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MSRV Ch 55 Part 2 – A Baby-Faced Bodyguard (II)

Wenwen twisted his body for a while, then moved slightly and leaned his head on Fu Yunruo’s shoulder, plucking up the courage to look at the screen.

“Mom took a lot of screenshots at random, so the results are not very good. After the livestream is uploaded on the internet, let’s watch it together!”

Then Fu Yunruo began to point to the comments one by one and read them aloud, “This person said, ‘The cub is really smart, innocent, cute, and lively…'”

“‘Cub’ means Baobao!”

“And these ones… many, many people want a kid like Mom’s Baobao!”

Fu Yunruo read a lot of comments. “Baobao hasn’t started school yet, so you don’t know many words now. After you start going to school and learn to read, you will know how much love these people show to you.”

Wenwen’s eyes were fixed on the phone screen, unable to tell his mother that he actually could read every word on the screen. Some of the comments layered upon each other, making them somewhat hard to read, but Wenwen could see that all of them were praises, and even the comments about Si Yue were not as many as his.

The straightforward affection seemed to break out of the screen and directly warm his heart.

It feels good……

Wenwen’s eyes were wet, and tears almost fell from the corners of his eyes, but he was careful not to let Fu Yunruo see it. After a while, he said coquettishly, “Mom, read to me again!”

“Okay, okay……”

Fu Yunruo kept reading through the comment when she suddenly felt heaviness on her shoulder. She lowered her eyes and saw that Wenwen had already slept on her shoulder. The boy’s face was flushed, his hand was clutching his mother’s clothes, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile, as if having a sweet dream.

Fu Yunruo kissed his forehead. Good night, Baobao.

After confirming that Wenwen was sleeping deeply, Fu Yunruo carefully got out of bed and walked out of the room. It was not even 10 pm yet, and Si Yue was still awake. When Fu Yunruo came out of the door, she found Si Yue in the yard, typing on his mobile phone.

Seeing Fu Yunruo, he put away his phone and lowered his voice, “Is he asleep?”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She moved a chair and sat not far from Si Yue. Her mind was busy composing words, trying to break out the topic as politely as possible.

Si Yue saw her tangled look and asked first, “What’s the matter?”

Fu Yunruo said hesitantly: “Actually, my friend Tiantian has found a female bodyguard for me. They will be here tomorrow…”

Si Yue nodded understandingly, “Then I’ll move out tomorrow. But I first have to see whether this bodyguard is suitable or not.”

Seeing Si Yue’s nonchalant attitude, Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. “I see. Thank you for your help.”

“It’s nothing.”

After a short chit-chat, Fu Yunruo stood up. “Then I will return first.”

Si Yue responded, “Good night.”

“Good night, too. Have a good rest.”

Having put down one of her worries, Fu Yunruo went to bed with no burden and had a good night’s sleep.

On the second day, Wenwen seemed to have gained experience and was more relaxed than yesterday.

The production team looked at the high number of viewers and laughed in joy. They finally got it right!

At three in the afternoon, Tiantian and the female bodyguard finally arrived. Fu Yunruo asked Yuan Xin to watch over Wenwen and returned to receive the guests at home.

When Fu Yunruo saw the petite baby-faced girl with short hair next to Tiantian, countless question marks appeared in her mind.

This is… the female bodyguard?!

If this person went out and claimed to be a minor who had just entered high school, many people would believe it!

Tiantian saw Fu Yunruo’s doubt and quickly said: “Don’t be fooled by Shengnan’s appearance, but she is actually two years older than you! Besides, she is amazing!”

Qian Shengnan patted her flat chest and said cheerfully, “Boss is right to have concerns. Precisely because of my face that many employers don’t believe my ability, but please give me a chance to show it off.” Finished speaking, Qian Shengnan took a look around the yard, picked up a stone by the flowerbed nearby, and tossed it up. She then quickly took a wide jump backward, followed by a three-step run forward. The next second, the petite figure jumped into the air. Her body spun as she raised her leg and accurately kicked the stone falling mid-air.

The hard stone broke into several pieces and scattered to the ground.

“!!!” Fu Yunruo was struck dumbfounded, and her first thought was: there is such a martial art master in this world!

Qian Shengnan jumped to the eaves, picked up a thick stick, and was about to continue her demonstration.

Fu Yunruo hurriedly stopped, “No need, it’s enough, enough!” Her lips twitched as she subconsciously glanced at the baby-faced bodyguard’s feet, thinking: how could her foot be alright after kicking such a hard stone?

At this moment, Fu Yunruo was full of admiration.

“Boss, do you believe my ability now?” Qian Shengnan asked happily.

“Don’t call me boss…” Fu Yunruo waved her hand.

Qian Shengnan suddenly became dejected.

“Just call me Ruoruo or Yunruo.”

Qian Shengnan’s eyes lit up again, “Are you hiring me?”

Fu Yunruo nodded with a smile, “From today onward, I am in your care!”

“I will work hard!” Qian Shengnan was very happy. Because of her face, people always doubted her ability, making it hard for her to secure a job. Unexpectedly, the interview went successfully this time!

The three then moved to the living room, where Fu Yunruo explained to Qian Shengnan the salary and benefits she offered. No matter what Fu Yunruo said, Qian Shengnan just nodded with bright eyes. This innocent and cute appearance made Fu Yunruo temporarily forget about the strength the girl displayed just now, and she even began to worry: wouldn’t this innocent girl be squeezed dry if she encountered an unscrupulous client?

“You can follow me under the name of my assistant. Don’t worry; the studio will issue you a separate assistant salary.” In this remote countryside, employing a bodyguard would only attract strange gazes and unwanted attention, so it was more convenient to tell others that Qian Shengnan was the assistant provided to Fu Yunruo by her studio.

When Qian Shengnan heard it, she was stunned in disbelief. Did it mean that she would receive double wages? Qian Shengnan shook her head repeatedly, “The salary and benefits just now are already very good…”

Her salary as Fu Yunruo’s bodyguard was also paid by the studio, which was already competitive compared to other jobs she had done in the past. Coupled with insurance and other benefits, this was already very good!

Fu Yunruo said, “It’s natural to earn two wages if you do two jobs. It just happens that I also need an assistant. With you here, I don’t need to find one anymore.” Fu Yunruo suddenly remembered something important and asked worriedly: “By the way, have you tried growing plants or flowers?”

In the past, she thought that such a ‘mythical’ plant-killing physique was only one in ten thousand. But now that she had encountered two, she couldn’t feel at ease. What if there was another one here?

Qian Shengnan tilted his head. Although she didn’t understand what her new boss was worried about, she answered honestly. “I used to grow vegetables and they grew very well. When I was a child, I also participated in Arbor Day at school and planted trees with my friends. The trees I planted grew well, and they were very lush.”

Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. This girl could grow vegetables and trees, so she shouldn’t be a plant killer!


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