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MSRV Ch 49 Part 1 – He is Not Worthy as a Father (I)

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After a while, Si Yue said meaningfully: “Speaking of which, I haven’t received my payment yet.”

“!!!” Wenwen quickly turned his head at Si Yue and covered his cheeks vigilantly.

Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “What? Do you want to break the contract?”

Wenwen’s eyes flickered, and then he argued confidently: “Uncle Yue is the one who forgot!” It wasn’t his fault! At-at most, he just didn’t remind him!

Wenwen had made mental preparation to accept the fate of having his cheeks being pinched every day. But on the first and second days, Si Yue didn’t do anything. Thinking that he had forgotten, Wenwen was delighted.

But it turned out that Si Yue still remembered!

“What’s gone is gone! You cannot bring the past again!” Wenwen tried to fool Si Yue.

Si Yue glanced at the boy and smiled, “The contract does not state the time limit for my payment. These past few days, I’m just saving it up.”

Wenwen: “…” His face hurted.

“Let’s start now.” Si Yue motioned for Wenwen to come over.

Wenwen turned to Fu Yunruo for help, “Mom…”

Fu Yunruo held back his smile and said solemnly, “Wenwen, you must fulfill your promise. If you break the contract, the agreement will be invalid, and Uncle Yue will stop being our bodyguard.”

Wenwen: “…” Right. He still needed Si Yue to protect his mother.

Despondent, Wenwen finally walked to Si Yue and offered his face with an expression of a martyr: “Do it!”

Wenwen closed his eyes. His long eyelashes trembled, and a moment later, he quietly begged: “Do it lighter, please…”

Si Yue replied with a chuckle. He first went to wash his hands before sitting next to the boy and began to pinch his cheeks. Said to be pinching, but in fact, Si Yue was simply touching and rubbing around with the tips of his fingers. He had to admit — this soft jelly-like sensation was quite addicting.

On the side, Fu Yunruo laughed silently while covering her stomach.

Not long after, Fu Yunruo heard some noises outside, so she left the two guys and went out to check.

Outside the fence, villagers with farming tools in their hands were blocking a smaller group of people.

Auntie Mei asked the first question as she looked at the bunch of outsiders suspiciously, “What are you doing in our Shanghe Village?”

Seeing the villagers’ attitude, Fang Wanping frowned very slightly before replying in a gentle tone, “Hello, everyone. We are Fu Yunruo’s family.”

“Thank you for taking care of our Ruoruo.” Fang Wanping’s voice was full of gratitude.

The villagers still did not let their guard down. After Fu Yunruo’s life experience circulated on the internet, the villagers also learned about it and even made up many sobbing details with their imagination, turning Fu Yunruo into a pitiful little girl.

After having a stepmother, the father became a stepfather. What was she if not pitiful?

Auntie Mei let out a faint oh, and glared sharply at this beautiful woman, “You are Ruoruo’s black-hearted stepmother!”

Fang Wanping looked helpless. People’s hearts were biased. They had been with Yunruo for a long time and naturally were closer to her, so Fang Wanping could fully understand their action of defending Yunruo. Since time immemorial, being a stepmother was never easy.

Fu Zonghong glared at the uncouth old countrywoman with dissatisfaction, “Who are you?” Having been standing in a high position for a long time, Fu Zonghong was full of momentum that made people feel great pressure, “Is that unfilial girl talking bad about her stepmother everywhere?”

“Who are you?”

“I am her father!”

Auntie Mei put her hands on her hips and said loudly, “Our Ruoruo has a soft temperament and never speaks about anyone behind their back. She never said anything about you or that woman in front of us. Just based on your current attitude, we know that Ruoruo has suffered greatly before. What a poor girl!”

Fang Wanping patted Fu Zonghong’s hand and signaled him to cease his anger. Even when she was pointed at her nose and scolded fiercely, Fang Wanping was still keeping a humble attitude, “It’s indeed our fault as elders. We didn’t communicate well with the child, so she left home angrily for four years…”

“Anyway, Yunruo is still Old Fu’s daughter after all. I hope you can allow us to meet her and have a good talk. Seeing how Old Fu worried about his daughter these past four years has made me very sad…” Fang Wanping said sincerely: “If Yunruo’s misunderstanding with her father can be solved, I will apologize to her…”

Auntie Mei snorted, “Look how ‘aggrieved’ she is. Who is the pitiful one here? Isn’t it you who forced Ruoruo to run away from home?”

“Because she will die if she doesn’t leave!”

Fang Wanping gently frowned, “We don’t know that Yunruo has misunderstood us so much. But this is a society governed by the rule of law. Whoever dares to harm other people’s lives will be imprisoned…”

A middle-aged man looked doubtful and said to Auntie Mei hesitantly, “Sister-in-law, is there any misunderstanding here?” Ruoruo’s stepmother didn’t look to be a person who would bully her stepdaughter.

“Hey, did you forget about that Yingzi seven years ago?”

After a reminder from another villager, everyone was startled.

Yingzi was a little girl from the town who was also abused by her stepmother for many years. From the beginning, the stepmother treated Yingzi very kindly outside, which deceived even close neighbors. Later, when the truth was revealed, everyone was stunned.

In front of outsiders, that stepmother looked soft, gentle, and kind. It was only later that everyone learned that Yingzi’s stepmother pricked her with needles every day. On top of that, Yingzi was beaten and scolded frequently and was forced to do all the work at home.

But when the truth came out, Yingzi had already jumped into the river. After the autopsy, it was revealed that her body was full of pinholes and scars. According to the police, she had been abused for many years.

Just because the stepmother had an excellent image on the outside, no one ever suspected that she was so cruel towards her stepdaughter.

Neighbors occasionally wondered why Yingzi was so thin and small. But their suspicion was dismissed by the stepmother’s claim, saying that the child was a picky eater and wanted to lose weight after some beauty trend. One of the neighbors also saw that the stepmother kindly gave Yingzi chicken legs and meat, but she didn’t eat it and only took veggies. For this reason, she felt that Yingzi was ignorant, so she kindly said a few words to the child and advised her not to go on a diet.

It was not until Yingzi’s life was gone and the police came to investigate that the vile act was revealed.

Wasn’t Ruoruo’s situation very similar to that of Yingzi’s?

They didn’t know if Ruoruo had been abused or not, but this stepmother looked very similar!

Moreover, Ruoruo’s father didn’t seem like someone who was looking for his daughter, but rather looking for an enemy.


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