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MSRV Ch 62 Part 2 – Good Morning (II)

On the first night in the new house, everyone slept so soundly and got up late the next day.

When Fu Yunruo woke up, it was already past nine, far later than her usual. However, she still felt very tired and had to gather a lot of struggle and willpower to take herself out of bed. Next to her, Wenwen was snoring softly with his cheeks flushed, clearly still deeply asleep. Careful to not wake him up, Fu Yunruo washed and changed before walking downstairs with a yawn.

Qian Shengnan was already up. Seeing Fu Yunruo entering, she said, “There is breakfast in the kitchen.”

Because she didn’t know when her employers would get up, Qian Shengnan kept the breakfast under the lid on the dining table. Fu Yunruo went to look and saw steamed buns, fried dough sticks, porridge, and soy milk in various dishes and bowls. “Thanks,” Fu Yunruo said, thinking that Qian Shengnan had gotten up early in the morning to buy breakfast. However, she was surprised when Qian Shengnan said again, “Mr. Si Yue brought the breakfast.”

“?!!” Fu Yunruo, who had just poured a bowl of soy milk and taken two sips, almost choked in surprise.

Qian Shengnan was confused. What’s wrong? Shouldn’t she accept the breakfast? In her impression, Mr. Si Yue and her employer were very familiar with each other. So it should be normal to send each other some food, right?

Fu Yunruo thought for a while and said euphemistically, “We will make our own breakfast from now on.” She didn’t know if Qian Shengnan understood what she meant or not, but the girl at least nodded in response.

After a while, Uncle Guo also got up and entered the dining room, “What to eat?” He glanced at the table and took a seat, “I want porridge and steamed buns.”

Fu Yunruo thought for a moment. Since the food was already taken, sending it back was not an option, so she gratefully accepted Si Yue’s kindness for today. After leaving a small portion for Wenwen later, she turned to Qian Shengnan and asked, “Shengnan, have you eaten?”

Qian Shengnan shook her head, “No.” The employers hadn’t eaten yet, so how could she eat first?

No wonder there are so many left. Fu Yunruo said again, “If we start our meal late, you could eat first.”

Qian Shengnan nodded.

The three finally sat down and had breakfast together. After the meal, Fu Yunruo went up to check on Wenwen. She called a few times, but the child only groaned a few times like a fat piglet and refused to wake up, so she just let him asleep as he wanted and asked Qian Shengnan to pay attention if he woke up later.

Fu Yunruo then went to the flower room in the courtyard, a former greenhouse left by the previous owner, which she had renovated with the house. Fu Yunruo put all the eleven orchids she raised here. At first, she prepared this flower room for Uncle Guo, but the old man disliked it for being too small and refused to allow his precious orchids to be cramped together in such a tiny place, so Fu Yunruo had no choice but to add some other potted plants beside her orchids to prevent the place from looking too empty.

In fact, it was okay, too. Having her personal flower room at home in the yard was very convenient. Despite the flower garden being located not too far away, it still took some driving to get there. After Wenwen started school, she would send him to the kindergarten first thing in the morning, then quickly came home to start the day’s morning livestream. The business side of the flower garden didn’t need an early opening time, so she could leisurely drive there after waiting until the morning rush hour was over. She would then come home after picking Wenwen back from school and continued with the evening livestream.

Fu Yunruo had announced a five-day break before moving, so there was no livestream today. After tidying up a little, she left the flower room.

Uncle Guo had walked in and out of the courtyard a few times, seemingly not used to getting separated from his precious orchids. Unable to stand idle for longer, he asked to be sent to the flower garden.

Wenwen hadn’t woken up yet, so Fu Yunruo couldn’t leave home and had to ask Qian Shengnan to drive Uncle Guo there. After sending the two off, she then returned to her bedroom and continued with the tidy-up.

