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MSRV Ch 52 Part 3 – Joining Apple Entertainment (III)

Amidst the laughter, Yuan Xin arrived, sweating profusely. There was a briefcase in his hand, and his face flushed red with excitement. “Hello there, I will be Wenwen’s agent and manager from now on. Little Wenwen, let’s get along well!” Yuan Xin laughed heartily. Never had he thought that Si Yue would leave him with such a pleasant surprise before quitting the circle! For Si Yue to bring his son into the entertainment circle was good news for his agent Yuan Xin. They could continue to take advantage of Si Yue’s current popularity through Wenwen!

This surnamed Si was sometimes more annoying than a dog, but he at least still informed his agent of major decisions. For example, Si Yue had already revealed the idea of retiring from the entertainment industry before he started filming the last movie. Yuan Xin could understand his decision. After all, this ancestor came to become an actor purely out of a hobby, and there was a huge wealth and industry waiting for him to take care of at home.

In recent years, Si Yue had done only a small number of jobs, mainly because he had started to take over his family’s business. After two years of transition, Si Yue was now in charge of the entire industry, and he definitely wouldn’t have enough time to take a role in the movies anymore.

As a top-rank agent, Yuan Xin had taken care of several stars. Although all of them had made great achievements, all of them either retired or left the entertainment industry for various reasons. Yuan Xin was tired and had decided Si Yue to be his last artist; once Si Yue quit, he was going to transition into the rear line and stay there until his time to retire.

But now, he could continue! Yuan Xin’s eyes were burning when he looked at Wenwen. What a good, fascinating seedling! He must take good care of this boy!

He definitely would make Wenwen a top-notch child star and let the whole world look forward to his future!

Wenwen blinked in astonishment, unable to comprehend what he had just heard. Agent? Uncle Yuan? Yuan Xin? Did he mishear something?

What did the Mom discuss with Uncle Yue? Weren’t they talking about him joining the show? Why did an agent suddenly come out?

When Fu Yunruo heard Yuan Xin’s passionate introduction, she was at a loss. She didn’t seem to have decided on the matter of Wenwen’s agent…

Yuan Xin couldn’t wait anymore. He took out a stack of papers from his briefcase and spread them in front of Fu Yunruo, “Miss Fu, please look at this contract and sign it if there is no problem.”

Fu Yunruo picked up the contract and carefully read it word by word.

Yuan Xin was sitting on pins and needles, wishing Fu Yunruo to sign the contract immediately. But he knew that he shouldn’t disturb her, so he forcefully calmed himself down.

Yuan Xin’s gaze then turned to Wenwen, smiling amiably at the child’s serious look. Wenwen seemed to be imitating his mother, looking at the contract seriously as if he could understand it.

Yuan Xin wiped his sweat and gave Si Yue a flattering look. Although Si Yue was stubborn, self-willed, very picky, a severe clean freak, and hard to serve… but he did a very good job this time!

Si Yue was willing to entrust his son to him, which showed how much trust Si Yue had in him! He, Yuan Xin, was very moved!

Facing Yuan Xin’s fervent eyes, Si Yue felt his hair stand up. In a hurry to avoid looking at his crazed agent, his eyes stopped at the mother and son. The two similar faces, which seemed to be carved out of the same mould, also had the same expressions at this moment.

Fu Yunruo very carefully read every clause listed in the contract in detail. The content was basically the same as Si Yue discussed previously, with no obvious traps or loopholes. This contract was totally made for Wenwen’s advantage.

No matter how she looked, Fu Yunruo felt that the company was taking a loss from this contract. Too embarrassed to take so much advantage, Fu Yunruo pointed to the profit distribution clause on the contract and asked, “This ratio…” Wasn’t this too much?

Si Yue took a glance, “Do you think that 30%:70% is too little? I also think so. Better to change it to 10%:90%.”

Yuan Xin also nodded in agreement. Anyway, Apple Entertainment was one of the subsidiaries of Si Yue’s family business. Wenwen was Si Yue’s son and might be the future heir of the Si family, so subsidiary companies like them had to treat him like an ancestor. Even if all the profit went to Wenwen, it was just proper.

Fu Yunruo: “…” She didn’t hear it wrong. 10% for Apple Entertainment and 90% for Wenwen.

“No, no.” Fu Yunruo waved her hands quickly, “30%:70% is okay!”

Fu Yunruo was afraid that these two men would really change the profit distribution to the extremely outrageous ratio of 10%:90%, so she hurriedly signed.

Yuan Xin quickly put the contract away: “Looking forward to our collaboration!”

“We are in your care.”

Seeing Yuan Xin enthusiastically propose himself to be Wenwen’s agent, Fu Yunruo had no opinion. It was good that she didn’t have to bother Chi Weicheng.

“I will send the contract back to the company to get it stamped. In two days, I will bring it back to you.”

Fu Yunruo was actually a little skeptical. Would Apple Entertainment be willing to accept such a one-sidedly generous contract? But thinking about Si Yue’s status as the company’s number one money maker, this doubt was instantly swept away.

Yuan Xin came quickly and went in a hurry. After knowing that Wenwen wanted to participate in ‘Different Lives,’ he went to see the show’s production team with great vigor.

Hours passed, and soon it was time for dinner, so Fu Yunruo went to the kitchen to cook.

Wenwen was sitting on Si Yue’s lap at this time. Even though he saw the contract with his own eyes and watched his mother sign it as his guardian, he still couldn’t believe this was real and felt like he was dreaming.

Even in his previous life, when he was at the top of his career, he would not have been able to sign such an advantageous contract. And at this time, he was still a four-year-old child who hadn’t made his debut…

The legendary agent Yuan Xin became his agent? And now he was an Apple Entertainment artist?

It’s Apple Entertainment, ah!

Why did it feel so unreal? Wenwen looked at the big hand in front of him and spontaneously took a hard bite on the thumb. He then looked up and asked stupidly, “Uncle Yue, does it hurt?”

“…” Si Yue looked at the circle of teeth marks at the base of his thumb and the wet saliva on it.

Whose son is this stupid kid?


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