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MSRV Ch 5 Part 2 – Finding a Stepfather?? (II)

The sun was bright today, but it was not too hot, and many people were working on the field.

After walking for a while, someone was shouting from behind: “Ruoruo, Ruoruo!”

Fu Yunruo turned around. Auntie Mei was running forward with a hoe on her shoulder.

“Auntie Mei.” Fu Yunruo’s face brightened. She smiled at Auntie Mei.

“I went to your house before and didn’t see you. I didn’t expect to see you here.” Auntie Mei walked up to Fu Yunruo, put down the hoe on the ground with a loud ‘thud!’, and rested one hand on it.

“It’s not very hot today, so we are taking a stroll outside.”

Auntie Mei nodded. She smiled brightly: “Ruoruo, ah. Last time, you said that you want to work, right? I found a good one.”

“Really?” Fu Yunruo’s eyes lit up. But she suddenly hesitated. “But Wenwen hasn’t been too good recently. Maybe…”

There was no way she could leave her infant son at home and go to work for hours. She would definitely feel unease and couldn’t even stay for an hour, so how could she take a job? Could she bring a baby with her?

“You can take your child to your job. He won’t mind.” Auntie Mei waved her hand, “However, the salary isn’t high, just one thousand yuan per month. One lunch per day is included, but you have to cook your own lunch. There is no fixed holiday. If you need to take time off, just ask.”

“One thousand yuan is all right! Thank you, Auntie Mei.” Fu Yunruo was very happy. She knew that job opportunity were scarce in remote countrysides. For one opening, maybe there were hundreds of people available. Auntie Mei probably had to ask for a lot of favor to secure her this job.

Fu Yunruo began to think happily. One thousand yuan per month. She could buy two cans of milk powder, some cheap toys, and two sets of baby clothes…also free lunches for her!

Knowing that she could bring her son to work, Fu Yunruo immediately agreed.

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s pure joy without the slightest reluctance on her face, Auntie Mei secretly sighed in relief. It was good that Ruoruo didn’t mind. She was worried that the girl might be dissatisfied with the job she offered. She knew that in big cities, monthly salaries of five to six thousand were still considered low. White-collar office workers could even earn tens of thousands of yuan per month. But she was just an ordinary old countrywoman. She had no way to find a job with such a high salary. To obtain this job, her husband had to ask for favors from acquaintances.

Happy to be a help, Auntie Mei picked up the hoe with a beaming smile: “Good. Then you come to our house early tomorrow morning. I will take you there so you can remember the way. Alright, I’m going to the field now.”

“Yes!” Fu Yunruo nodded sweetly. “Auntie Mei, thank you!”

After Auntie Mei left, Fu Yunruo smiled into the stroller and said happily to her son: “Auntie Mei is so nice. We must respect her well later!”

She no longer needed to worry about income! One thousand yuan was not much, but at least she could buy two cans of milk powder for Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo did not expect Auntie Mei to actually find her a job. No matter how hard the job would be, she must preserve and never waste Auntie Mei’s kindness! Alas, she was so excited that she forgot to ask what kind of job it was. But it didn’t matter. Anyway, she would know tomorrow.

Being in a happy mood, Fu Yunruo continued her walk for a while, then turned around to go back home. As soon as she entered the village, she was stopped by someone.

Fu Yunruo saw Aunt Wang from the same village walked towards her with a wide smile.

“Ruoruo!” Aunt Wang looked around. Seeing that no one was nearby, her smile became enthusiastic: “Have you considered what I said last time?”

“…” Fu Yunruo wondered why Aunt Wang looked so mysterious, but didn’t expect that she…was still unwilling to give up. Fu Yunruo said helplessly: “Aunt Wang, I just want to raise this child well, and don’t have time to consider other things.”

“You girl, ah!” Aunt Wang was anxious. “A child cannot do without a father. You should look for a man sooner, so the child won’t get estranged with his stepfather.”

“I really don’t want to consider this matter now. Aunt, I shouldn’t trouble you.”

“You are a young woman. It’s not good if you keep like this…”

“If you don’t like one man, there are many others. Right, I know…”

Aunt Wang kept blabbering nonstop, introducing various marriageable partners. Fu Yunruo tried to stop, but with no result.

“Ah, aaaah!!!” Inside the stroller, Chi Wen yelled angrily.

Cannot this woman understand human words? She was already rejected but still clinging stubbornly. What does she want to do? Is she using her seniority to bully the young? Does she think they don’t dare to turn their face on her?!

Who said that he wants a stepfather?!

“Baobao is fussy. I have to change his diaper quickly. Aunt Wang, goodbye.” Fu Yunruo found an excuse and hurriedly ran home with her son on the stroller, ignoring Aunt Wang’s frantic calls from behind.

After getting rid of Aunt Wang, Fu Yunruo reached home with a lingering fear. She patted her chest in relief. Luckily, she escaped fast enough.

Fu Yunruo leaned over to hug Chi Wen and rub his cheek with a smile: “Fortunately, there is Baobao. Baobao is very awesome and amazing! Otherwise, Mom would be taken away by a big monster.”

Chi Wen sneered inwardly. His face was cold.

Although this small incident affected her mood a little, Fu Yunruo was still very happy. She would start her job tomorrow!


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