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MSRV Ch 57 Part 2 – To Beijing (II)

Wenwen hesitated, but he still stretched out his little finger, “Pinky promise!”

“Well, pinky promise.”

Si Yue stood up and looked at Fu Yunruo, but he only said, “Take care.”

Fu Yunruo also replied, “Have a safe journey.”

No matter how reluctant, it was time to leave. Si Yue gave Wenwen a quick hug before getting into the car.

Soon, the car started and slowly drove away.

When Wenwen finally looked up, the car had already drifted away. He subconsciously tried to chase, but only moved a little before stopping in place.

Fu Yunruo picked him up, patted his back soothingly, and softly said, “Wenwen, just cry if you’re sad. Mom is here.”

Hugging his mother, Wenwen tried hard to hold back his cry, but he finally failed and burst into tears.

He was actually a bit — only a little bit — sad.

All blame this childish body that couldn’t control its emotions. Otherwise, he wouldn’t cry just because of one farewell…

Fu Yunruo felt distressed for her son, but at the same time, she was also relieved, because it was better to cry when feeling sad.

At this moment, she didn’t even know whether it was right or wrong when she didn’t stop Wenwen and Si Yue from getting closer.

Even after the people reflected in the rear-view mirror gradually became smaller and completely disappeared from sight, Si Yue still didn’t retract his gaze.

Seeing this, Yuan Xin casually asked, “Since you are so reluctant, why didn’t you tell them the truth?”

“It’s not the time yet.”

Yuan Xin thought for a while and couldn’t help snorting in disdain. What a scheming bastard!

What did Si Yue mean? Nothing more than worrying that Fu Yunruo would be afraid of him trying to fight for Wenwen’s custody. Once she had this worry, she surely would try her best to avoid Si Yue, including canceling her plan to move to Beijing and continued staying in that small village.

Yuan Xin didn’t know whether to sympathize with Fu Yunruo, who was ‘cared for’ so tremendously by Si Yue, or to laugh at seeing this dog man working so hard for a woman.

Si Yue closed his eyes, wanting to take a rest. After a while, he whispered, “Soon…”

Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei tried their best to console Wenwen, but the more they tried, the louder he cried. Finally, Fu Yunruo coaxed him: “Baobao, stop crying. We will go to Beijing soon, and you can see your Uncle Yue again.”

Wenwen finally stopped crying. When he turned to look at Fu Yunruo, his red eyes had brightened again.

“Ruoruo, have you decided?” Auntie Mei was happy for Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, but when she thought the two would soon move far away, the joy turned into a strong reluctance.

“Capital is pretty good,” Uncle Mei commented, then went back into the house.

Auntie Mei snorted, “Don’t mind that old man. There are more opportunities in the big cities, and it’s a good thing that you go. We are all happy for you.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She was actually not too happy to leave. After several years, she enjoyed living here, creating countless precious memories free from the hustle and bustle of the world. But life was all about trade-offs, and the time for a change had come, even though this decision was hard to make.

Fu Yunruo looked at the son in her arms. For this little guy’s sake too, she would have to live in the city for at least ten to twenty years, but she could always come back here to live her retirement once her responsibilities were over. She just hoped that by then, living here would still be the same.

Fu Yunruo chatted with Auntie Mei before returning home. Wenwen couldn’t help but ask softly, “Mom, are we moving to Beijing?”

“Well, that is the plan.”

Wenwen jumped up in joy. Did it mean that he would be able to see Uncle Yue from time to time?

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo couldn’t bear to tell Wenwen that they might not be able to see Si Yue even if they lived in the same city.

Wenwen was happy for a while, but he slowly came to a realization. So they were going to leave the village? Leaving Grandpa Mei, Grandma Mei, and Grandpa Guo? And he also had to say goodbye to his playmates, and then…

Flooded with sadness, the tears that had just stopped broke out again, and Wenwen cried even more sadly.

He didn’t want to say goodbye…

“Wenwen, what’s the matter?!” Fu Yunruo was flustered seeing her son suddenly cry again. Didn’t he look so happy just now?

Fu Yunruo, after knowing the reason for Wenwen’s second cry: “…”

“Wenwen, don’t cry. During the winter vacation every year, Mom will take you back for the New Year.”

“You can still play with your friends…”

Fu Yunruo did her best to console the boy, “And we will also ask Grandpa Guo to move with us. We are going together!”

Wenwen sniffed, “Really?”

“Well, the decision is up to Grandpa Guo, so you should do your best to ask him so that he will come with us.”

Wenwen wiped his tears and nodded. Well, if Grandpa Guo also came with them, he would feel less sad.

Tiantian brought over a basin of warm water and said jokingly, “Come here, little crybaby. Let’s clean your face, okay?”

Embarrassed, Wenwen buried himself in his mother’s embrace. He actually cried again; how embarrassing!

Fu Yunruo smiled at Tiantian. This girl knew about Wenwen’s high self-esteem, but she still joked with him.

Tiantian covered her mouth and giggled.

Less than two days later, Tiantian also returned to Beijing, leaving the house even more deserted. Fortunately, there was still Qian Shengnan. After knowing they were about to move far away, Wenwen spent his time playing crazily with his friends all day. Fu Yunruo assigned Qian Shengnan to send the boy to the village every day and then took him back again at night.

Regarding Fu Yunruo’s plan to move to Beijing, Tiantian was the first to be informed, and Fu Yunruo also asked for her assistance in searching for a suitable house. Now that she had also told Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei, Fu Yunruo went to have a talk with Uncle Guo.

“Uncle Guo, will you go to Beijing with us?”

Uncle Guo frowned, “No. Too troublesome.”

Persuading Uncle Guo was not an easy task, and Fu Yunruo was mentally prepared. She put on a melancholic face and said worriedly, “Wenwen is about to start school, but the educational resources here are no match to that of the big cities. In fact, I have long been used to living here and am also reluctant to leave. Not to mention that those people are also in Beijing. If I am bullied, no one will help me…”

Uncle Guo knew who ‘those people were. His frown deepened, but he still didn’t say yes.

Fu Yunruo also didn’t expect to be able to convince Uncle Guo in one or two days. Anyway, there was still more than half a year, and she was not in a hurry.


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