The master bedroom Fu Yunruo occupied was a large suite comprised of a bedroom, a bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, and a sitting room. She didn’t make much change during the renovation, but since she had no use for a personal sitting room, she turned it into an office instead. The renovation was done with forward-thinking — Wenwen would eventually grow up and use the main study room, so she would need a separate space of her own by then.

Not long after, Wenwen was woken up by hunger. “Mom……” The boy sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily. He then looked around, finding his surroundings unfamiliar.

Fu Yunruo heard the sound and came out. Seeing Wenwen was finally awake, she went to fetch his clothes while teasing, “Have you woken up, little sleeping piglet?”

Wenwen protested: “I’m not a pig!”

Seeing his mother coming with his clothes, Wenwen raised his hands cooperatively. In fact, he had long been able to wear his own clothes, but winter clothes had so many layers and were too thick. He would lose his balance and fall backward when he tried to put on a pair of trousers, so he had no choice but to ask for his mother’s assistance.

But he could wear summer clothes by himself, okay!

After getting dressed, Wenwen was completely awake. He jumped out of bed and ran to wash his face, then rushed out of the room, “Mom, I’m hungry!”

Fu Yunruo prepared the breakfast she had left for Wenwen and arranged it in front of him, “Who told you to stay in bed and refuse to get up? Look how hungry you are now.”

Wenwen giggled. His short legs shook on the kid’s stool. Seeing the delicious breakfast spread, his stomach grumbled again. He wanted to eat all!

“Mom, what about Grandpa Guo?” When Wenwen had almost finished eating, he finally noticed that the house was so quiet.

“Shengnan took him to the flower garden.”

Hearing this, Wenwen’s eyes lit up. He jumped off his stool and ran to his mother, “Mom, we should go too!”

“No car.”

Fu Yunruo had only one car. After employing Qian Shengnan, she usually left all the driving to her and rarely drove by herself again.

“We can catch a ride!” Wenwen was eager to try.

When Fu Yunruo was still hesitating, the doorbell rang. Wenwen immediately ran out with joy, “It must be Uncle Yue!”

Fu Yunruo ran after him in a hurry, but quickly remembered that this was a high-tech villa. After taking a look at the intercom monitor by the wall, she saw that the visitor was indeed Si Yue.

When Fu Yunruo arrived at the hall, Wenwen was already by the door, tiptoeing himself as tall as he could. His hand managed to reach the door handle, but he was still a bit too short to open the door.

After Fu Yunruo opened the door, Wenwen rushed out like a bullet, “Uncle Yue!”

Si Yue picked up Wenwen, then turned to look at Fu Yunruo. The corners of his lips curled up in a perfect arc, and there was a smile in his brilliant eyes, “Morning.”

Fu Yunruo suddenly lost her words, “M-morning.”

Si Yue went inside with Wenwen in his arms. Fu Yunruo closed the door and followed behind. Somehow, she felt that Mr. Yue was a little different today. She couldn’t tell what was different, but she found that the man was more attractive and even… a bit seductive.

Fu Yunruo was in a trance for a moment. When she regained her senses, she noticed two pairs of eyes, one big and one small, were both looking at her with the exact same expressions.


Wenwen blinked, “Mom, Uncle Yue said he is free today and can take us to the flower garden. Shall we go together?”

“Eh? Oh, okay…” Fu Yunruo nodded out of reflex, but soon realized her mistake, “Wait-”

“Mom agreed. Uncle Yue, let’s go!” Wenwen cheered.


Fu Yunruo: “…”

Why did she feel that something was not right?


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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work. I love all the stories you translate. One small suggestion, towards the end instead of saying Fu Yunrou nodded out of reflect, I though reflex might be a better word. Thanks again for all you do!

  2. It has begun! Tom Tom toom!

    I wonder how he will confess! Will he separate by telling her about his fatherhood first and his romantic feelings later or is he going to bundle them up together? If so, which one he will tell first? This is so exciting!

    Btw, I have actually read this on a mtl site but I don’t really remember at all how that part of the story goes. It’s been so long! But I love this wholesome story!

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