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MSRV Ch 57 Part 3 – To Beijing (III)

These past few days, Fu Yunruo has been livestreaming nonstop. Some time ago, her followers had doubled following Wenwen’s appearance in the variety show, but she actually didn’t have time to livestream when accompanying Wenwen’s shooting. When she finally resumed livestreaming, she temporarily doubled her broadcast time every morning and evening, which was her compensation for the fans.

As soon as Fu Yunruo finished the broadcast, Tiantian rang.

“Ruoruo, I’ve found a very good house…” Tiantian quickly rattled off the house’s location, the community where it stood, and the surrounding facilities.

“Really? That’s great. Tiantian, thank you!”

“It’s nothing! Ruoruo, you should come here and take a look! Although it’s second-hand, the house is very new and such a rare opportunity still! If you miss this one, you won’t be able to find a deal this sweet next time!”

“Okay, okay. Then I will go visiting in two days. Tiantian, help me book the house first.”

Fu Yunruo was ecstatic upon seeing the photos sent by Tiantian. She hadn’t seen the house with her own eyes, but just the photos alone had already made her fall in love. It was indeed rare to find such a house that practically filled all her requirements but was still within her budget range, so Fu Yunruo immediately booked a flight for tomorrow. When she first transmigrated, she was in a trance all the way and didn’t remember how she got here. Therefore, this travel could be said to be her first.

In the evening, Fu Yunruo told Wenwen and Qian Shengnan that she would go to Beijing tomorrow morning. Her plan was to go alone. The travel was long and tiring, and she was afraid that Wenwen would not be able to adapt. However, Wenwen insisted on going along, using everything at his disposal — from crying to acting cutely — to make his mother agree. In the end, Fu Yunruo had no choice but to take him with her.

Fortunately, there was now Qian Shengnan. Otherwise, Fu Yunruo wouldn’t dare to take such a young child alone.

After a long travel, Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, and Qian Shengnan finally arrived in Beijing on the morning of the third day. Fu Yunruo walked along with the crowd with the sleeping Wenwen in her arms, followed by Qian Shengnan, who was pushing a suitcase with a travel bag attached to it. As soon as they left the exit gate, Tiantian came to pick them up.

“You must be tired,” Tiantian hurriedly took Wenwen over. Fu Yunruo was indeed very tired, so she didn’t refuse.

Wenwen seemed to sense when the person holding him changed. He sleepily opened his eyes, called “Sister Tiantian” with a dazed voice, and then fell asleep again.

“The car is outside.” Tiantian took Fu Yunruo and Qian Shengnan to the parking lot.

Fu Yunruo was happy seeing a child seat specially installed in the car, and she was grateful for Tiantian’s meticulous care.

After getting in the car, Fu Yunruo took off the hat that she wore to obscure her face. She was indeed not a celebrity, but to some extent, she and her son were now public figures whose faces had been recognized by many, so in order to avoid trouble on the road, both she and Wenwen put on some easy disguises.

However, Fu Yunruo was surprised to find that Qian Shengnan actually had superb makeup skills. Thanks to her makeup, their appearances had been changed quite differently. Strangers who saw their faces would only feel somewhat familiar but could not guess their identities. Even Tiantian found it hard to recognize them if not for the photo Fu Yunruo sent in advance.

Tiantian drove the car out of the airport. Fu Yunruo looked at the busy traffic and high-rise building outside the windows, feeling a bit hard to adapt. She looked at the scenery carefully, wanting to see if it was any different from the metropolis in her original world. The unique city landmarks were the same, but many of the details were a bit different from her memory…

This city was both familiar and unfamiliar to her.

Not long after the car started, Wenwen woke up and quickly regained his spirits. At this moment, he was reaching out his neck and looking outside the windows. He was very curious. How much different was the Beijing from 20 years ago?


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