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MSRV Ch 63 Part 1 – Do You Have Children, Mr. Yue? (I)

Fu Yunruo got into the car and saw Wenwen sitting in a child seat, happily talking to Si Yue. The sight of a child seat installed in such a luxury card was quite abrupt for Fu Yunruo, so she asked in surprise, “Do you have children, Mr. Yue?”

Could it be that Mr. Yue was married?! She indeed never asked about Si Yue’s private affairs, and her understanding of him was mainly based on public information.

“Not at the moment.” Before Fu Yunruo’s imagination had a chance to go wild, Si Yue answered. There was a hint of laughter in his tone, “I prepare it just in case. Look, it ends up being useful, doesn’t it?”

Fu Yunruo touched her nose awkwardly. No matter how slow she was, she knew that people only installed a child seat in their personal vehicle if they had children who needed one. Who on earth would go so far for ‘just in case?

“Um… Mr. Yue, are you really free now?”

“Of course. What’s wrong?”

“Actually, you don’t have to mind us if you have something else to do.” In Fu Yunruo’s impression, big stars were usually very busy all the time, so much so that they rarely even had personal time. Si Yue was indeed very leisurely when he was at Shanghe Village before, but he was filming a variety show at the time, and it was normal that he had no other schedule during the contract period. Now that he was back in Beijing, there was no way he really had nothing to do, right?

“It’s alright. I’m on a break and have a ton of free time.” Having been busy for months, Si Yue was indeed taking a bit of time off right now.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo was amazed. Si Yue was indeed Si Yue. How many stars dared to have the same confidence? Normally, they would be afraid of losing popularity if they went off-screen for an extended period of time.

Wenwen listened to the adults’ conversation. Afraid that his mother misunderstood him for making an unreasonable demand on Si Yue, he raised his voice in protest, “I asked Uncle Yue first, and he said he is free!” If not, he wouldn’t clamor to ask Uncle Yue to send them. He was not an ignorant toddler!

Afraid to make Wenwen more upset, Fu Yunruo quickly skipped the topic.

The rush hour was already over, so the car ran smoothly and arrived at its destination within half an hour. The flower garden had not yet officially opened for business and was still closed to the public. In addition, its location was relatively remote, so there were not many pedestrians around.

The car drove directly into the garden’s private parking space before stopping. After the car was properly parked, the three got off.

Wenwen jumped off the car with great enthusiasm, then took Si Yue’s hand and proudly introduced, “Uncle Yue, welcome to our flower garden.”

Wenwen was very proud. It was not easy to have such a large garden in the metropolitan area. Mom and Grandpa Guo were awesome!

Si Yue’s eyes scanned around before nodding seriously, “Uh-huh. Very amazing!”

The temperature outdoors was still cold, so there were not many potted plants around, leaving the place quite empty. The ones left outside were the most cold-resistant. Despite that, it was clear that the garden was very well-organized.

The temperature-controlled flower shed was like another world by itself, with a warm, spring-like breeze and rows over rows of blooming flowers. Fu Yunruo rushed to help Uncle Guo with the orchids, so she left Wenwen and Si Yue to entertain themselves.

The new flower shed was very large, too large for Uncle Guo and Fu Yunruo to handle alone. Therefore, Fu Yunruo considered recruiting at least three workers before the grand opening: one to manage the business side and two others to help take care of the garden and flowers.

The recruitment process needed to be done before the garden could officially open. Fu Yunruo asked Tiantian to post a hiring notice online and also put the printout version of the same notice by the gate. Uncle Guo would be in charge of the interview later. As a quasi-public figure, Fu Yunruo’s face was already well-known, and it was not suitable for her to show up.

Uncle Guo had a good eye for people, but he was also very picky. Fu Yunruo figured it wouldn’t be easy to find employees to his satisfaction. Soon after the hiring notice was up, a resume came in, which Tiantian promptly forwarded.

Fu Yunruo found no problem with the resume after taking a look, so she told Tiantian to inform the person to come for an interview tomorrow.

The garden’s opening time was still a month away, just in time for the weather to get warmer and spring flowers to bloom. Thanks to that, they had ample time to choose and recruit suitable employees.

At night, Uncle Guo refused to leave and once again expressed his intention to live here full-time. But how could Fu Yunruo allow him? The garden was big, and also totally empty. In case an emergency happened, it would be too late when they finally found Uncle Guo.

Fu Yunruo firmly disagreed. Uncle Guo couldn’t win against her and finally allowed himself to be escorted back to the car with a sulk.

Fu Yunruo’s reasons were reasonable and indisputable. Firstly, they had just moved in and weren’t familiar with the new home yet. Secondly, no one else lived in the garden, and it was too risky for Uncle Guo to live alone. Thirdly, daily necessities such as bedcover and quilts were also not yet prepared.

Thus, Uncle Guo had to come home with them and temporarily had a daily commute to the flower garden. Once the business was open, he was free to live here with the employees, and she could bring Wenwen to stay over a few days a month, especially during the weekends.

On the road, Fu Yunruo looked out of the window and said to Qian Shengnan, “Let’s stop at the supermarket.”

Prior to moving, Fu Yunruo had visited the house a few times and knew the neighborhood quite well. There was a large supermarket just in front of the community, specifically catering to the residents, making it very convenient to do grocery shopping.

Despite advertising itself as a supermarket, it was actually quite small in comparison. The supermarket, however, carried a complete range of daily necessities, and customers could also order additional items to be delivered later.

Because of the limited access, public figures who lived in the community didn’t need to wear a disguise when visiting the supermarket, hence Fu Yunruo often saw well-known celebrities buying groceries like normal people here.

There was nothing to eat at home, so Fu Yunruo made a stop to buy some fruits, vegetables, and several daily necessities. They had prepared a lot of things beforehand, mainly thanks to Tiantian’s help, but still lacked many things.

Uncle Guo said, “I want to buy quilts.”


Fu Yunruo and Uncle Guo got off at the entrance of the supermarket, while Qian Shengnan drove the car back first. The remaining distance was close enough to be walkable, and the supermarket also offered a delivery service they could use later.

The supermarket was on the first floor of a five-story building, which served as a community center. Besides the supermarket, the building housed a gym on the second floor, a recreation center on the third, a children’s playground on the fourth, and finally, an after-school activity center and a cram school on the fifth floor.

The community consisted of mainly affluent households with enough income to hire private tutors at home. Still, the activity center provided the children with a chance to take interest classes with friends of the same age.

As a mother with a young son herself, Fu Yunruo was very interested and had decided to enroll Wenwen in the classes he showed the most interest in.


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