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MSRV Ch 58 Part 3 – Buying a House (III)

The next day, Tiantian took Fu Yunruo and the others to see the house. All the way, she was full of good words. “Before seeing this house, I have also seen several others. Some of them fill your requirements, but I think this one is the best. Of course, we can also see other houses if you don’t like this one.”

That being said, Tiantian actually hoped that Fu Yunruo would like this house. It was not an apartment, but a detached villa-style house. Both the location and the house itself were so good that even Tiantian wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for herself if only she had the money. Compared with this one, others on her list were simply mediocre at best.

The car stopped in front of the gate of a very upscale-looking community. A middle-aged man in a western suit was standing at the gate, waiting for them. “Miss Tian, ​​welcome.”

“Hello, Mr. Mo. Sorry for keeping you waiting. This is Miss Fu. She is the one looking for a house.”

“Nice to meet you.”

After a quick introduction, the car drove in. Worthy of its appearance, the security in this community was very strict. Guests needed to be registered, and the security would also check with the resident before allowing guests to enter the gate.

The man named Mr. Mo was the property agent commissioned by the owner of the house, so Fu Yunruo and the others could only enter the community in his presence.

When Fu Yunruo saw the strict inspection, her initial impression was favorable. With this level of safety, she would feel at ease living here with a young child. She then looked around. The greening of this community was done well. There were not many people on the road at this time, and she also observed how the road was clearly separated between pedestrians and vehicles.

From the gate, the car drove for a while before reaching the house they were going to see. The housing in this community was built in the style of separated villas with a certain distance between each house, far enough to protect the residents’ privacy but still close enough to maintain relationships between neighbors.

The two-and-a-half-story villa also came with a beautiful garden. Both the house itself and the community also offered many places for children to play. Considering Fu Yunruo and Wenwen’s current fame, the privacy provided by the community could guarantee that their life wouldn’t be disturbed.

What a bargain!

Although this community was not located in the most affluent area of Beijing, it was pretty close to the city center. It was also a quiet community with good security, and a lot of famous people from all walks of life seemed to also live here.

Needless to say, the price of a house here would not be low. However, the previous owner had to relocate abroad and was in a hurry to cash out his domestic assets, thus selling the house at a significant discount. Fortunately for Fu Yunruo, the house’s owner was an acquaintance of Panda Live’s boss. Knowing that Fu Yunruo was looking for a house, the boss contacted Tiantian. If not for this connection, such good luck would not fall on her.

Fu Yunruo had liked the house the moment she saw the photos Tiantian sent, but now that she saw it with her own eyes, she liked it even more. There was a small flower garden in the yard. The interior of the house was not fancy at all, simple and elegant, and thus needed no modification or renovation. On top of that, eighty percent of the furniture would be left behind as a free bonus to the buyer, and those were not cheap.

The security guards in the community were former soldiers, which added a great layer of security.

Five kilometers from here, there was a comprehensive school campus ranging from kindergarten to middle school. Fu Yunruo had done her research and found that this school was top-notch in every aspect and fully met her criteria.

Because Fu Yunruo was a friend of a friend, the owner gave her an additional friendly discount, with the only condition that she was to pay full in cash.

Counting all her savings, Fu Yunruo had just enough to buy a house, but she would have to go into the frugal mode for a while.

Fu Yunruo originally wanted to buy a smaller house first. That way, she could use the rest of the money to rent a piece of land to be used as a flower garden. If she bought this villa, her savings would take the bottom, and she wouldn’t be able to rent land, let alone build a new flower garden. But if she missed this opportunity, she probably wouldn’t meet such a good deal again.

In fact, even if this villa was a bit too large for just a mother and son, she knew that it wouldn’t feel empty or deserted. From the beginning, Fu Yunruo was determined to bring Uncle Guo with them, and Qian Shengnan would also live here. With three adults and one child, the villa would sure be lively enough.

Fu Yunruo had taken a great fancy to the house, and Wenwen also felt the same. The boy ran up and down the house, taking a great interest in every detail. He knew this was a great bargain; even the best house he lived in his previous life was not as good as this one. But he also knew the amount of his family’s savings and was a bit reluctant to spend so much money at once.

Fu Yunruo asked her son’s opinion: “Wenwen, do you like this house?”

Wenwen hesitated for a while, but finally nodded. The price of real estate would only rise year after year, so it could be regarded as an investment. Even at the present time, the price was already very low for a villa with such a great location and would grow tenfolds in 20 years.

Once he saw Uncle Yue again, he must ask for a job and start to make money!

Tiantian also didn’t want Fu Yunruo to miss this opportunity, “Ruoruo, if you don’t have enough money, I still have some savings…” That being said, she still had a mortgage on the apartment and couldn’t lend much.

Fu Yunruo said, “Thank you, Tiantian. But it’s alright. I have enough.”

Seeing Wenwen and Tiantian nervously waiting for her to make a decision, Fu Yunruo gritted her teeth and decided to buy the house.


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