’s house to catch and slaughter one of the ducks she asked the Mei couple to raise and then used the meat to make a beer duck.

Beer duck was also meat and it was delicious, so Wenwen happily agreed. After the duck began to stew, a delicious aroma overflew from the kitchen, rousing Wenwen’s appetite. The child lost interest in playing and eagerly waited for the duck to be ready.

Si Yue was standing in front of the stove when his phone vibrated. He took a look, and then put it back again.

Fu Yunruo noticed it and asked, “Mr. Yue, is something happened?”

Si Yue said: “Nothing. It’s fine.”

“If you are busy, you should go back. Don’t worry about Wenwen; he will understand.” Fu Yunruo said again. Si Yue’s phone had been vibrating several times, so he must have some urgent matters to do. Wenwen would not throw a tantrum unreasonably.

“It’s all right. My friend has a dog, and he’s so excited that he always sends photos to share. Just ignore him.”

Fu Yunruo nodded in understanding, “Your friend must love his dog so much.”

“Yeah. After all, he is a single dog, so he cannot stop talking about the same topic.”

“…?” Fu Yunruo glanced at Si Yue and thought: Is this really a good friend?

Si Yue turned his eyes at Wenwen. The little guy finally had enough walking about. At this time, he was sitting on his exclusive children’s stool. His little eyes were busy moving between his mother and the pot of beer duck on the stove.

From Si Yue’s angle, he could see the bulging baby fat on the boy’s face.

After a while, Si Yue said meaningfully: “Speaking of which, I haven’t received my payment yet.”


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