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MSRV Ch 49 Part 3 – He is Not Worthy as a Father (III)


Having his face pinched for a long time, Wenwen’s small body was full of the aura of dejection. The touch was so light that it wasn’t painful at all, but Si Yue’s fingers were slightly calloused and he was also so persistent with his touch. After a long time, Wenwen’s white and tender cheeks slowly reddened.

Wenwen sighed like a little adult. He sacrificed a lot, but everything was for a meaningful cause!

It took Wenwen a while to notice that his mother had been gone for quite a while. Hearing loud noises outside, he became worried.

Wenwen got up and was about to run out.

However, Si Yue grabbed his collar in time.

Wenwen’s short legs were dangling around. He turned his head and shouted: “Uncle Yue, I want to go to Mom!”

“Don’t run.”

“I won’t run, so let me go!” Wenwen said anxiously.

“I’ll be back soon. Uncle, you stay here and look after the meat. Don’t let it burnt!”

Si Yue tossed away some half-burned wood, leaving only a small fire on the stove, and then took Wenwen to the front yard. The two went to the fence but didn’t go out. Instead, they stood behind the gate and listened to the commotion outside.

When Wenwen heard his mother being besieged by those hateful people, he quickly broke free from Si Yue’s hand and ran to Fu Yunruo. Standing in front of his mother, the little guy faced the Fang Xueruo and the others with open arms and an angry glare: “Don’t bully my mother!”

Fu Zonghong instantly noticed the little boy whose face was almost the exact copy of Fu Yunruo.

“Whose child is this?!” Fu Zonghong’s face flushed with anger, his body trembled, and he suddenly felt dizzy.

Fang Wanping took a step forward and held Fu Zonghong’s hand, giving him silent comfort.

“Which bastard did it?!” Fu Zonghong roared.

Seeing Wenwen running out, Fu Yunruo didn’t bother to talk and hurriedly pulled her son behind her.

At this moment, Si Yue also came out, which angered Fu Zonghong even more, “Is it this man?!”

Si Yue glanced at the uninvited guests with a cold smile.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Fu Yunruo replied coldly, “If you have nothing else to do, go away now. I won’t send you off.” Fu Yunruo didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with these people. More than anything, she didn’t want her son’s life experience to become gossip fodder for others.

Fu Yunruo then turned to the villagers. Her expression softened, “Thank you for your help today.”

“Nothing. It’s okay.”

“Don’t worry. If anyone dares to bully you in our village, we will teach them a lesson.”

Fu Yunruo thanked the villagers once again and took Wenwen back to the house.

“Stop!” Fu Zonghong roared. He rushed forward to stop Fu Yunruo, but was blocked by Si Yue.

“Chairman Fu, please behave yourself.”

“Sister…” Fang Xueruo bit her lip. She raised her volume slightly and shouted at Fu Yunruo, “If it can make you happy, I will leave our home!”

As if she didn’t hear anything, Fu Yunruo closed the gate behind her.

After confirming that Fu Yunruo and Wenwen had safely entered the house, Si Yue turned around and went in, and did not forget to properly lock the gate.

Fang Xueruo lowered her eyes.

Chang Zhuyou hugged Fang Xueruo distressedly and shouted into the courtyard, “Fu Yunruo, you vicious woman!”

The villagers who originally just watched the situation on the side couldn’t stand it any longer.

“What did you say?! There are so many people around, yet you people dare to gang together to bully a weak woman. Are you not taking us seriously?!”

“Is this the woman who seduces her step-sister’s husband?”

“And she is also a star. How shameless.”

“Not a husband yet. I heard that they are just engaged.”

“City folks really love to make things complicated.”

“If this kind of thing happened here, these two would have been drowned in spit and would not have any face to stay anymore.”

“The father is also disgusting. His stepdaughter stole his biological daughter’s husband, yet he stood on the stepdaughter’s side and scolded his daughter. Sure enough, when you have a stepmother, the father becomes a stepfather. The power of pillow talk is incredible!”

“This woman sure is crafty. Look at her face!”

The villagers booed one after another.

“Not only that. He doesn’t even care when his deceased first wife and biological daughter have been driven away and replaced. This is the first time I have heard such a ridiculous story.”

“Right, right.”

The villagers didn’t even try to lower their voices, and their words were clear for everyone present to hear.

Seeing how Fang Xueruo’s face flushed and her eyes were filled with tears, Chang Zhuyou roared in a fury: “What do uncouth people like you guys know?!”

Auntie Mei said disdainfully: “We are indeed just some uneducated rural folks, but at least we know shame and morality. Unlike some people.”

“That’s right. Look at this young man — having an air of a wealthy person with high education, yet he doesn’t even have the basic moral value of a human, bah!”

“Like a daughter, like a mother. Since the daughter is such a degenerate, the mother is definitely the same kind.”

“And this so-called father is also not good.”

“Poor Ruoruo, why is she so unlucky to meet so many villains? If I were her mother, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well in my grave.”

Fu Zonghong and his group were besieged by overwhelming numbers. A few times, they wanted to defend themselves, but the villagers didn’t give them the chance and kept talking loudly one after another.

In the end, Fu Zonghong waved his sleeves and returned to the car with a dark face.

“Old Fu!” Fang Wanping chased after her husband worriedly.

It was not until the unwelcomed guests left that the villagers dispersed.

Not far away, three young men were squatting in the corner, looking at the footage captured by their camera and trembling with excitement.


Si Yue is with Fu Yunruo!

What breaking news! They are going to be famous!


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  1. Si Yue just unintentionally got an opportunity to flaunt his family. Now, will he “deny” this relationship or silently agree. Looking forward to the results. Hehehe

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