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MSRV Ch 62 Part 1 – Good Morning (I)

Si Yue was mocking him? It was a bolt from the blue for Wenwen. His little eyes widened like saucers, unable to believe that his trusted idol had not only peeked at his dark history, but also laughed at him for looking like a girl!

Fu Yunruo heard the commotion and came out. Seeing the two’s strange posture, she asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

Wenwen climbed down, then quickly turned to run towards his mother. But when he was just a few steps away, his back collar was grabbed, and he was pulled into the air. Wenwen tried to struggle free, but all he managed to do was move his short hands and feet in place.

Si Yue took Wenwen into his arms and said to Fu Yunruo with a smile, “Nothing. We are just playing.”

Fu Yunruo glanced at Wenwen. The boy looked like an angry pufferfish, but he didn’t refute Si Yue’s words. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo smiled in response before returning to her bedroom and continuing unpacking.

After Fu Yunruo was gone, Si Yue said to Wenwen, “It’s not manly to go to your mother for every little thing. Got it, Little Mr. Babbler?”

Wenwen retorted confidently, “I’m still young!” It’s normal for a little child to depend on their mother!

But soon, Wenwen saw that Si Yue’s eyes had turned to the opened duffel bag again. His eyes were shining with curiosity, and he looked like he couldn’t wait to find what was more in there.

“!!!” Panicked, Wenwen hurriedly rushed over and used his own body as a shield against the bag. “Don’t look!” He shouted fiercely.

Mom was too much! This stuff should have been thrown away a long time ago, but she insisted on bringing them to the new house. One day for sure, he would secretly get rid of them!

Meanwhile, Si Yue, who had seen the little guy’s cute baby-era photos, was now washed with a desire to see more. He even wondered — since there was a large bag full of photos, could he ask for a few later and start his own collection?

Fu Yunruo didn’t stay in the bedroom for long, as she wanted to prioritize setting up the common area, such as the study and the living room, before slowly taking care of her private space. After returning to the corridor, she finally learned why Wenwen and Si Yue were having a tug of war. For a moment, Fu Yunruo didn’t know whether to laugh or console her son.

In the end, to preserve Wenwen’s pride, Fu Yunruo pretended to see nothing. Otherwise, in the case the child became thoroughly cornered and cried loudly, demanding her to throw the old photo albums, she would be the one who gets heartache in the end.

All of these photos were dear memories to cherish!

Fu Yunruo secretly moved a few albums into the bookshelf in her bedroom before putting the rest on the high shelves in the study, where another thick album was neatly arranged. The shelves were high enough that even an adult as tall as Si Yue couldn’t reach them without a ladder.

Wenwen was satisfied with this arrangement. Although it wasn’t in the warehouse as his initial demand, the end result was almost the same – out of sight and out of reach!

Time passed fast in busyness, and everyone spent the whole day unpacking and setting up rooms. The huge living room had been restored to its livable state, giving the empty house a warm and hospitable atmosphere in an instant.

At the end of the day, everyone was too tired to do anything else. No one was in the mood to cook or go out for a bite, so they ordered takeout. Although it was a takeaway restaurant, the place was recommended by Si Yue. The price was reasonable, and the food was excellent. The group, who was as tired as a dog and initially had no appetite, managed to finish a large table of dishes.

Tiantian and Chi Weicheng didn’t stay long after dinner. Followed by Fu Yunruo’s repeated thanks, they said goodbye and took their leave. Si Yue’s house was next door, so he stayed after the rest had left. Meanwhile, Uncle Guo had gotten in the age. The three-day travel and the busy day afterward had taken their toll on his body, so he retired to his room for an early sleep.

Wenwen, who had made two awkward unilateral quarrels throughout the day, was now sticking to Si Yue again. Si Yue seemed to have said something funny, which prompted a hearty laugh from the boy.

Wenwen saw Fu Yunruo coming and quickly gestured for her to sit on the opposite sofa. Fu Yunruo sat down. Now that she finally had free time, she started a light conversation with Si Yue, “It’s a bit late, but congratulations on winning the Best Actor Award!”

Si Yue’s latest movie won many awards during the high-profile triennial International Film and Television Festival last year, and the news occupied the trending topic both domestically and internationally for a whole week.

This achievement pushed Si Yue’s fame to an even higher pedestal than before — unshaken and uncontested.

Therefore, although the congratulations were a bit late, Fu Yunruo still wanted to congratulate him in person.


“Uncle Yue, you are amazing!” Wenwen’s eyes were sparkling, and he was full of ambitions as he looked up at Si Yue and continued, “I will definitely surpass you one day!” That’s right, his pursuit in this life was not to reach Si Yue’s status but to surpass it!

Oh? This boy was small, but his ambitions were big.

Si Yue patted Wenwen’s head and gave him encouragement: “You can!”

Si Yue didn’t stay long. Seeing that Fu Yunruo was very tired, he soon stood up and said, “I should go back too. Have a good rest.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She sent Si Yue off and watched him leave before closing the door and returning to the living room. When she returned, Wenwen was already dozing off on the sofa, probably because the house was quiet now that all the guests had left.

Fu Yunruo picked up the little guy and took him back upstairs.

“Mom…” Already half-sleeping, Wenwen hugged his mother’s shoulders dazedly and soon fell completely asleep.

It was such a busy day, and he was very tired.

Fu Yunruo initially was about to take Wenwen to his new room, but after a second thought, she brought him to her bedroom instead. Today was their first day living in the new house, and she was afraid that the boy was still unfamiliar with his surroundings and would feel unease sleeping alone.

Fu Yunruo was also very tired, so she took a quick wash and immediately fell asleep once her head touched the pillow.

On the first night in the new house, everyone slept so soundly and got up late the next day.


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  1. I’m sad for Si Yue, he wasn’t able to see his son first words and steps. He missed so much and the baby can’t call him father yet.

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