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MSRV Ch 5 Part 1 – Finding a Stepfather?? (I)

Fu Yunruo later realized that her son was becoming lively. The baby, who previously was quiet and well-behaved almost all the time, now made noise even when he wasn’t hungry or soiling his diapers.

Before, Fu Yunruo felt that her son was like a girl, and was worried about a boy being too quiet. Now that he became lively and handful, she thought that her previous quiet son was still better.

When the baby was used to be too quiet, she was worried. But now he loved to make noise all the time, she became exhausted.

Only in a few days, Fu Yunruo almost couldn’t bear it anymore. It was too noisy.

Every day seemed to be endless. Except for sleeping time, the baby basically never stopped making noise. It was as if he had too much energy and couldn’t stop for a moment. The only moment of peace was when he got tired and fell asleep.

Furthermore, the baby no longer liked to be put on the stroller. He had to be hugged, and only allowed Fu Yunruo to hug him. Before, Auntie Mei could still hug the baby. But now, whenever Auntie Mei tried to, he would resist fiercely. Despite his small body, this little guy was very strong. Fu Yunruo was really afraid that he might fall off and injured himself, so she always had to hold him in her arms.

Recently, this child also didn’t like to drink baby formula anymore. After he turned three months old, Fu Yunruo bought a can of infant milk powder and fed him once before going to bed at night. Other times, she still fed him her breastmilk as usual.

The first time Fu Yunruo gave her son baby formula, he seemed to prefer this instead of breastmilk. However, Fu Yunruo heard that breastmilk could enhance a baby’s immunity, so she resolutely fed him baby formula only once a day. Now, however, the baby was very resistant to it. Whenever he saw Fu Yunruo was about to mix the milk powder, he would make a loud protesting noise, and then refused to take even a sip.

Worried that her son might be sick, Fu Yunruo took him to the clinic. Fortunately, the doctor said that the baby had no problem. Fu Yunruo saw that he still drank breastmilk in the same quantity as before, so she felt relieved. Maybe this little guy thought that baby formula wasn’t as tasty as breastmilk. After all, it was normal for children’s tastes to change from time to time.

Fu Yunruo finally experienced the hardship of motherhood she read on the internet. At that time, she compared her experiences with the mothers on the parenting forum and felt very proud. Her son must be the most considerate and well-behaved baby in the world!

Sure enough, she must not be too proud. She finally understood what it meant for a child to be a little angel when he was asleep, and a little devil when he was awake. It was so tiring, but also gratifying.

The baby didn’t like playing with toys anymore. Every time his mother tried to coax him to play with the toys, his chubby little hands flailed and he babbled loudly, as if to say that he didn’t like playing with toys. Fu Yunruo thought he was bored with the old toys, so she went to buy new ones. Unexpectedly, he made an even louder noise, as if he was angry with her.

Chi Wen was indeed furious. This woman is so prodigal! She doesn’tknow how to be frugal!

Not knowing when this woman might starve him to death, he even cut back his own food to save some money. As a result, she bought so many useless toys!

She wants to run out of money earlier, so she has an excuse to throw him away, right? Since that is so, it is better if she felt annoyed with him earlier and threw him away sooner!

Chi Wen deliberately threw a tantrum every day. Since she would abandon him sooner or later, then it was better to throw him away as soon as possible. Anyway, he didn’t care!

Yesterday afternoon, there was heavy rain that lasted until midnight. The temperature was cool in the morning, the summer heat was dissipated a lot, and some small puddles still remained on the ground.

Chi Wen hadn’t been out of the house for several days. He saw the woman carefully put him in the stroller. It seemed that she was going to take him out today.

He wanted to make a fuss again, but hesitated after seeing the woman’s visibly tired face and the dark circles under her eyes, as if she hadn’t slept well for days.

Chi Wen, who was about to throw another tantrum, finally stayed quiet until he was put into the stroller and pushed out. He decided to stop making noise today. In case this woman really got annoyed and didn’t take him out today, his loss wouldn’t worth the gain.

He hadn’t been out for many days. Although there was actually nothing fun outside…

Fu Yunruo walked slowly while pushing the stroller, enjoying the rural scenery on the side of the road. In June, the rice fields were still green. But the young ears of rice had already grown, which were pleasant to the eyes. Washed by the rain, the mountain peaks in the distance also looked more vibrant and refreshing.


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  1. lol, the misunderstanding (⁀ᗢ⁀) Fu Yunruo wanted to make Baby Wen happy but Baby Wen scolded her inwardly for throwing money away by buying toys and baby formula

    Even though Chi Wen was an adult in the previous life, I didn’t mind seeing him acting like a child. He never had a pleasant childhood

    But, it’s still better to let your mom rest well!

    1. Yeess!!! He’s so adorable I think it’s so cute cause show his insecurities and thinks mixed with his child’s mind

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