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MSRV Ch 66 Part 1 – A Day in Amusement Park (I)

Wenwen’s self-esteem was hit so much. He stopped talking and went to squat in the corner, like an eggplant wilted by frost. He, who always believed himself to be at least at par with the sixth-grade students, turned out to be unable to pass Mom’s easy test. Too embarrassing!!

Fu Yunruo smirked secretly. Little brat, you think your mother doesn’t know how to handle you? Naive!

“Are you going to be a good kid and go to kindergarten obediently?”

“Okay…” Wenwen said in a low voice.

Fu Yunruo picked up her son, “Our Baobao is the smartest. You can recite poetry, do arithmetic, and write! Mom has never seen a child smarter than you!”

“How come Mom’s Baobao is this smart?”

After hitting her son with a psychological stick, Fu Yunruo was busy giving the boy proverbial carrots. She praised and praised and praised. Soon, Wenwen’s depressed mood turned into that of a sunny sky, but he still tried to make himself look humble.

“It’s nothing.” Wenwen said modestly, “There are many things I still don’t know.”

“That’s why Baobao has to go to kindergarten and learn many things, so that you will become smarter and more awesome!”

“Alright.” Wenwen finally showed a smile and answered happily.

The kindergarten Fu Yunruo took fancy was very close to the community, only ten minutes by car. Since she owned a house in the area, it was easy to secure Wenwen a place in the kindergarten. Fu Yunruo had prepared Wenwen’s enrollment months in advance. The most important procedure was adding Wenwen to her household registration, which she had done right after they moved to Beijing.

Taking advantage of the momentum, Fu Yunruo quickly brought Wenwen to enroll. They went by car and soon arrived at the kindergarten. It was a large school, with many facilities built in a fantasy theme popular with children, just like a castle in the fairy tale.

Today was the enrollment date. Many parents came with their children to enroll, making the kindergarten very lively. Fu Yunruo saw Wenwen staring toward the playground where many children were playing, so she said, “Do you want Sister Shengnan to take you to play?”

Today Fu Yunruo came with Qian Shengnan and Wenwen. Since she had to go through the enrollment procedure, she had to let Qian Shengnan watch Wenwen if he wanted to stay behind and play.

Wenwen shook his head and grabbed Fu Yunruo’s hand, “I don’t want to!” It’s too childish!

He came to kindergarten not to play, but to learn. He was just a little curious. He didn’t know there were so many toys and playgrounds in the kindergarten. How could the students focus on their studies?!

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen to meet the teachers. The parents who came to enroll their children were all nicely dressed and drove luxury cars. From this alone, it could be seen that the kindergarten’s target demographic was the children of upper middle-class families and above.

To Fu Yunruo’s surprise, she and Wenwen turned out to be quite famous. Many parents and their children came over to introduce themselves.

No wonder Fu Yunruo was surprised. It had been more than half a year since Wenwen’s variety show aired. Both kept a low profile afterward and refrained from public appearances. Normally speaking, most people should have forgotten about them, and there shouldn’t be many who could recognize their faces in real life.

A lot of parents came to greet Fu Yunruo and exchange business cards. Meanwhile, Wenwen also met many children and harvested a group of new friends.

Fu Yunruo quickly finished Wenwen’s enrollment procedure and registered him for the preschool class, which officially started in three days.

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen left early in the morning. When they were finally home, it was already almost twelve o’clock. The two entered the house and found Si Yue was already there, busy chatting with Uncle Guo.

Although Uncle Guo didn’t accompany them to school, he still cared a lot about Wenwen and especially took a day off from the flower garden to wait at home.

Seeing them return, Si Yue asked, “How is it?”

“It’s done.” Fu Yunruo nodded, satisfied. She then sat on the sofa and filled in the two men with the details about the school.

“Uncle Yue, you are here!” Wenwen trotted happily.

Si Yue patted the boy’s head, “Wenwen is about to start kindergarten. What gift do you want?”

Wenwen shook his head. He didn’t want any gift. He already had a lot!

Si Yue thought for a moment, “Alright. How about I take you to the amusement park today?”

Wenwen’s eyes sparkled, “Okay!”

Uncle Guo massaged his waist and said, “I won’t go. I’m too old for this kind of place.”

Fu Yunruo hesitated: “But you are a public figure…” Wouldn’t Si Yue’s appearance cause chaos in the crowd? How would they play, then?

“You forgot? I can disguise myself perfectly.” Si Yue winked at Fu Yunruo.


Fu Yunruo still tried to resist, “Why don’t you and Wenwen go alone? I will be waiting at home.”

Wenwen ran to Fu Yunruo and asked incredulously, “Mom, won’t you go with me?”

“There is Uncle Yue, no?”

“No, mom must go too,” Wenwen said coquettishly.

“…” Fu Yunruo fell silent. She thought for a while, but in the end, she couldn’t win against her son’s plea. “Okay. I will call Tiantian too. Let’s go together.”

Like this, it wouldn’t feel like a family of three going on an outing.


When Fu Yunruo raised her eyes, she inadvertently met a deep and probing gaze.

The two looked at each other for a while, and for some reason, there seemed to be a smile in Si Yue’s eyes.

Fu Yunruo said awkwardly, “Mr. Yue, you don’t mind, right?”

“Of course not. More is merrier.”

Fu Yunruo promptly texted Tiantian and also invited Chi Weicheng and Wei Xiaoyue. Unfortunately, the other two already had prior appointments, so only Tiantian could go with them.

After taking lunch at noon, Qian Shengnan put on a simple makeup on Fu Yunruo, enough to change her overall look. Add a hat and a pair of large black-rimmed glasses on top of that, and the camouflage was perfect.

Next, Qian Shengnan also put a little disguise for Wenwen. Fu Yunruo was watching from the side when the doorbell rang. She got up and went to open the door, only to see a stranger in an ordinary black jacket and a hat standing on her front porch.

“Hello.” The man said. Fu Yunruo had never seen this person before, and his voice was equally unfamiliar to her. She was about to ask who he was when she suddenly had a guess. “Mr. Yue?” She hesitantly called.


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