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MSRV Ch 58 Part 1 – Buying a House (I)

Tiantian brought Fu Yunruo and the others directly back to her home. The red car drove in and stopped in a beautiful neighborhood, where Tiantian bought a two-bedroom apartment. The unit was not large, but it was spacious enough for Tiantian to live alone.

Tiantian had prepared the spare room beforehand, turning it into a guest room for Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, while Qian Shengnan would stay with her.

“Welcome. Sorry it’s a bit cramped, though.”

“How come?” Fu Yunruo observed the apartment and praised, “Did you do the interior design by yourself? It looks very warm and cozy.”

Tiantian’s apartment was very nicely decorated. The careful choice of furnishing made it look spacious and not at all cramped. The entire space looked warm and welcoming, especially with the beautiful scenery outside the balcony.

Although the entire apartment was less than 90 square meters, owning a house and a car in Beijing was already quite an achievement. At such a young age, Tiantian had achieved what many people might not be able to achieve in decades.

Tiantian smiled modestly: “Of course not. I know nothing about interior design, so I ordered the design from a well-known designer.” The fee was hefty, but in order to have a comfortable home, Tiantian gritted her teeth and paid the money. The result, however, was worth every penny.

“The bathroom is here.” Tiantian gave a quick tour. “I have also bought a few daily necessities. Use them freely.”

Fu Yunruo glanced in and saw four sets of toothbrushes and water cups on the washstand. One of them was of a child-size in sky blue color, clearly prepared for Wenwen. Hanging on the hooks on the bathroom wall, there were also several brand new towels.

“You guys take a shower first and then take a rest. No hurry. I’ve made the appointment to see the house at ten tomorrow morning.” Tiantian knew that Fu Yunruo and the others must be very tired at the moment, so she let them clean up first before resting for a while. Always feeling tired mentally and physically every time she took a long-distance bus, Tiantian understood her guests’ fatigue at this moment. Going out for sightseeing and a meal could wait until they were well-rested.

Fu Yunruo nodded and accepted Tiantian’s suggestion. After more than two days on the road, she was indeed exhausted. Fu Yunruo helped Wenwen shower, then went to take one herself. After a shower, she was indeed much more comfortable, feeling her exhaustion had also been washed away.

When the guests were in the shower, Tiantian was not idle either. She washed and peeled a bunch of fruits, serving them on the coffee table in the living room along with a variety of snacks she had prepared beforehand.

After showering and changing, Wenwen sat comfortably on the sofa, watching a kid’s cartoon on the huge TV hanging on the wall. Although he felt that cartoons were too childish, he still watched them with relish.

Fu Yunruo returned to the living room after blowing her hair dry. Her hair was thick and long enough to reach down to her waist. It was annoying to let them loose, so Fu Yunruo casually tied her hair halfway up.

“Mom, this snack is so tasty!” Wenwen couldn’t wait to share everything delicious with his mother.

Tiantian poured a cup of warm water for Fu Yunruo, then also sat on the sofa. “A friend of mine brought me this snack from a trip abroad. Apparently, it is a famous local shop.”

Because Tiantian knew that Fu Yunruo and the others were coming, she didn’t eat any and kept them for today.

Wenwen hurriedly handed a piece to his Sister Tiantian, “Sister Tiantian, you eat too.”

Facing the boy’s sweet care, Tiantian smiled happily.

“You don’t have to specially entertain us. We have troubled you enough.”

Tiantian responded with a smile, “What trouble? This is your first time coming to my house, so of course I have to be a good host. When I was staying at your house, you cooked so many delicious meals for me every day. You know, I gained 1.5 kg after returning home. It is only fair that I now fatten you too.”

Tiantian’s declaration of ‘taking revenge’ made Fu Yunruo laugh in amusement.

The guests and the host chatted over a table full of fruits and snacks. Not long after, Fu Yunruo took the drowsy Wenwen back to the guest room.

Fu Yunruo and the others slept until five in the afternoon. After waking up, they felt so refreshed and no longer exhausted, so Tiantian took them out for dinner. “I know a delicious restaurant. Once you try their food, you will surely fall in love with this place.”

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Okay. We are looking forward to it.”

Tiantian took Fu Yunruo to a private restaurant that offered good privacy for their clientele, run by a fellow insider of their industry. The four of them were quickly seated in a small private room that was just right for their group. Tiantian was obviously a regular here. She ordered a few signature dishes with familiarity before handing the menu to Fu Yunruo and the others, letting them see if there was anything else they wanted to try.

Fu Yunruo turned to Wenwen, who was sitting on a child’s seat lent by the restaurant. The seat was pretty high, and his two short legs dangled in the air.

“Can little children eat these? Do they have a kid’s menu?”

“There is no kid’s menu, but the food here is not heavy, and some of their dishes are quite popular with children.”

Fu Yunruo saw that Tiantian had ordered a lot, enough for the four of them, and there were also no dishes that the children couldn’t eat, so she said, “It’s enough.”

While waiting for the food, Tiantian chatted with Fu Yunruo.

“This restaurant was opened by a food streamer from Panda Live. However, the news has not been made public yet.”

This streamer was a foodie who was also an excellent cook. He had a lot of fans. After opening this restaurant, he was practically here all the time, so he deliberately didn’t make publicity in order to avoid frequent interruptions by fans. However, he also openly owned a bunch of chain restaurants, so his fans usually went there to support their idol.

“How long do you plan to stay?” Tiantian prayed the house-buying process to go smoothly with no nasty surprises. Once Fu Yunruo and Wenwen moved to Beijing, it would be easier to hang out with them.

“If everything goes well, probably about ten days.” It was a rare, hard-to-come visit, so Fu Yunruo naturally had to fully take advantage of the time and take Wenwen on various sightseeing to broaden his horizon. It would be better if they could find a flower garden to rent as well. She couldn’t possibly bother Tiantian for every single thing, so she planned to look at it while she was here.

“Only ten days? Why so rushed? Didn’t you say that Wenwen’s school starts in September? Why don’t you stay until the end of August?”

“Let’s see the situation first.” Fu Yunruo didn’t insist.


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