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MSRV Ch 61 Part 1 – Hello, Neighbor (I)

Fu Yunruo went to open the door and saw a tall young man standing by outside. The long black windbreaker on his body was swaying gently with the wind.

“Mr. Yue?” Fu Yunruo couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw the person, “You…” Why was Si Yue here? Did he learn they were moving to Beijing and thus coming for a visit? But the security didn’t inform her of his arrival.

Before Fu Yunruo could say a word, Si Yue had said, “I saw your figure just now. At first, I thought I had mistaken it, so I came to see. Unexpectedly, it was really you.”

“Wait, do you also live here?” Fu Yunruo was even more surprised. She had come to the villa several times prior to today and occasionally saw other residents of the community, but she had never seen Si Yue.

Si Yue pointed to the villa next door, “That’s my home.”

“What a coincidence…”

“Did you move here too?” Si Yue glanced in, “It’s really a coincidence.”

“Yeah.” Since Si Yue left the village, they seldom had contact again. From the news on the internet, Fu Yunruo knew that Si Yue was abroad most of the time and seemed to be very busy. Even Yuan Xin was too busy to care about Wenwen, so Fu Yunruo told her son not to bother them. Fortunately, Wenwen was sensible. After Fu Yunruo explained it to him, he no longer constantly asked to talk with Si Yue.

But on Wenwen’s fourth birthday, a package arrived from Beijing with a birthday gift from Si Yue. Therefore, Fu Yunruo knew that he still cared about Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo finally reacted and hurriedly made way, “Come in.”

Fu Yunruo brought Si Yue into the house. Wenwen’s reaction upon seeing Si Yue was very big. The boy quickly threw away the bag in his hand and ran over with his short legs to hug Si Yue’s thighs, “Uncle Yue!”

“Uncle Yue, I miss you so much! Did you come to see me?”

“Uncle also misses you so much.”

Seeing that Wenwen still remembered him, Si Yue was in a good mood and leaned over to pick him up. Feeling the sturdy weight, he pinched the boy’s now rounder cheeks and nodded approvingly, “Wenwen is getting fat again.”

Wenwen, who was originally very excited: “…”

Wenwen’s fat buttocks wiggled as he struggled to get free of Si Yue’s hug. Once he landed back on the floor, he quickly ran to his mother, facing his back at Si Yue angrily.

Humph, he’s very angry!

How could Uncle Yue say that he was fat as soon as they met? Did he think that a child didn’t need a face, huh? Besides, he wasn’t fat, he just wore too many clothes! Come summer, he would lose much weight and get lean again!

Fu Yunruo held her forehead, exasperated. Si Yue knew that Wenwen was sensitive about his weight, so why did he keep stepping on the landmine?

However, Fu Yunruo rarely intervened in Wenwen’s interactions with others, so she didn’t say anything.

Seeing the boy’s reaction, Si Yue just smiled before greeting Uncle Guo and others.

When Chi Weicheng heard Si Yue say that he lived here, he felt doubtful for a moment. As far as he knew, Si Yue’s house shouldn’t be in this community. But Chi Weicheng’s doubt didn’t last long. Si Yue was a very famous actor, and it was normal for him to have many properties. There was nothing strange with him owning a few villas and taking turns living between them.

Uncle Guo just snorted coldly at Si Yue before barking to Chi Weicheng, “What are you doing?! Bring these in now!”

Chi Weicheng smiled apologetically at Si Yue, then hurriedly carried Uncle Guo’s luggage into a room.

Fu Yunruo poured a glass of water for Si Yue, cleared a part of the sofa for him to sit down, and then said apologetically, “Sorry, we have just moved today, so it’s still very messy now.”

“No, it’s my fault for intruding when you are busy.”

Si Yue then glanced at Wenwen, who was following behind his mother. The little guy was obviously still angry and refused to look in Si Yue’s direction. His little eyes, however, would sneak a glance from time to time.

Although Si Yue hadn’t been in contact with the mother and son for almost half a year, he had always paid close attention to them, and listening to the report from the person he assigned to watch over them in secret had become his favorite past time after a long and hard day at work.

Si Yue’s participation in the variety show a while ago caused him to neglect his company’s affairs quite a bit. As a result, a pile of backlog work was awaiting his return, plus the heap of equally demanding work in the entertainment industry.

Later, something went wrong in one of the company’s internal departments, prompting Si Yue to go abroad to deal with the problem in person. He was so busy during this period that he worked overtime late into the night through the Chinese New Year. After the Spring Festival, his workload finally calmed down, so he could finish everything well and came to see Fu Yunruo and Wenwen in person.

Si Yue coaxed Wenwen in a soft voice: “Yes, yes, Wenwen isn’t fat. It’s my wrong. Our Wenwen is a very generous little adult, so please forgive Uncle Yue, okay?”

When Wenwen heard Si Yue apologize, he let go of his grudge and generously gave his forgiveness, “It’s okay. I forgive you.”

“Well, as an apology, can I help Wenwen unpack your stuff?”

Wenwen’s eyes immediately lit up, and he gave a strong nod, “Okay, okay!” Free labor was always welcomed in their house!

Wenwen immediately pulled Si Yue towards a pile of boxes and bags, “Uncle Yue, these are mine!”

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless by her son’s ignorance. How could he let a guest do the chore? She must lecture him later when everyone was gone.

Wenwen put on a haughty pose as he ordered Si Yue to carry his stuff.

Because he was doing menial labor, Si Yue first took off his trench coat and the blazer underneath, revealing a slim waistcoat and slender trousers.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances in appreciation. She had to admit, Si Yue was indeed a very attractive man, and sometimes she also wondered what kind of perfect woman would be suitable to stand by his side.

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen’s rooms were both on the second floor, Uncle Guo’s room was on the first floor, and Qian Shengnan’s room was also on the first floor.

The villa was a two-and-half story, with three rooms on the first floor and three rooms on the second floor. Because of the large number of people in the family, Fu Yunruo modified the piano room and gym on the first floor into bedrooms, leaving only the study on the second floor with its original purpose. On top of that, there was also a playground area for Wenwen to play.


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  1. Acho a história interessante, mas realmente não me desce o fato do autor ter feito wenwen ser tão inocente e ingênuo só por ele ser criança e deixado de lado o fato dele ter alma de adulto, ele só lembra disso em raras ocasiões em que faz o menino ter lembranças de sua vida anterior

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