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MSRV Ch 61 Part 2 – Hello, Neighbor (II)

Wenwen ran upstairs with a small bag in tow. He stopped in front of a room, pushed open its door, and was instantly met with a beautiful bedroom decorated in a sky blue theme.

There was a white wardrobe inside, along with a set of matching study desk and chairs in the same color, neatly decorated with several photo frames full of Wenwen’s childhood photos. A large white bed stood against the wall, covered with a sky blue quilt with white clouds motif. On the bedside table was a photo frame with Wenwen and Fu Yunruo’s photos inside.

Sky blue curtains hang against the bright windows. Open the curtains and look out, and you can see the beautiful scenery in the yard…

This was a child’s room, but it was not childish at all. Wenwen was pleasantly surprised. His eyes lit up, and he immediately fell in love with his new bedroom.

Wenwen turned around and ran out again. It just happened that Fu Yunruo also came upstairs with a suitcase in hand. Wenwen ran over and dragged her into the room, “Mom, Mom, is this the room you prepared for me?!”

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Yes, do you like it?”

“I like it!” In order to prove how much he liked his new room, Wenwen nodded heavily. “Mom, I love you!”

“Mom loves you too!”

Seeing Wenwen’s joyful smile, Fu Yunruo was also very happy. More than anything, she was satisfied that her hard work until a while ago was worth it.

When Fu Yunruo turned around, she saw Si Yue standing in front of the desk with a photo frame in his hand. Noticing the gaze, Si Yue put Wenwen’s baby photo back and gave the mother and son a smile, “Wenwen was very cute when he was young.”

“Of course!” Wenwen replied proudly. From the moment he was born, he was already the village’s cutest baby!

And from now on, he would be Beijing’s cutest baby!

Hearing her son being praised, Fu Yunruo was in a very good mood.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo was going to carry the luggage again, Si Yue said, “Leave this to me. Wenwen’s room needs to be set up, right? You can stay here and do the unpacking. We will be done faster if we divide our tasks.” He pointed to the two duffel bags he had carried upstairs.

Fu Yunruo thought about it for a moment and agreed with Si Yue’s suggestion, so she left the luggage with him as she stayed behind to organize Wenwen’s room.

Wenwen had a lot of clothes. Most of the clothes he had outgrown were given to other children in the village, leaving only a few pieces with special memories — such as the baby items handknitted by Auntie Mei. Yet, a lot was remaining. The clothes that Wenwen still wore now were a ton, with his winter clothes alone taking up three boxes.

Fu Yunruo unpacked the clothes and began organizing them in the wardrobe. Fortunately, the wardrobe was very spacious, as she specially chose a large one when purchasing the furniture. The clothes that needed to be folded were folded, and those that needed to be hung up were hung up. The process took a long time, during which Si Yue had gone back and forth several times, moving all stuff from the first floor to the second floor.

Finished with Wenwen’s clothes, Fu Yunruo unpacked the rest of his stuff and put some toys and picture books on the bookshelf.

In no time, the originally empty house was full of liveliness again.

When Fu Yunruo walked out of Wenwen’s room, the corridor was already full of various boxes and luggage, so much so that she found it hard to walk around.

“I don’t know where you want to put these things, so I brought them upstairs for the time being.” Si Yue said. Everything was carefully wrapped up, and he couldn’t tell what was what.

At this time, Qian Shengnan and Tiantian had finished with the first floor, so they came upstairs to help.

“Move these and these into my room.” Fu Yunruo said, pointing at several pieces of luggage. She was the one who packed them up, so she had a general impression of what was inside.

Fu Yunruo then carried one of the luggage into the master bedroom.

Without saying a word, Qian Shengnan immediately followed and moved the rest into Fu Yunruo’s room.

Si Yue felt awkward entering Fu Yunruo’s room, so he didn’t help them. Instead, he pointed to a duffel bag at his feet and asked, “Where is this going?”

Wenwen took a casual look. He remembered all the bags that contained his stuff, and this one should be…

Wenwen’s eyes rolled unnaturally, “These are just useless knick-knacks. Uncle Yue, please put them in the warehouse.”

There was a warehouse in the backyard, used to store miscellaneous items.

Si Yue saw Wenwen’s reaction and noticed there was something tricky in it. His curiosity suddenly rose, so he picked the bag up and secretly opened its zipper. The next moment, a thick photo album fell on the floor.

“Something fell out.” Si Yue put down the bag and picked up the album.

When Wenwen saw that Si Yue seemed to want to open the album and take a look, he immediately became anxious, “Don’t look!”

Seeing Wenwen’s nervousness, Si Yue became even more curious, so he opened it…

Wenwen stood in front of Si Yue, jumping and shouting vigorously, “Give it back! Don’t you dare to look!”

Wenwen jumped for a long time, but even his highest jump was only at the height of Si Yue’s waist. His short arms were far from reaching the album in Si Yue’s hands.

Desperate, Wenwen grabbed Si Yue’s pants and began to climb up.

Fortunately, Si Yue’s trousers were of good quality, and he also wore a belt today. Therefore, he didn’t have to worry about having his trousers pulled down.

Si Yue seemed to be fascinated by the contents of the album, and it took him a long time to finally move his gaze and look at Wenwen, who was climbing up his leg like a little monkey.

Si Yue sighed: “It’s nice to have a daughter.” Such a soft and cute little baby, wearing a pink and frilly skirt like a little princess… how nice!

Wenwen: “…”


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