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MSRV Ch 53 Part 3 – Wenwen’s First Variety Show (III)

Wenwen looked at the multiple camera lenses, knowing that they were connected to the livestreaming platform, showing his every word and deed for the world to see. The long absence from the camera inadvertently made Wenwen a little nervous, but he soon calmed down. The boy kept reminding himself to be brave; after all, he had experienced the same process countless times before!

As usual, the permanent casts started with light banter to light up the atmosphere before finally calling out the new special guest.

Behind the camera, the director and his staff were watching the real-time data nervously. Unexpectedly, the moment the show began to broadcast, the number of viewers quickly reached its usual peak and kept climbing higher. Even though Fang Xueruo’s fans clamored to never watch the show — let alone contribute to the traffic — following the official announcement yesterday, the current data showed no difference from the previous average, and there was even an upward trend, rivaled only by the explosive rise when Si Yue first joined the show.

The whole production team was beaming with joy. Their show was not going well this season. There were many problems in the middle, and the shooting was even suspended for a time. But who knew that those hurdles were actually a blessing in disguise? Their show was destined to be popular, and no one could stop it!

After hearing that Wenwen was joining the show, the villagers reawakened their enthusiasm and were eager to help, ready to watch their Wenwen’s performance in front of the camera.

The production team didn’t have heavy demands for Si Yue and Wenwen, so the tasks assigned to them were super simple: Wenwen was to go to this house to borrow rice, go to that and that house to borrow vegetables and other ingredients, and then Si Yue was to cook lunch for the two of them.

Even though the tasks were unexpectedly very simple, the audience still watched with relish, steadily raising the stats of the livestream channel.

Wenwen thought about the personality he had set for himself. As a smart and sensible child, what he must do is to be considerate to the adults and help them as much as possible. Along with the task card, the only thing given to them was a piece of Chinese cabbage, and Wenwen had to use this cabbage to do barter with various villagers: getting a carrot from Second Uncle’s house in the west, an egg from Grandma Lin in the east, and a pork bone from the village’s Uncle Butcher…

How to use this Chinese cabbage to exchange for so many items? This must be a call for his ingenuity!

Wenwen then began to develop a plan. First, he would barter the Chinese cabbage for four eggs, the barter one egg for two carrots, and finally, barter two eggs and one carrot for one pork bone…

Wenwen explained his idea to Si Yue and received the older man’s praise. What a clever boy!

Wenwen tried his best to keep his lips from smiling. Um, he must be steady and not look proud. It was enough to praise himself for being so witty in his heart.

Si Yue was carrying the basket. Wenwen wanted to be considerate and offered to help, but his small body was unable to carry the basket alone. In the end, he could only help lessen the weight by supporting the bottom of the basket with his small hands.

Wenwen couldn’t be more familiar with Shanghe Village and took Si Yue directly to Grandma Lin’s house. At their destination, Wenwen knocked on the door and called with his cute voice, “Grandma Lin, can I barter this Chinese cabbage for three eggs?”

Grandma Lin replied warmly, “Of course! Wenwen, wait for a second!”

Grandma Lin walked back to the house and came out with a basket soon afterward.

Wenwen picked up the Chinese cabbage from the basket in Si Yue’s hand. The cabbage was very heavy. Wenwen tried his best to carry it to Grandma Lin.

Grandma Lin took the Chinese cabbage from Wenwen’s trembling hands and put it aside, then lifted the cloth on the basket on her elbow, revealing many tasty-looking eggs.

Wenwen picked up his basket, raised his head, and looked at Grandma Lin expectantly. The old woman quickly moved the eggs from her basket to the other, putting one, two, three, four… twelve eggs in total.

“My family raises only purebred chickens organically. Take these eggs back and ask your mother to cook them for you. They are very tasty and nutritious!”

Wenwen quickly refused, “It’s too many, Grandma Lin. I only need three!”

“How can three be enough for a glutton like you? Take more; Grandma has plenty.” Grandma Lin was about to put more eggs into Wenwen’s basket.

