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MSRV Ch 54 Part 2 – Baited by a Cake (II)

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Have you thanked Great Grandma?”

“Yeah!” Despite drooling over the cake himself, Wenwen took one piece and shoved it into Fu Yunruo’s mouth, “Mom eat first. It’s very tasty!”

Fu Yunruo didn’t want to reject her son’s good intentions, so she took a small bite, “It’s tasty!”

Wenwen smiled happily: “Mom eats half; I will eat the other half!”

So Fu Yunruo took another two bites, “Okay, Mommy has eaten my half.”

Wenwen saw the still large piece of cake in his hand and knew that his mother was just perfunctory, so he urged again, “It’s still not half, Mom!”

“Okay, okay……”

It wasn’t until Wenwen saw that his mother had truly eaten half the cake that he finally took a bite of the remaining half.

It’s the taste he remembered! Too delicious!

After finishing the half piece in his hand, Wenwen was still not satisfied.

“Are you still eating?” Fu Yunruo asked.

“No, save the rest for later,” Wenwen said reluctantly. Good things should be enjoyed slowly, and three happiness was more than one!

“Alright, now. Mom will keep these for you. Go back and continue the shooting.”

Co-continue the shooting?!

Struck hard by realization, Wenwen’s body suddenly froze in place.

He totally forgot about the camera, about the audience!

Wenwen turned his head around in panic and immediately saw Si Yue, standing with arms crossed under the shade of a nearby tree. The older man was leaning leisurely on the tree trunk, gazing at Wenwen with an expression that seemed to say: when will this kid finally remember?

Noticing Wenwen’s gaze, Si Yue walked to the boy.

When Fu Yunruo saw this, she stepped back and let the two continue the shooting.

At this moment, Wenwen was squatting down, staring dejectedly at the bare land below his feet.

“What’s wrong?” Si Yue crouched down next to the sad boy and asked.

There were tears in Wenwen’s eyes, “I want to be a smart and sensible child…”

But he failed miserably!

Wenwen couldn’t help recalling every mistake he had made since starting the shooting this morning. He became more despaired as a result. How could he forget about the image he had carefully crafted for himself? Now it was too late — let alone attracting fans; the audience must have now thought of him as a glutton and lazy kid who only knew to play!

Si Yue patted the boy’s head and comforted him, “Wenwen is already very smart and sensible.” At Wenwen’s age, children were naturally full of energy, and it was normal for them to be active and ignorant. Wenwen’s occasional short-term attentions were just him being a kid.

“Uncle Yue, you don’t have to comfort me. Don’t worry; I’m a strong boy.” Wenwen held back his tears, thinking Si Yue was comforting him out of pity. He tried to cheer up — don’t worry, it was only the first day, and he still had another two days to save his crumbling image!

[Hahahaha! This show should change the title to ‘The Movie Emperor’s Childcare Diary’]

[Si Yue will definitely become a good father!]


[Wenwen’s cuteness should be illegal! It’s too lethal!]

While watching over her son, Fu Yunruo also visited the livestream channel to check the audience’s reaction to Wenwen. Looking at the comments so far, they were all either fancy compliments or otherwise normal comments, nothing negative. Seeing that the situation was better than her initial expectation, Fu Yunruo sighed in relief.

Fu Yunruo remembered the content of the contract she had signed with the show. When Yuan Xin negotiated the contract, he made a few demands on Wenwen’s behalf, one of which was to prevent negative comments from appearing on either the livestream channel or the show’s official media accounts. It was a reasonable demand. Wenwen was still a child, and he was far too young to face society’s malice.

Most of the show’s audience and general netizen was of course rational, but Fu Yunruo was wary about Fang Xueruo’s brainless fans. Thankfully, Yuan Xin was not without preparation. The comments on the livestream broadcast were under watch by professional moderators, while Apple Entertainment’s own PR department took preemptive action to purge hired accounts from the show’s social media. Whether for this reason or not, Fu Yunruo didn’t know, but she was very content seeing that no one was badmouthing her child.

Having been relieved of one burden, Fu Yunruo finally had the time to watch her son’s actions through the camera. Even as the boy’s own mother, she had to admit that this child was born with a natural sense of camera. No matter from which angle the lenses captured his figure, Wenwen always looked very cute and pleasing to the eye.

Seeing her son having a good time, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but smile. She hadn’t seen how others shot the show before, but it shouldn’t be this relaxed, right? Wenwen was basically just playing.

It seemed that the director was quite nice and understanding. Because of Fang Xueruo’s matter, she had misunderstood him and came to dislike this show and its crew.

Suddenly, her mobile phone vibrated. Fu Yunruo took a look and saw that Tiantian was calling.

After glancing slightly at Wenwen, Fu Yunruo walked to a distance and answered the call, “Tiantian?”

“Ruoruo, I’ve found a female bodyguard!”

Fu Yunruo’s eyes lit up, “Really? That’s great!”

“I’ve only managed to find one, but don’t worry, she is really strong and capable. You will know when you meet her yourself. I promise that she will never let you down!”

“I’m on my way to your place. See you tomorrow morning!”

“Okay, Tiantian. Thank you.”

Finished with the call, Fu Yunruo glanced at Si Yue and fell into contemplation. Now that the bodyguard she was about to hire was on the way, Wenwen surely would no longer object to letting Si Yue quit.

However, how should she bring up this matter? She felt like a scum who discarded Si Yue away after using him…

But the bodyguard will be here tomorrow…

No matter what she chose, the result would be the same, so Fu Yunruo decided to be honest and strike up a conversation with Si Yue tonight.

Today’s shooting went smoothly. Although there were constant minor mishaps in the middle, the overall result was still satisfying.

At five pm, the shooting ended.

“Mom, how was I?” Wenwen ran to his mother, smiling widely.

“Wenwen is awesome, very amazing!” Fu Yunruo took out her whole supply of rainbow farts.

Hearing his mother’s lavish compliments, Wenwen’s eyes beamed in pride. He hugged Fu Yunruo’s thighs and said coquettishly, “Mom, hug me…” Today he was very tired. Although his mother was always within his sight, they were separated by distance, making him feel like they had been separated for so long.

Fu Yunruo felt sorry for her son and quickly took him into her arms. Although it looked like he was playing all day, shooting a show was still very tiring.

Si Yue was still talking to the director, so Fu Yunruo and Wenwen headed home first.


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