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MSRV Ch 54 Part 1 – Baited by a Cake (I)


Wenwen’s eyes went blank, and it took him a lot of time to process what had just happened. Until Si Yue helped him up, the boy didn’t even realize that he had fallen to the ground.

Wenwen’s chubby face immediately blushed — too embarrassing!

Wenwen turned around to look for Fu Yunruo. Upon seeing the familiar figure smiling at him not far away, he immediately became relieved. He then looked up at Si Yue, feeling somewhat doubtful; he seemed to have heard a burst of laughter just now, but did he hear it wrong?

Si Yue lightly patted the dirt off Wenwen’s body, as if he was not the one who laughed just now. He then asked, “Did it hurt?”

Wenwen shook his head and replied with all seriousness, “This is just an accident. I don’t often fall like this.” This was just a small mistake, and his image was still a mature and dependable child!

“Yeah, I know.” Si Yue nodded earnestly.

Wenwen sighed in relief. If Uncle Yue believed him, the audience would surely believe him too. It seemed that he had managed to save his image!

“Which carrot do you want to pull? Let’s do it together.”

Wenwen pointed to the one large carrot. Afraid to repeat the same failure, he relieved the duty of pulling the carrot to Si Yue.

At this time, the Second Uncle came with a cigarette in his hand. Seeing that the two took only three carrots, he casually said, “Why so few? Take more. No one will eat the carrots if they stay in the ground anyway, and they will start to rot if left for too long.”

Saying this, the Second Uncle walked to the vegetable field, ready to pull some more carrots for them.

Wenwen’s eyes immediately widened, “Uncle Yue!”

Si Yue promptly placed the three carrots into the basket, picked up Wenwen, and quickly strode away with his long legs. “Thank you for your assistance, Sir. We are taking our leave now.”

Hugged into Si Yue’s arms, Wenwen raised his head and waved to the Second Uncle, “See you later, Second Uncle. I will come to play later!”

After leaving the Second Uncle’s house, the duo headed to the village’s only butcher shop. Sitting on Si Yue’s shoulders, Wenwen solemnly declared, “The two previous small blunders were just accidents. This time, I won’t repeat the same mistake again!”

“Well, I believe you.” Si Yue held back his smile.

After a while, Wenwen said, “Uncle Yue, let me down.” In fact, he was pretty tired. Having walked a long way since morning, his feet were slightly sore now. However, to protect his image as a mature and dependable child, Wenwen couldn’t let himself be the adults’ burden, so he insisted on walking on his own.

Si Yue put Wenwen down.

Not long after, several children came out from a side road. Seeing so many people around Wenwen, they all shrank back timidly, yet one of them mustered his courage and shouted loudly, “Wenwen, come here! Great Grandma is making cold rice cakes!”

The villagers worried that the little ones would disturb the show’s shooting and repeatedly warned their children not to approach Wenwen for three days. In order to make these brats behave, the village specially asked the help of their oldest living inhabitant — the 90-year-old woman known as everyone’s Great Grandma — to make her legendary cold rice cake for the children.

The children were overjoyed, but how could they eat alone and forget their best friend? Thinking like this, some of the children, who were kept in the Great Grandma’s house for ‘surveillance,’ slipped out from the adults’ watch and ran to find Wenwen.

Great Grandma’s cold rice cake? Wenwen’s ears instantly perked up. The Great Grandma worked as a cook in a wealthy family when she was young, and she was very good at making cakes. The Great Grandma was still very healthy now, but she had caught on age and rarely ever made cakes again. The only exception was her occasional cold rice cakes, which were the easiest to make.

Wenwen was fortunate enough to eat two pieces last year, and he remembered the taste even to this day. That was the tastiest cake he had ever tasted in his two lives!

Great Grandma is making cold rice cakes! This news instantly wiped everything from Wenwen’s mind. The boy gulped, his eyes sparkled, and he ran happily to his friends.

Si Yue, who was suddenly forgotten: “…??” …this brat seemed to forget that they were in the middle of shooting now.

The assistant cameraman was holding his giggle so hard that he almost snorted, while the audience watching the livestream was already collapsing in laughter.

Look at how pitiful Si Yue is! He was ‘abandoned,’ hahaha!

What a funny little guy!

When the cameraman finally caught up, Wenwen had already met up with his friends. The group of little dumplings squatted outside the Great Grandma’s kitchen, waiting impatiently. Like other children, Wenwen’s mind was filled with cold cakes, and he gulped from time to time. The last and only time Wenwen ever tasted Great Grandma’s cold cake, he unknowingly ate all two pieces of his own, forgetting to take one back for his mother at home. When he returned to his senses, no cakes still remained!

Overfilled with regret, Wenwen remembered this incident for a long time. This time, he promised himself to not eat all the cakes alone. He would definitely take them back to share with his mother!

The crew didn’t approach, nor did Si Yue. While watching over the children from afar, the movie emperor chatted lightly to the audience via the camera.

A hunched old woman came out of the kitchen not long after, smiling kindly at the children. “Great Grandma has made a lot this time. Each person can get three pieces.” She made a lot of cakes this time, so the kids could eat more. Since her daughter-in-law helped in the kitchen, it was rare for her to cook anything personally.

“Thank you, Great Grandma!” The children jumped in joy and began to plan how to eat their share.

Wenwen was no exception. He pondered hard — since he had three pieces, he and Mom could share one, and each got half at a time so they could eat the cake three times. Three times the cake, three times the happiness. How clever!

The children stood in the row and waited for the Great Grandma to distribute the cold cakes. Wenwen was favored, so he got three large pieces. So happy that his eyes turned into slits, the boy ran to his mother, “Mom, Mom, look!”

“Great Grandma’s cold rice cakes!”

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Have you thanked Great Grandma?”


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