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MSRV Ch 52 Part 2 – Joining Apple Entertainment (II)

Wenwen’s eyes were very bright at this moment, “I like acting!”

Yes, he liked acting — he liked playing different roles, performing different people, and he also enjoyed being in the spotlight and watched by many.

Fu Yunruo was swayed, “I’ll think about it again…”

Should she agree? But Wenwen was still so young…

Si Yue put Wenwen down and patted his head, “Go play with your friends.”

Wenwen looked up at Si Yue, then Fu Yunruo, “Mom, should I go?”

“Yes. Be careful.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Wenwen throttled away.

Once the little figure disappeared from sight, Si Yue turned to Fu Yunruo, “I understand your concerns, but you can rest assured. With me, Wenwen will never meet with unpleasant experiences.”

Fu Yunruo said hesitantly, “Mr. Yue, I know you are good to Wenwen and have always tolerated Wenwen’s willfulness, but we have already troubled you enough. We can’t trouble you anymore.”

“Not trouble. Really, neither you nor Wenwen has ever troubled me.” Si Yue’s lips curled up, “Wenwen is lively and charming. If he wants to join the entertainment industry, he can sign a contract with Apple Entertainment, who have the ability to protect their stars.”

In order to increase his credibility, Si Yue continued: “I am one of Apple Entertainment’s shareholders, and the company also has Yuan Xin and Chi Weicheng. You trust these two, don’t you?”

One was a well-recognized number one agent who treated Wenwen fondly like his own nephew, and the other was an ace agent who had a close relationship with the mother and son and was also Teacher Guo’s student. With them, Fu Yunruo’s worry was indeed lessened.

With these connections, Wenwen would surely be treated favorably at Apple Entertainment. Moreover, Fu Yunruo also had a very good impression of Apple Entertainment for their support of Si Yue during the recent trouble with Fang Xueruo. At the very least, she was very assured about Apple Entertainment’s willingness to protect their artists.

Oh, it turned out that Si Yue had shares in the company. Fu Yunruo was surprised for a moment, but after a second thought, it was actually very normal. As the company’s number one star, there was nothing strange for Si Yue to own shares in his company. No wonder he didn’t go solo to open his own studio.

In the beginning, Brother Chi also persuaded her to join Apple Entertainment. Although she didn’t end up joining, she couldn’t help but think that she was destined with this company.

“You can first sign a contract with Apple Entertainment. Of course, Wenwen will not be forced to work. He can choose his own job when he likes and does nothing when he doesn’t want to. If he wants to quit the entertainment industry entirely, he can also quit at any time. Just…”

“You can choose between Yuan Xin or Chi Weicheng to be Wenwen’s agent. I personally recommend Yuan Xin. Chi Weicheng still has three first and second line artists in his hands, but I am the only artist under Yuan Xin.”

“I can guarantee that Wenwen’s private life will never be disturbed. He will live a carefree life like an ordinary child…”

The last sentence touched on the point that Fu Yunruo was most concerned about. The reason why she hesitated was Wenwen’s young age. She was worried that he would not be able to live a carefree and happy life like an ordinary child after becoming a child star and worried that he would be exposed to the complicated world of adults too early…

If Si Yue really could guarantee these things, then she would no longer refuse — Fu Yunruo thought. Maybe after filming this variety show, Wenwen would lose his interest? Therefore, she didn’t need to be too entangled. With her and Brother Chi, they could at least protect the child…

Fu Yunruo thought for a good while and finally gave her approval with gritted teeth, “Okay.”

Si Yue smiled, “Then I’ll call the company to draw up the contract.”

Now that she was no longer entangled, Fu Yunruo felt refreshed. “Okay, but I have a condition: for any job Wenwen does, I have to be there to look after him.” No matter what, she had to be with the child personally to be at ease.

“Of course.”

Si Yue called Yuan Xin and began to discuss the details of the contract in front of Fu Yunruo. Listening to the clauses that were heavily preferential for Wenwen, Fu Yunruo was stunned. On the one hand, she felt embarrassed, thinking that she was taking advantage of Si Yue. But on the other hand, she had to harden herself and cheekily accept this kindness for Wenwen’s sake.

Wenwen played absent-mindedly, wondering if Uncle Yue could persuade his mother. In the end, he couldn’t stand it anymore and ran home alone after refusing the invitation to play with his friends.

When Wenwen got home, he saw his mother and Uncle Yue chatting harmoniously, but the content of their conversation was not about him.

“…Really? It’s been quite a while since I last returned to Beijing. It must have changed so much. To be honest, I don’t remember much.”

“After you return to Beijing, I will take you to see it. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Once your face is exposed, you will immediately be surrounded by people. Are you sure you can take me there?”

“Of course, my disguise skill is excellent. You can see it yourself later.”

“I cannot wait to.”

Wenwen tilted his head slightly. For some reason, he felt redundant here, as if he was breaking into someone’s private moment.

“Mom!” Wenwen shouted. He rushed to his mother and threw himself into her arms like a small cannonball, declaring his strong sense of existence.

Fu Yunruo picked up the little guy and let him sit on his lap, “Why did you return so early?”

“I miss you!”

Fu Yunruo pinched the sweet boy’s tender face, “You are so sweet today. Did you drink honey or sugar?”

“Hehe!” Wenwen said cutely, “Mom, I love you the most~.”

Si Yue squinted his eyes slightly, watching the mother and son ignoring his existence and entering the world of two people. He glanced at the coquettish little guy and secretly thought: he shouldn’t have spoken for this little ingrate — look at his way of demolishing the bridge after crossing the river!

Out of the corner of his eye, Wenwen glanced at Si Yue and smiled smugly. Look, Mom belonged to him, and she would never leave him in the cold!

After amusing Fu Yunruo for a while, Wenwen finally gathered his courage and carefully asked, “Mom, how is it? Can I join the show?”

Seeing the hope in the boy’s eyes, Fu Yunruo no longer hesitated, “Well, I agree.”

Wenwen’s face lit up, and he quickly leaned over to give his mother a heart kiss, “Mom is the best! I love you the most!”

Fu Yunruo deliberately raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you love me if I don’t agree?”

“Love! I love you very, very, very much!” Wenwen responded, using his hand to express the size of his love.

Fu Yunruo was amused.

“Cough!” Unable to stand it anymore, Si Yue feigned a cough and looked meaningfully at Wenwen.

Shouldn’t he also thank the great hero who successfully persuaded Fu Yunruo after spending a lot of effort?

Wenwen turned to Si Yue, blinked innocently, and asked concernedly, “Uncle Yue, have you caught a cold? Remember to take medicine! Otherwise, the cold will get worse, and you will get a scary shot.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back her laughter, “Pfft!”

“…” Looking at Wenwen’s innocent and gullible face, Si Yue gritted his teeth secretly. Little brat!


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