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MSRV Ch 56 Part 2 – Little Si Yue (II)

After listening to Tiantian’s persuasive words, Fu Yunruo suddenly became suspicious. Could it be that Si Yue was really interested in her? But it didn’t seem right — she really couldn’t feel that he was chasing her.

Or was Si Yue’s method too subtle?

With this question in mind, Fu Yunruo and Tiantian returned to the yard where Wenwen was currently ‘offering’ his chubby cheeks to Si Yue with great reluctance. Wenwen really didn’t want to do it, but this was Si Yue’s remuneration written in the contract, so he could only reluctantly let the man play with his soft cheeks.

When Fu Yunruo saw Si Yue again, all the doubts she had just have instantly dissipated. If this person really liked her, surely he would try his best to stay here, no?

Sure enough, Tiantian was simply overthinking it. How could Mr. Yue like her? It was just a misunderstanding. And for a moment, she even felt conflicted, trying to find a way to reject without hurting Si Yue.

In the evening, Fu Yunruo read to Wenwen the comments on the livestream channel, just like yesterday. In the middle, she suddenly realized a large number of comments clamoring that Wenwen and Si Yue were so alike, as if Wenwen was a mini copy of Si Yue.

Like yesterday, Fu Yunruo took the screenshots randomly without paying much attention to the comments on the screen. Therefore, only now did she find out the sheer number of comments talking about the same thing.

Fu Yunruo scoffed inside. Where did Wenwen look like Si Yue? Obviously he is her copy, ah. Si Yue had nothing to do with Wenwen, so how could they be similar?

Wenwen also saw the comments, but his reaction was totally different. Did he unconsciously bring over the habits he learned in his previous life? Seeing so many people commenting about how he was like a little Si Yue made him very nervous.

In his last life, he collected all of Si Yue’s films and used them to learn by imitating to hone his acting skills. It was inevitable that his acting had the shadow of Si Yue’s, not to mention that he later rose all the way to fame under the marketing gimmick of the nickname ‘Little Si Yue.’

He knew that Si Yue’s fans didn’t like others rubbing up on their idol’s popularity, and his own anti used this fact to mock him relentlessly.

Wenwen looked at the comments nervously. Thinking how the audience, who was previously very friendly, might change their face and turn to dislike him made him very uncomfortable. He never intended to rub off Si Yue’s popularity in this life, so why did these people still say that he looked like the child version of Si Yue? And even calling him Little Si Yue?

Wenwen glanced at his mother. Seeing that she seemed to be in a daze, he reached out and swiped the screen, wanting to confirm the audience’s general reaction. Wenwen braced himself to see ridicule and scolding, but was surprised to find nothing of such a tone. Most of the audience was full of praise, and even the nickname ‘Little Si Yue’ was used in an endearing tone instead of a mocking one.

Seeing the completely different reaction from his previous life, Wenwen was stunned beyond belief. What actually happened here? Did the moderator delete all the negative comments? Or did Mom only take screenshots of positive comments?

Meanwhile, because of her conversation with Tiantian this evening, Fu Yunruo felt a bit embarrassed by the comments. Children naturally liked to imitate grown-ups, and Si Yue was one of Wenwen’s favorite grown-ups. It was normal for the boy to imitate his words and deeds unconsciously, which probably led to the current situation.

Feigning ignorance, Fu Yunruo continued reading the comments as if it was nothing. Wenwen still couldn’t read anyway, so he wouldn’t know anything as long as she skipped these comments.

Fang Xueruo sat in front of the computer, watching the livestream broadcast go dark, along with her increasingly darker face. She then went to see the comments on social media. Seeing how well-received Fu Yunruo mother and son were and watching their number of fans skyrocketing, Fang Xueruo’s hands clenched even tighter, leaving shocking red nail marks on her fair skin.

After a while, she rang her agent, “Sister Wen, is there any endorsement offer recently? I’m a little bored at home and need something to pass the time.”

“Uh…” Sister Wen’s eyelids jumped ominously, but she braced herself and told Fang Xueruo the truth, “There is one job from this cosmetics company…”

“Which one? IO?” Fang Xueruo casually mentioned an internationally renowned cosmetics brand. A while ago, the person in charge of the Asian region contacted her studio, obviously with the intention of opening cooperation.

“…No, it’s OY.”

With a click, the bamboo stick in Fang Xueruo’s hands broke into two, “What did you say?”

Sister Wen shuddered by Fang Xueruo’s icy voice, but she still repeated, “It’s OY.”

Only one letter difference in name, but the gap between the two brands was huge. OY was a domestic brand and not even a well-known one. On top of that, there had been scandals regarding damages caused by their cosmetics, causing the government to ban the sales of their products. Later, the case was withdrawn and the brand resumed sales, but the market no longer trusted them.

Such a brand with a ruined reputation actually had the gall to ask her to endorse their products? Fang Xueruo said in a cold voice, “Sister Wen, I trusted your ability as an agent, but you actually bring me this kind of job?”

Sister Wen felt wronged. Ever since Fang Xueruo’s image collapsed, their brilliant days were over. As an agent, she sought cooperation everywhere, but major brands refused to work with a scandalous star, and not even the immense backing of Orange Entertainment, Chang Group, and Fu Group could secure Fang Xueruo’s cooperation with those brands. From the business point of view, this was actually understandable. After all, which company was willing to risk having their brand name stained with the artist?

Except for the brands owned directly by the Fu Group and the Chang group, only such inferior brands would come to seek Fang Xueruo’s endorsement now.

Presumably, even after the scandal subsided, these days would still continue.

But Sister Wen didn’t dare to tell the truth to Fang Xueruo now, so she quickly appeased in a low voice, “I will try again…”

Sister Wen hung up the phone. Her face was dark. Where could she find good resources now? In the past, she didn’t even need to look around, because good resources were automatically delivered to their door. Now, not only endorsement and advertisements, but even movies and television dramas also shut them out, and those who still looked for them were all third-rate producers who wanted to leech on Fang Xueruo’s fame, even if the fame was now mostly negative.

If this continued for a long time, Fang Xueruo’s presence would gradually fade away, and in an era where public memory was very short, it would toll a certain death to her career.

Unless… Orange Entertainment poured money to create resources exclusive to Fang Xueruo.


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