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MSRV Ch 65 Part 1 – Awkward (I)

The couple who came to apply for the job were both forty-six. The husband’s name was Wei Wuguo, and the wife was Zhang Dongmei. They were childhood sweethearts. Wei Wuguo was a person with a strong sense of justice and was previously a recruit in the military school during his youth. Once when he was off duty, he was injured when saving people, causing a permanent scar on his face and blinding one of his eyes. Naturally, he could no longer continue his career as a soldier and had to retire.

Wei Wuguo didn’t want to cause the army trouble. After being discharged, he took a meager pension and returned to his hometown to find a new job. Unfortunately, many employers rejected him just because of the blind eye and conspicuous scar on his face.

In addition, Wei Wuguo himself was only strong in physical skills and combat ability. Back during his days in military school, it took him a lot of grueling effort to pass the written classes. Even security guards nowadays needed an acceptable look, and Wei Wuguo had no other skills that attracted employers enough to ignore his appearance. Failing to find a job, he finally returned to his hometown to be a farmer.

Later, he met Zhang Dongmei, who was willing to be with him. The two finally married and had a daughter together. The couple had a dull life, but their daughter was an excellent student and was admitted to Beijing University.

The couple was naturally happy for their daughter, but at the same time, they were in a dilemma. They wanted to stay close to their daughter and save more to give her a better life, but farming was not a profitable job, and they couldn’t earn enough money no matter how hard they worked.

After long deliberation, the couple finally decided to try their luck and move to Beijing. In order to find a job, Wei Wuguo contacted former colleagues from his army days, most of whom he had not seen for many years. The majority of them had also retired from military service and now either ran their own business or got employed in the civilian sector.

One of the most popular jobs among ex-military was to become a security guard in a high-end establishment. Despite looking dull and ordinary, this job was easy enough, paid well, and came with generous benefits.

Wei Wuguo contacted his former colleagues but didn’t put all his hope in them. In the meantime, he and his wife tried their best to do job-hunting on their own. Unexpectedly, one of his former colleagues rang him a call only five days later, saying that a resident in the community he worked was hiring a couple. Seeing that Wei Wuguo and Zhang Dongmei met the requirements, the person agreed to give them an interview.

After Fu Yunruo learned about the couple’s background, she was already moved. They were just a normal rural couple with nothing to suspect of, and most importantly, they met the basic requirements she set. Still, she had to test Wei Wuguo’s skills before making a final decision. The garden housed many precious orchids, so the security guard needed real skills. Otherwise, in the case of burglary and such, it would be fatal if the security couldn’t deter the thief or even get injured in the process.

It just happened that Qian Shengnan was here, so Fu Yunruo let her test Wei Wuguo in real combat. In the end, the two ended up in a tie, but according to Qian Shengnan, she lost.

There was no problem with skills, no problem with characters, and the flaw in appearance could be ignored.

What’s more, the scar on Wei Wuguo’s face was the medal of heroic deeds, which only roused Fu Yunruo’s admiration. In fact, after looking at the scar for some time, she was now used to it and no longer felt it scary.

Since Uncle Guo also had no objection, Fu Yunruo hired the couple on the spot with a probationary period of three months.

The salary and benefit Fu Yunruo offered was generous, so the couple asked for no more and directly entered their first day of employment.

Like this, the flower garden finally reached its maximum capacity, and the large population suddenly made the place very lively.

Uncle Guo couldn’t wait to move in the next day. Now that they had hired the guard and housekeeper, Fu Yunruo had no reason to refuse and simply decided to stay over with Wenwen for a few days. The reason for staying over was to observe the newly-hired couple and see the quality of their work. In case there of problems, she would need to replace them as soon as possible.

Wenwen had no objections and was very happy to live in the flower garden. He was particularly very interested in Uncle Wei and loved to watch the latter doing morning exercises every day. He often saw Sister Shengnan doing a similar routine, but women’s exercises were different from men’s, so he never asked her to teach him.

Now that there was a more suitable person to learn from, Wenwen’s curiosity was once again kindled. If he could learn a thing or two, the benefit would be for life!

Fu Yunruo kept this for herself, but there was another reason why she decided to stay in the flower garden, and that reason was Si Yue. It was hard to tell others, but recently, she felt Si Yue was getting too close, making her uncomfortable.

Although they had once lived together under the same roof during their time in the village, Si Yue always maintained a proper distance then. The distance was just enough to keep a friendly atmosphere between them and did not make her think in another direction.

However, now that they lived next to each other, she saw Si Yue all the time. Si Yue came to her house every day to check on and play with Wenwen, and occasionally also helped with her work.

For this reason, Fu Yunruo had a hunch that Si Yue was deliberately trying to get close to her, and his attitude was sometimes a bit ambiguous…

Fu Yunruo thought of what Tiantian had once said to her and couldn’t help thinking in that direction. Could it be that Si Yue was indeed pursuing her?

But although she was single, she had a child out of wedlock… And Si Yue’s also treated Wenwen very well, maybe even better than a biological father might do. Could it be perhaps that he seriously wanted to become Wenwen’s stepfather?

Fu Yunruo was anxious for a while and felt that she was overthinking. Trapped in a dilemma, she simply chose to avoid Si Yue temporarily.

Two days later, Fu Yunruo finally ran back to the villa during the day, mainly because her orchids were still at home, and she had to take care of them…

Fu Yunruo sneaked out when Wenwen was taking a nap and asked Brother Wei and his wife to watch the boy during her absence. She had completely trusted the couple at this point, and had also met their daughter Wei Xiaoyue who was admitted to Beijing University. When Fu Yunruo learned that the family of three lived in a small rented room, she allowed Wei Xiaoyue to live in the flower garden to assure the Wei couple.

Because of this arrangement, Fu Yunruo temporarily shared a room with Wenwen, while Wei Xiaoyue shared a room with Qian Shengnan. This made Fu Yunruo deeply aware of the lack of available bedrooms. She was about to contact some contractors to build two additional rooms when Wei Wuguo offered to do it instead.

When the family of three still lived in the countryside, Wei Wuguo often helped people build houses. Naturally, adding two bedrooms to an existing building was much easier than constructing one from scratch.

It just happened that the flower garden was still idle now. The couple worked hard, not to mention that Wei Wuguo’s former colleagues, that is, the security guard of Fu Yunruo’s community, also came to help after getting the words. They were very grateful for Fu Yunruo’s willingness to employ Wei Wuguo and especially took a few days off to lend hands with the construction work.

With more workers, the job was done efficiently, and the two bedrooms were finished in no time.


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