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MSRV Ch 55 Part 1 – A Baby-Faced Bodyguard (I)

Wenwen was extremely excited. The boy chatted nonstop on their way home, as if he had endless things to tell. Fu Yunruo listened with a smile, feeling her heart warmed by his cheerfulness as she enjoyed her son’s nonstop babbling in his cute tender voice.

Back home, Wenwen followed Fu Yunruo like a little tail. Fu Yunruo gave him a drink and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

“Are you hungry? Have a piece of cake first.”

Since they were in the village, Fu Yunruo was not afraid of leaving Wenwen’s side for a while, so she took a chance to sneak out during the afternoon shooting and returned home to put the two remaining cold cakes on a plate cooled with a bowl of cold water. Fu Yunruo then returned the bowl Wenwen previously borrowed to the Great Grandma, who in return stuffed her with a pile of cakes wrapped in oiled paper.

Great Grandma’s cakes were unrivaled, but she was very old after all, so no one in the village would pester her to make cakes just because she was good at it. The children were also sensible; only when Great Grandma announced that she was going to make cakes would they swarm over to her house to ask for a share.

However, the grown-ups didn’t have the same good fortune. No matter how many cakes Great Grandma made, the children could devour all with their seemingly bottomless tummies, so Fu Yunruo was surprised to find that the Great Grandma had left her a share. Fu Yunruo initially wanted to refuse politely, but thinking that Wenwen liked this cold cake so much, she finally accepted it with blushing cheeks.

Fu Yunruo hadn’t told Wenwen about these ‘bonus cakes,’ so when Wenwen saw Fu Yunruo take out a plate with two cakes on it, he still cherished them so much.

“T-then, let’s eat a piece now.” The last piece shall be eaten before going to bed, guaranteeing a sweet dream at night!

Wenwen took one piece of cake and broke it into two halves. After comparing them with his eyes, he gave the bigger half to Fu Yunruo, “For Mom!”

This cold cake had a short shelf life, and Fu Yunruo also knew that there were still more in the refrigerator, so she didn’t reject her son’s kindness.

“Eat the other piece too.”

Wenwen was reluctant, but he was hungry. It seemed that eating the cake only made him even hungrier!

Fu Yunruo added casually, “Don’t forget to leave some for your Uncle Yue!” Si Yue was so kind to Wenwen, so it was just a given to share the rewards with him.

Wenwen thought that Fu Yunruo was talking about sharing the last piece in his hand and was very reluctant as a result. This was the last piece, and he still hadn’t eaten enough, ah!

Wenwen rolled his eyes secretly and began to plot — should he eat it before Uncle Yue returned and then pretend to be ignorant?

But Uncle Yue was so kind. How could he be so stingy?

Wenwen thought for a while, and finally broke the last piece of cake into quarters. Yet, he still looked hesitant, and after a quick thought, broke one of the quarters again into smaller pieces. The cold cake on the plate was now divided into several pieces of different sizes. Wenwen moved the smallest piece aside and decided the rest to be his and his mother’s.

“This piece is for Uncle Yue.” Wenwen pointed to the small piece on the edge and said loudly.

Fu Yunruo was taking out plates and didn’t pay attention to her son’s small movements. Hearing what the boy said, she just said, “Okay,” without looking back.

Si Yue, who had just entered the room, stopped in confusion. His gaze then fell to the crumbly piece of cake that Wenwen’s chubby finger pointed at.

Si Yue: “…”

Seeing Si Yue, Wenwen quickly retracted his hand and called cutely, “Uncle Yue, you’re back!”

Fu Yunruo put the plates into the sink and returned to the living room. She saw the plate in front of Wenwen, which was now filled with small pieces of cake. Thinking about what the boy had just said, she couldn’t help reprimanding, “Wenwen, why did you crush the cake so much? You cannot give those to others.”

Fu Yunruo went to the refrigerator and took out the oil-papered package, “Great Grandma secretly set aside a bunch for us. Let’s leave a few pieces for you to eat tomorrow, and the rest are for tonight.”

It was now midsummer, and food couldn’t be kept for a long time before going bad.

Wenwen saw the large package, enough to satisfy his desire for cold cakes. His eyes lit up instantly. He jumped off the stool and quickly ran over, “Wow!”

The cakes had been kept on the upper side of the refrigerator, where the temperature was the coolest, so they were still very fresh. Wenwen put them on the table and began to count. There were sixteen pieces in total, so many!

Wenwen moved his plate aside, then pointed to the pile of cakes on top of the oiled paper and said generously, “Uncle Yue, you should eat too. Great Grandma’s cake is the tastiest!”

Si Yue: “…” Oh, don’t think he didn’t know. His weight in Wenwen’s heart was actually smaller than a single fingernail. He had seen it through!

Si Yue picked up a piece.

Wenwen watched him with sparkling eyes, “Tasty, right? Isn’t it tasty?”

Surprise flashed in Si Yue’s eyes. Born in a wealthy family, he had tasted countless delicacies throughout his life, yet he never thought that such a delicious pastry could be eaten in such a remote place.

It seemed that this mountainous area was quite something.

Si Yue nodded, “Not bad.”

Wenwen raised his head proudly, as if he was the one being praised.

The boy then continued finishing the small pieces of cake on his plate.

Today’s mealtime was lively. Not long after dinner, Wenwen began to doze off, so Fu Yunruo carried him back to their room to sleep. Once he was on the bed, Wenwen suddenly lost his sleepiness and began to roll around on the bed. Fu Yunruo took the restless boy into her arms and showed him her phone screen, “Come here, Baobao. Mom will read to you how the big brothers, big sisters, uncles, and aunts on the internet praise you today.”

Wenwen stopped rolling around and buried himself in Fu Yunruo’s arms like a little ostrich. After a while, he quietly revealed a pair of eyes and asked cautiously, “Really praises?”

Not scolding? In fact, it didn’t matter even if he was scolded on the internet. He didn’t care at all! He knew that he didn’t behave well today. The character’s setting he had painstakingly built up crumbled totally, and he was so clumsy in front of the camera. So… he could accept the consequences…

Seeing her son’s timid reaction, Fu Yunruo felt a little distressed. It seemed that Wenwen cared about what others thought of him. “Of course. Mom has taken a lot of screenshots, all of which are praising Baobao. Mom will read them all to you, okay?”

Wenwen twisted his body for a while, then moved slightly and leaned his head on Fu Yunruo’s shoulder, plucking up the courage to look into the screen.


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