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MSRV Ch 58 Part 2 – Buying a House (II)

Not long after, the door of the private room was knocked, and a group of people came in with the ordered dishes. When Tiantian saw a fat man in the chief’s uniform, she stood up in surprise, “Brother Fatty, why are you here?”

The man called ‘Fatty’ replied with a smile, “It’s rare for a fellow streamer to come for a visit, so of course I have to entertain you guys.”

“Hello, Miss Yunyun. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Hello.” Fu Yunruo stood up and shook the man’s hands.

“If you don’t mind, just call me ‘Brother Fatty’ like my other friends.”

“Nice to meet you, Brother Fatty.” Fu Yunruo replied.

“Nice to meet you too, Yunyun.” Brother Fatty laughed, “Knowing that Wenwen is also here, I specially made him fresh egg custard. I hope he likes it.” This egg custard was not on the restaurant menu, but it was the favorite of Fatty’s son and he often made it at home.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Wenwen thanked politely.

Fu Yunruo also thanked him.

“Let’s exchange WeChat. We can be considered colleagues, and it won’t do harm to keep in touch.”

Fu Yunruo did not refuse.

“Alright then, I have to go now. Have a nice meal.”

Fatty didn’t stay long. After the waiters finished bringing in all the dishes they ordered, Fu Yunruo and the others began to eat.

Tiantian said: “Brother Fatty is a nice person. He is friendly and loyal to his friends.”

When Tiantian was still working in Panda Live, her position was not high and she didn’t have any intersections with the top-rank streamers. Later, she came to this restaurant by chance. When Fatty learned that Tiantian was an employee of Panda Live, he gave her a 50% discount and talked to her in a friendly way without putting the slightest air.

Fu Yunruo nodded in understanding. “Our studio is growing, so it’s good to know more people in this circle.” After all, one more friend meant one more connection.

In the past, Fu Yunruo stayed in the remote mountain village and livestream without showing her face, so she didn’t have a deep relationship with other top-rank streamers on the same platform. Now that she had opened a studio in Beijing, it was only natural to integrate with the circle.

Now was the time to enjoy food, so Tiantian stopped talking about work.

Fu Yunruo’s eyes lit up when she took the first bite. As expected of a famous food streamer, this taste was absolutely amazing!

Wenwen also enjoyed the food very much. He tasted the egg custard and instantly fell in love. It was fresh, tender, silky, and melted in his mouth. Absolutely the best thing he had ever eaten!

Wenwen scooped up a spoonful of egg custard and pushed it to Fu Yunruo’s mouth, “Mom, try it!”

Fu Yunruo leaned over and took the bite, “Delicious!”

Wenwen grinned happily.

After enjoying the lively meal, Fu Yunruo asked for the bill, only to be told that the boss had waived it. Getting treated right after the first meeting, Fu Yunruo was very embarrassed and wanted to pay, but it was currently the restaurant’s busiest time, and she was told that the boss was currently busy in the kitchen. Fu Yunruo didn’t want to interrupt Fatty’s work, so she transferred the money to the WeChat account she had just added to her friend list and didn’t forget to compliment to food.

The food was indeed amazing, and their group of three women and a young child managed to finish one table full of food. Bloated, they didn’t immediately return to the apartment after going back by car, but took a walk around the neighborhood for about an hour.

At half past ten that night, Fatty finally replied to the message, refusing to accept the money. Fu Yunruo tried to insist, but finally had to back down.

[Brother Fatty, do you dislike us coming to eat? If I am not allowed to pay, I won’t dare to go again.]

[Of course you should come more. Don’t worry, the next order won’t be free, but I will still give you a 50% discount.]

[I do the same for other friends. So you should just take it.]

With this, Fu Yunruo could no longer argue. The next moment, Fatty added her into a small group with only thirteen members, all of whom greeted her with full enthusiasm.

Fatty: Guys, the person you want to meet is here.

Taotie1: I’ve been looking forward to this moment forever.

Lark: Welcome, welcome!

Fu Yunruo introduced herself, and the group soon became even more lively. When she looked at the members, she found they were well-known fellow streamers of Panda Live. Some of them had already retired while some were still active, but they were all big names with millions of fans.

Lark: How come Yunyun only goes to Beijing? Come to my Shanghai! I will take you sightseeing.

Taotie: Of course Yunyun will go to Beijing. She is originally from here.

CS: Actually, my city is also pretty good. Come anytime. I always welcome you.

Fu Yunruo saw that all the members used a nickname that more or less represented the content of their livestream, so she also gave herself a nickname: Orchid. Fu Yunruo thanked everyone for their invitation, saying that she would be glad to. Among the thirteen members, seven were already retired or semi-retired, and only six were still active streamers. True to the nature of their occupations, the group members were scattered all over the country, and three even lived abroad. Only four, including herself, were in Beijing.

The topics turned to Fu Yunruo’s livestream. Someone who had just taken flower gardening asked her some questions, while others also sent her pictures. Fu Yunruo didn’t expect that so many in the group actually also grow flowers, and many were still orchids. When it came to her job, Fu Yunruo naturally knew a lot.

Later, it was revealed that many of them had watched the MV that used the pictures of Fu Yunruo’s orchids and were seduced into trying to keep orchids themselves. However, despite their best efforts, the orchids they raised were still far away from Fu Yunruo’s, lacking the same mesmerizing aura that enticed them in the first place.

Everyone truly admired Fu Yunruo. Just like the photos taken by the top photographers, the paintings painted by the best painters, the songs composed by famous musicians… they all had one thing in common, that is, the artists injected their soul into their works, allowing others to resonate with the joys, sorrows, and other emotions expressed by their works.

The orchids that Fu Yunruo raised were also the same. She devoted all her energy and hard work to showering her orchids with love. As a result, they seemed to exude positive energy, making people feel warm and happy.

After Fu Yunruo’s fame exploded, the popularity of gardening-type livestream also grew rapidly. Many people tried to replicate Fu Yunruo’s success, but no one could do it like her.

Therefore, some success was not accidental, but inevitable.

The chat was lively, and when Fu Yunruo knew it, it was already midnight. Fu Yunruo rarely went to bed so late, and she could no longer hold back her sleepiness. After saying goodbye, she turned off her mobile phone and fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes.


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