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MSRV Ch 57 Part 1 – To Beijing (I)

The three-day shooting passed quickly. After rounding up the last day, the production team held a donation ceremony with the local government, then had a special dinner together. Considering Wenwen’s young age, Fu Yunruo only allowed him to stay briefly before taking him back home. Si Yue also only sat for a while before leaving, taking the mother and son back to the village with the driver.

Driving at night, especially on the mountainous road, warranted extra cautiousness, so the car ran relatively slowly. Fu Yunruo tried to open a conversation. Recalling that the show’s crew and cast were going to depart home tomorrow, she asked Si Yue, “Mr. Yue, are you leaving tomorrow morning with the rest of the crew?” Well, they now could be regarded as acquaintances, so it was just proper for her to see him off.

Meanwhile, Wenwen was very excited tonight, mainly because the director had issued his fee. Looking at the bank card that contained his first fruit of labor, Wenwen’s chubby face was flushed with excitement. However, Fu Yunruo’s question poured a bucket of cold water on Wenwen’s joy. Falling silent all of a sudden, he raised his head and couldn’t help asking again, despite already knowing the answer, “Uncle Yue, are you leaving?”

Si Yue laughed: “Are you reluctant?”

Wenwen threw his head aside awkwardly, “I’m not reluctant!” Still, he secretly took a glance at Si Yue.

“Heartless little guy.” Si Yue’s eyes softened, “I’m not leaving with the crew. Will you welcome me if I stay for two more days?”

Wenwen’s eyes immediately lit up.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help chuckling, “Of course. Right, Wenwen?” Seeing her son’s joy, she hoped Si Yue could stay longer.

The car stopped on the side of the road, and Si Yue sent Fu Yunruo and Wenwen home before heading back to the Mei family’s house.

Tiantian and Qian Shengnan were surprised to see them back so quickly, but were happy nonetheless.

“Wenwen, did you have fun tonight?”


Suddenly remembered, Wenwen ran to Fu Yunruo and solemnly handed her his first salary card, “For you, Mom, so you can buy beautiful clothes and cosmetics.”

All the money he had just made was gone, but it was okay! He could make a lot more sooner or later.

Fu Yunruo was overjoyed. She hugged the boy and showered him with kisses, “Wenwen is amazing! At such a young age, you can already provide for your mother!”

Wenwen’s small chest puffed out proudly, and his face sparkled with a smile. Oh, look how great he is! He can make money for his mother!

Tiantian was very envious. She also wanted to have such a sensible and caring boy, ah!

Fu Yunruo carefully put the bank card, reluctant to use even a single cent. She would keep the money for Wenwen and hand it back once he grew up.

For the donation today, Fu Yunruo asked Yuan Xin to donate an additional sum of money from her pocket under the show’s name. Tiantian, who went with Yuan Xin, also put on a donation on her own, and it seemed that Si Yue also personally added some figures. Hopefully, the total amount will be enough to make some real changes to this area.

Having put down another worry, Fu Yunruo was currently in a very good mood, but Wenwen suddenly sighed in disappointment.

“What’s the matter, Baobao?”

Wenwen said in a sad tone, “Uncle Yue is about to leave.” Although there were still two more days, and they actually hadn’t gotten along for so long, he was indeed a bit reluctant…

After saying goodbye this time, there would be few opportunities to meet again, which made him a little sad.

Seeing her son’s dejected figure, Fu Yunruo went to hug him and was about to find some consoling words when the boy suddenly cheered up on his own, “Mom, let’s go visit Uncle Yue tomorrow and the next tomorrow!”

“Okay, okay…”

The next day, the crew and cast left after another. Fu Yunruo especially went to send off Xin Xu and handed him some local souvenirs.

Xin Xu reluctantly left with a strong promise to keep in touch.

After that, Fu Yunruo returned to her job in the flower garden, leaving Wenwen and Si Yue messing around outside. The orchids they planted on the roof had withered, but they didn’t know whose flower actually died first. The pot couldn’t call the kettle black, so they made a compromise and encouraged each other for another try.

Fu Yunruo ignored the two and poured all her attention into teaching Qian Shengnan to do some simple tasks.

Yuan Xin was sitting in the bungalow, teaching Tiantian some insider knowledge of managing a studio.

In the evening, the group returned to the village to spend the night there.

After two days, Si Yue and Yuan Xin finally left. Fu Yunruo brought Wenwen to send them off. Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei also came, gifting the two a lot of local specialties, including two bags of home-grown organic millet, which filled the car trunk in no time.

Wenwen was very silent today. Holding Fu Yunruo’s hand, he kept his head down all the time.

Before getting into the car, Si Yue walked to the boy and squatted down, “Wenwen, why didn’t you say something to Uncle?” He said warmly.

Wenwen still kept his head down, refusing to look at Si Yue.

“Uncle is leaving.” Si Yue patted the boy’s head, “don’t cry later, okay?”

“I won’t!” Wenwen raised his head and retorted strongly. He was already a big kid with a salary, so he wouldn’t cry!

“Okay, okay. Wenwen is a mature little adult.”

“When you come to Beijing, Uncle will take you to the playground.”

“Really? What if you lied…”

“Uncle won’t lie to you.”

Wenwen hesitated, but he still stretched out his little finger, “Pinky promise!”

“Well, pinky promise.”


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