Wenwen had already put the basket on the ground, then grabbed one extra egg in each hand and began to put it back with a serious face: “Grandma Lin, I’m shooting the show now. I’ve counted, and three are already enough.”

“Oh!” Grandma Lin remembered, then nodded quickly, “I see. I have to cooperate with you, right? Okay, only three.” Grandma Lin blinked.

Wenwen nodded.

Grandma Lin then asked in a low voice, “Why did Wenwen join the show? Do you want to be a big star?”

“I’m not even a star yet…” Wenwen puffed his cheeks and replied in a low voice, “I want to make money to buy cosmetics and skin care for Mom.”

After being reminded by Sister Xiaoyu, Wenwen had thought seriously about this problem. Let’s put the matter about saving capital for later — for now, it was more urgent to buy skin care products for his mother.

“She never dresses up or takes care of her beauty.” Wenwen was exasperated by his mother’s carelessness, especially because he remembered that more than twenty years later, the aged Fang Xueruo still looked as young as thirty. No matter what, Mom couldn’t lose to that woman!

Naturally, this goal was easy to accomplish with the right effort. Even without makeup or expensive skin care, Mom was already the most beautiful woman. Once she began to mind her beauty, even a hundred Fang Xueruo wouldn’t be a match for her!

Both Wenwen and Grandma Lin thought they were whispering, but the microphone clearly took every bit of their conversation and broadcasted it to the livestream channel. When the audience heard Wenwen’s cute voice, they became even more excited.

[My cub, ah!!! Why are you so cute!]

[This is my family’s youngest child. Woohoo, Mom is so proud!]

[Help! I’m being drowned by the cuteness!]

[I also want to have a son who buys me skin care products!!]

[Please send me a dozen of such sons. Thank you.]

[I want to give birth to such a baby!]

When Wenwen’s basket only had three eggs left, the first task was completed. The boy wiped his sweat, admiring his hard work. He then lifted the basket and showed it to Si Yue, “I’m done!”

Si Yue gave the boy a thumbs up, “Wenwen is awesome!”

Wenwen almost laughed out in pride, but upon remembering his set-up ‘prudent’ personality, he quickly covered his mouth with both hands, revealing only a pair of big eyes curved into two crescent slits.

The next step was to barter the carrots. Wenwen also knew where the village’s Second Uncle’s house was and took Si Yue there via the shortest path. He was determined to explain his intention to the Second Uncle clearly from right on, especially emphasizing that he only needed three carrots. Although there was a bit of a harmless mishap in the process just now, he wouldn’t allow it to happen again!

The village’s Second Uncle was sitting in his yard, smoking a cigarette when Wenwen came. Seeing the little guy, he put out the cigarette and smiled. “You want carrots? Of course. The vegetable garden is there. Take as many you like.”

“Thank you, Second Uncle!”

Wenwen gave an egg to the Second Uncle and went into the vegetable garden with Si Yue. The carrots and other vegetables in Second Uncle’s house were used in cooking every day, so the field looked a bit sparse here and there.

Si Yue was about to pull out the carrots when Wenwen quickly said: “Uncle Yue, let me pull it out!”

Wenwen was determined to show his best side in front of the camera. Seeing him being so sensible and considerate, the audience would surely like him more, right?

Si Yue raised his eyebrow, but he said nothing and nodded to the eager little guy, “Okay.”

Wenwen carefully took a look at the whole field and found three obviously larger carrots. He stood in front of one of the carrots, grabbed its leaves with both hands, and pulled hard, smoothly taking out a fresh orange-red carrot.

Wenwen smiled happily. He turned to Si Yue, asking for another praise before hurriedly going to pull the second carrot.

Pull! Pull pull pull!!!

Eh? Why didn’t it move? Wenwen exerted his full strength and tried to pull out the carrot for a while. His chubby flesh flushed red in hard work.

Suddenly, Wenwen fell to the ground. His buttock hit the ground hard, and his feet dangled upside down, but in his hands was the carrot that he finally pulled out after a great effort.


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