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MSRV Ch 64 Part 2 – Hiring (II)

“It’s hard because you demand too much.” Uncle Guo muttered.

“I’m not too demanding. But considering our situation, employing a married couple is the best…”

After posting the hiring notice, a lot of applicants sent their resumes in. Uncle Guo was picky, but finally found a candidate he liked. The person was a woman in her early thirties with good practical skills, had previously worked in the flower industry, and came with rich management experience.

After hiring a manager, they still had to hire two more workers, and these people had to be live-in employees, which were not easy to find. The flower garden housed many precious orchids, so Fu Yunruo wanted to find someone with both good skills and good conduct.

The best candidate would be a strong man to help with the work in the garden and also be responsible for the overall security, and then a middle-aged woman who would do the cooking, cleaning, and other housekeeping duties.

After moving to Beijing, Fu Yunruo wanted to focus on Wenwen and her career, so she needed to free herself from daily chores, thus the necessity to hire a housekeeper. However, there were not many rooms in the flower garden, so Fu Yunruo wanted to hire a couple so that they could use the same room downstairs.

The three bedrooms upstairs were already a stretch for the family members. Uncle Guo naturally got one room for himself, and Wenwen was growing up, so he would also need more privacy and a bedroom of his own whenever they stayed overnight. As for Fu Yunruo, she claimed the last room and put a bunk bed for herself and Qian Shengnan, who would also stay in the flower garden with them.

It was a less than ideal situation, so Fu Yunruo began to ponder the alternative — in the case they failed to find suitable workers, should she build another house next to the current one?

“Not too demanding?” Uncle Guo snorted. However, he also understood that Fu Yunruo’s requirement was the best for their situation.

Fu Yunruo smiled: “Let’s wait another week. I will relax the requirements if we still fail to find suitable candidates by then.”

“Excuse me.”

An unfamiliar voice suddenly interjected. Fu Yunruo turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a security uniform standing nearby, looking very nervous.

“Ah, yes. What’s the matter?” Security guards were not a rare sight in this community. The management put heavy emphasis on the residents’ safety and privacy, and had security patrolled the premise on a regular basis. However, Fu Yunruo didn’t know why this person suddenly stopped them.

The security said nervously, “I’m sorry, Miss Fu, but I accidentally overheard your conversation…”

He knew what he was doing was wrong, but after accidentally overhearing the conversation, he gathered his courage and called out.

Fu Yunruo glanced at Uncle Guo.

Uncle Guo said with a stern face: “It seems that you have something to tell us. What is it?”

The security was tall and sturdy, but looked very honest. He rubbed his hands together for a moment, as if gathering his words, “I-I heard you are recruiting workers. I know two candidates who are quite qualified. Can I recommend them to you?”

“A good friend of mine is very loyal and honest, but he is a little disabled… it doesn’t hinder his movement, though! If we have hand-to-hand combat, I can never win against him. He is married, and his wife is also looking for a job. So…”

The security tried his best to say good things about his friend, but his nervousness made him forget his words. He was sweating profusely, afraid his clumsiness might destroy his friend’s chance of getting a job.

“…I-it’s okay if you don’t think they are suitable later. But can you at least give them a chance for an interview?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t have the heart to reject. This security obviously wanted to help his friend so much that he risked losing his own job just for a chance.

Fu Yunruo gave the security the address to the flower garden. If he couldn’t remember the address, he could call the villa later.

The security thanked Fu Yunruo and Uncle Guo many times before leaving in a hurry.

Uncle Guo glared dissatisfiedly, “Why are you so softhearted?”

“It’s just an interview. If they don’t meet our standards, we won’t employ them.” Of course she hoped that the opposite was true. If so, it was a win for everyone.

Uncle Guo snorted coldly and said nothing.

Fu Yunruo didn’t think much about this small episode until the new manager she had hired, Sister Wang, gave her a call the next morning, saying that a couple had come to apply for the job. Fu Yunruo glanced at the clock and saw that it was still 9:30, so she asked Sister Wang to take the couple in first and waited until they arrived before starting the interview.

Fu Yunruo, Wenwen, and Uncle Guo took the car Qian Shengnan drove and soon arrived at the flower garden. Upon entering the living room, a middle-aged couple was sitting on the sofa. The woman looked obviously nervous, but the man sat with his back straight.

“I am sorry. It seems I have made you wait long.” Fu Yunruo said. According to Sister Wang, the couple was already waiting at the gate when she arrived this morning, so she had no idea how long they had been waiting.

The couple stood up, “No, no. We deliberately came early.”

When Fu Yunruo saw the man’s face, she understood what the security meant by ‘a little disabled.’ There was a large scar on the man’s left face, deep enough to destroy his left eye. At first, the scar made his appearance scary, but his intact right eye showed a firm and honest look.

Fu Yunruo was surprised for a moment, but didn’t show it on her face. She looked at Wenwen and saw the boy was looking at the man with a curious gaze without signs of fear.

The woman looked nervously at Fu Yunruo, afraid she would chase them away after seeing the scar. She knew her husband’s injury was unwelcome by city folks, causing him to be rejected by prospective employers. So far, no one was willing to hire him, not even for temporary jobs, because people feared his appearance would frighten their customers.

But Fu Yunruo didn’t mind the man’s appearance. What they needed now was a male employee to handle the security of the garden. His job was mainly done at night, and he didn’t need to interact with the customers. Therefore, the most important criterion was that the person must be honest and reliable.


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