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MSRV Ch 6 Part 1 – Uncle Guo (I)

The next day, Fu Yunruo dressed in an ordinary short-sleeved shirt and casual pants. Although she didn’t dress-up deliberately, with her straight legs, beautiful figure, and outstanding aura, she looked no different than wearing an expensive high-end fashion.

Fu Yunruo was indeed beautiful. Otherwise, how could so many people ask for her marriage in secret, and didn’t mind that she already had a son? Any man would be happy to marry such a beautiful girl. Even if there were conservative elders who might grumble in secret, they couldn’t hold back their infatuated sons.

During the Chinese New Year, many young people came back to the countryside, and many of them had seen Fu Yunruo. Although Fu Yunruo didn’t come out of home very often, rumors about her looks and temperament had been passed from mouth to mouth. Who knew how many men secretly thought about her in their hearts?

Generally speaking, when people heard about an unmarried girl who was pregnant with a child of an unknown father, the first impression must be pretty bad. But in Fu Yunruo’s case, people from young to old couldn’t have a bad feeling towards her. Because her temperament was too good. Her eyes were clear, and she didn’t look like a bad girl at all.

When she smiled, her smile was very warm, which made people feel closer unconsciously.

In short, Fu Yunruo was a very likable girl.

At that time, she was still pregnant, so none of those young men would overthink. But recently, when they called home, they would listen to the family elders talking about finding a husband for Fu Yunruo. After a while, many of those single young men were itchy to make a move. Once they gave a positive answer, relatives and family members would start to probe around. It could be said that once Fu Yunruo nodded, those young men would immediately go home for a blind date.

Fu Yunruo put her son on her back with a sling and packed a big bag containing the child’s clothes, towels, diapers, baby bottles, and other baby items. She then walked towards Auntie Mei’s house. When Fu Yunruo arrived, the door to the yard was open, and Auntie Mei’s sound was faintly heard from inside.

Fu Yunruo called loudly and pushed the door in: “Uncle Mei, Auntie Mei.”

Auntie Mei smiled: “Ruoruo, you are here.” She pointed to a relatively small electric scooter in the yard. “From today, use this electric scooter to go to work. You can let it charge overnight.”

“No, Auntie Mei, I can buy it myself. Just letting me borrow it for one or two days is enough.” Fu Yunruo blushed. Auntie Mei’s family helped her so much. She was embarrassed to use their things for nothing. Moreover, an electric scooter was a relatively expensive item for the average families here.

“Rest assured. Our family doesn’t need it often. It’s better if you use it.” Auntie Mei rebutted casually. “Okay, let’s go now. Otherwise, that old man will grumble again.” She pushed out another electric scooter from the yard, borrowed from the family next door. After sending Fu Yunruo to the workplace, she would return home.

“Okay.” Fu Yunruo didn’t refuse anymore, but secretly determined to go to the town in two days to buy an electric scooter herself.

The two pushed the scooters out of the yard when Auntie Mei suddenly asked: “Where is the stroller?”

“Eh? Do I need to bring it too?”

“Of course. Otherwise, are you going to carry him on your back all day? You will be tired, and the child will also feel uncomfortable.”

Fu Yun pondered for a moment, then she went home again and took the stroller with her.

Afterward, they finally departed. Because Auntie Mei had to let Fu Yunruo get used to the road, they rode very slowly. Fu Yunruo focused on remembering the road while listening to Auntie Mei’s small talk.

“When you get there, you can call the old man ‘Uncle Guo.’ He is from Guo Village in the next town and of the same generation as me. He is seventy years old with no wife or children. His temperament is quite stubborn, but your Uncle Mei’s aunt married Uncle Guo’s youngest uncle. With this relationship, he will take care of you a bit, don’t worry.”

“However, ah. That old man is getting older and sometimes has a temper, so you may need to be more patient.”

“When old man Guo was young, he was very smart. More than fifty years ago, he was the only student from Guo Village who passed the college exam. Afterward, he rarely came home. Everyone thought he has a good career outside. Unexpectedly, he came back alone twenty years ago and spent his savings to contract a large plot of land to raise flowers.”

“Even his relatives don’t know what happened to the old man outside. He busies himself in the flower field all day long and doesn’t allow other people to go in. His temper is pretty bad.”

“However, old man Guo is getting older after all. Not too long ago, he fainted in the field. If not for someone who passed by and accidentally saw him fainted, his life might be gone. Afterward, his relatives forced him to take a helper in. He dislikes his clumsy nephews, so I think a girl like you will be more attentive and let your uncle ask the old man.”

“We are going directly to the flower field. After you started your work, pay more attention to old man Guo’s health…”

Fu Yunruo nodded. Her eyes were focusing on the road. This job was much better than she expected.

So the employer was a flower farmer? Which girl didn’t like flowers? Working in such an environment, even her mood would become beautiful.


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